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Home » There’s laughter and tears! Natsuko Yokozawa x Keropons A circle of empathy for raising children! Oninoko Nico-chan parent-child concert event report

There’s laughter and tears! Natsuko Yokozawa x Keropons A circle of empathy for raising children! Oninoko Nico-chan parent-child concert event report

Poplar Co., Ltd.
[There’s laughter and tears! ] Natsuko Yokozawa x Keropons A circle of empathy for raising children! Oninoko Nico-chan parent-child concert event report
Natsuko Yokozawa burst into tears after hearing comments from her child-rearing senior, Pon-chan! Parent-child concert held in collaboration with the Tokyo Educational Project and Poplar
Publishing’s picture book “Oninoko Nico-chan”
On Saturday, March 23rd, Poplar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo / President and CEO: Hiroki Kato) held an event called “Circle of Empathy for Parenting!” which featured Keropons and invited special guest Natsuko Yokozawa. We held a “Ninoko Nico-chan
Parent-Child Concert”. It was an event filled with smiles as both children and adults sang and danced together.
[Image 1:×922.jpg] Photography: Shuhei Taguchi
Natsuko Yokozawa, who is raising three children aged 0, 2, and 4, attended a concert by Keropons, the author of the “Oninoko
Niko-chan” picture book series that happily depicts the life of Oninoko-chan in the difficult stages of life. A luxurious event was held on March 23rd (Saturday) at Spiral Hall in Minato-ku, Tokyo, with guests. We invited 50 parents and children and 20 childcare workers who had been invited to participate in the event in advance. In addition to “Ebikanics,” which is very popular at kindergartens and nursery schools across the country and has been viewed 140 million times on YouTube (as of March 2024), children will be excited by the fun songs and dances, panel theater, and picture book reading. Not only the children but also their parents could be seen dancing along to “Ebikanicus” and “Niko-chan Taisou.”
[Image 2:×922.jpg] Photography: Shuhei Taguchi
In addition, in a talk show based on a child-rearing episode that was solicited in advance, Natsuko Yokozawa’s real-life child-rearing experience was also talked about, and the parents who were also struggling with child-rearing were surrounded by smiles and
sympathized with the participants. I did.
[Image 3:×922.jpg] Photography: Shuhei Taguchi
At the end of the event, there was a scene where Mr. Yokozawa was brought to tears by a message from Keropons Pon-chan. Parents in the audience also cried as they shared the difficulties of raising children on a daily basis, and seemed inspired by the presence of parents who were working hard together with them.
The event was a great success, with comments such as “This is the first time I’ve seen them having so much fun,” “I’m disappointed!” and “We’ll continue to work hard together to raise our children!!” from those who participated in the event. have become.
Participant questionnaire (excerpt)
・It was a happy time for parents and children to enjoy. I always feel empowered!!
・I enjoy raising children!
・Both my children and I had a great time.
・The children listened attentively to Mr. Keropons and Mr. Yokozawa reading aloud.
・As a mother, I was able to empathize with Ms. Yokozawa’s
child-rearing experience, and it gave me a lot of courage.
・I was happy that I was able to enjoy it without worrying about my child crying or feeling sad! Everyone’s stories have also inspired me. ・I thought the word “childcare” instead of “childcare leave” was very nice. ・Children and parents alike were very happy to be able to hear the Keropons song that they always listen to live.
・This is the first time I learned the word “Ikuyō.” I thought it would be great if it spread more and more.
What is the Tokyo Metropolitan “Education” Support Project?
The Tokyo metropolitan government aims to disseminate the philosophy of “Ikuyo” (nicknamed “Ikuyo”), which considers childcare to be “important work” rather than “a day off”, and collaborate with a variety of actors to foster a momentum for society as a whole to support childcare. Initiatives for. Regarding the “Childcare Support Project,” which was solicited on Friday, June 16, 2020, we will collaborate with four businesses that support childcare support companies and organizations (*) and utilize the childcare logo mark. and implement campaigns that will lead to the promotion of childcare. ・Click here for the release of the collaboration between the Tokyo metropolitan “Ikuyo” support project and Poplar Co., Ltd. “Oninoko Nico-chan”
[Image 4:×2481.jpg] Poplar Co., Ltd. is collaborating with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Ikuyo” Support Project and the picture book series “Oninoko Nico-chan” to encourage energetic children who strive to grow as they spend their days with small children. The cute behavior of children and the moments of joy when they feel the changes and growth of children are visualized through the picture book “Oninoko Nico-chan” as part of “child-rearing,” and are aimed at a wide range of society, including fathers, mothers, families, childcare workers, and others. By sharing this information, we aim to expand the circle of empathy and smiles, and support children and those involved in raising them.
・Click here for the press release for this event
About Oninoko Nico-chan
[Image 5:×1000.jpg] 1 volume book shadow
Oninoko Nico-chan is a Oninoko who is in the middle of an unpleasant period. Anyway, she’s very energetic and has fun, but she loves her mom and dad. He is growing rapidly while facing unpleasant and impossible things! It’s an unpleasant period when many voices of concern are received. It’s hard for both mom and dad to keep shouting “Year!” with all their might. But there must have been a time when you were a “Nico-chan” to everyone, including moms and dads.
The Niko-chan Project was created to give mothers, fathers, children, and everyone around them a “smile” when raising children is a very difficult time.
In addition to picture books, we support mothers and fathers raising children in a variety of ways, including videos and events!
Poplar Co., Ltd.
Our company was founded in 1947, shortly after the war, as a publisher specializing in children’s books.We provide children and all those who were children with high-quality books that will provide them with sustenance in life, and we aim to help society live a fulfilling life. Our corporate philosophy is to contribute to development. Currently, in addition to promoting overseas expansion and IP business, we have also entered educational ICT services from 2021.
We are also focusing on activities to promote reading, and in addition to “Nobinobi Reading,” we are also involved in the “National School Library POP Contest” and the University of Tokyo CEDEP x Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd. “Research on Children and Picture Books and Books” joint research project. Masu.
Poplar Co., Ltd. Company Profile ◆ Address: 8th and 9th floors, Sumitomo Fudosan Kojimachi First Building, 4-2-6 Kojimachi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo ◆ Established: June 1947
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