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Home » TOPPAN Holdings Co., Ltd. TOPPAN Edge launches “Smart Comphoto (TM),” which allows you to print high-quali ty ID photos at convenience stores by simply taking a photo with a smartphone

TOPPAN Holdings Co., Ltd. TOPPAN Edge launches “Smart Comphoto (TM),” which allows you to print high-quali ty ID photos at convenience stores by simply taking a photo with a smartphone

TOPPAN Holdings Co., Ltd.
TOPPAN Edge launches “Smart Comphoto (TM)” that allows you to print high-quality ID photos at convenience stores just by taking a photo with your smartphone
Japan’s first automatic quality check function and skin beautification using AI, making it more convenient than an ID photo camera
TOPPAN Edge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideki Soeda, hereinafter referred to as TOPPAN Edge), a group company of TOPPAN Holdings, provides high-quality certification for photos taken with smartphones through automatic quality checks using AI. Started offering “Smart Comphoto (TM),” a service that allows you to process photos and print them on multi-copy machines at convenience stores. From Friday, March 29, 2024, printing will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at approximately 30,000 FamilyMart and Lawson (*1) stores nationwide.
[Image 1:×720.png ]
Process of using “Smart Comfoto (TM)”
In addition to the cropping/background color change function that ID photo cameras have, “Smart Comfoto (TM)” is equipped with a skin beautification function. Furthermore, it is equipped with an automatic quality check function using AI, and photos with obvious defects can be retaken on the spot. This contributes to reducing the burden of ID photo review work in organizations due to remand.
This allows you to print high-quality ID photos that can be used in a variety of situations, such as applying for official documents such as My Number cards and driver’s licenses, resumes, and entrance exam tickets, using photos taken with your smartphone. Furthermore, it can be used at about one-fourth the price of general ID photo machines. You can easily and easily prepare ID photos.
In addition, “Smart Comfoto (TM)” is the first ID photo printing service at a convenience store that has a quality check function and skin beautification function (according to our research).
■ Background
In recent years, with the spread of My Number cards, the demand for ID photos has been on the rise, and as of 2022, the ID photo market will be worth approximately 96 billion yen (*2).
ID photo cameras, which have the largest share in the ID photo market, are highly functional and can take high-quality photos, but they are expensive per photo and have limited installation locations, making them inconvenient for users and Maintenance and installation costs are a huge burden for many companies.
While the use of services that allow users to take and register photos with their smartphones and print them at convenience stores is on the rise, users still have to take the time to check the quality themselves. At the same time, in the examination of ID photos by companies and organizations, basic deficiencies such as wearing masks and excessive editing on smartphones have resulted in many remands and reapplications. This is a task that places a heavy burden on the employees.
Under these circumstances, TOPPAN Edge has developed “Smart Comfoto (TM)” by utilizing the facial photo collection and facial recognition technology for ID cards that we have cultivated over many years. By simply taking photos with your smartphone, you can create high-quality ID photos at about a quarter of the price of an ID photo camera, helping to reduce the burden on users, businesses, and organizations. ■ Features of “Smart Comfoto (TM)”
1. Equipped with automatic quality check function using AI
Utilizing AI, which is also used in the face photo collection and authentication service “CloakOne(R)” provided by TOPPAN Edge, AI automatically checks whether the quality of an ID photo is guaranteed in more than 20 items. check.
By checking brightness, defocus, face size, etc., you can reduce the number of imperfections when applying for official documents and take high-quality ID photos. With the quality check function of “Smart Comfoto (TM)”, it is possible to reduce defects during photo shooting and collection, which normally occur from 5% to 10%, to less than 1%. (According to our research)
[Image 2:×713.png ]
Examples of failures in automatic quality checks using AI
2. ID photos can be printed at any time or place
Printing is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the multi-copy machines installed at approximately 30,000 FamilyMart and Lawson stores nationwide. We plan to gradually expand the number of convenience stores available in the future.
3. No need to register as a member or install a special app
You can use it simply by accessing the “Smart Comfoto (TM)” service site and taking an ID photo or registering an image. After shooting and processing, a QR code will be displayed in addition to the print reservation number, so you can easily print by holding the QR code over a multi-copy machine at a convenience store. In addition, face photo data will be automatically deleted 14 days after the content number is issued.
4. Possible to trim, change background color, and make skin beautiful You can crop photos taken with your smartphone and change the background color, so you can take photos anywhere. In addition, it is equipped with a function (*3) that uses image recognition technology to identify facial areas in photos with high precision and perform skin beautification. With the skin beautification function, you can perform natural processing such as removing spots and wrinkles from the face within the range that can be used as an ID photo.
[Image 3:×599.png ]
Image of skin beautification function
■ Fees
・Photo L size (1 sheet with 1 to 3 sides): 200 yen, 2L size photo (1 sheet with 2 to 4 sides): 300 yen
・Options: Sticker paper (L size): +100 yen / Sticker paper (2L size): +200 yen, Beautiful skin processing: +100 yen
・Supported sizes
[Table 2: ]
We also support various other examinations, qualifications, and visas. Sizes can be specified from 15mm to 70mm in height and 15mm to 60mm in width.
*Cannot be used at some stores that cannot print on photo paper. ■ Future developments
TOPPAN Edge will expand the number of service users by increasing the number of stores compatible with “Smart Comfoto (TM)” and expanding its functions, and aims to establish itself as a recommended service for ID photo taking by certification associations, local governments, and public organizations. We aim to achieve sales of over 1.5 billion yen by fiscal 2028. In addition, by linking functions with each system via WebAPI, we aim to digitize facial photos and realize electronic applications that ensure identity.
*1 Cannot be used at some stores that cannot print on photo paper. *2 Total of ID photo machines, photo shops, and convenience store print services. Japan Photo Imaging Association “2023 Photo Imaging Market Trends”
Than. URL:
*3 An optional fee will be charged for the skin beautification function. *QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Co., Ltd.
*Related patents are pending for this service.
*Product and service names mentioned in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
*The information contained in this news release is current as of the date of announcement. It is subject to change without prior notice. that’s all
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