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Home » Crossbit Co., Ltd. Crossbit, which aims to maximize the value of “work experience” from the perspective of “shifting”, relocates its office to WeWork Hibiya Park Front

Crossbit Co., Ltd. Crossbit, which aims to maximize the value of “work experience” from the perspective of “shifting”, relocates its office to WeWork Hibiya Park Front

Whom it may concern
Crossbit Co., Ltd.
Crossbit aims to maximize the value of “work experience” through “shifting”, relocates office to WeWork Hibiya Park Front
Pursuing a better way of working for people working at Crossbit and maximizing the performance of each individual.
Crossbit Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takasaki Kokubo, hereinafter referred to as “Crossbit”), which aims to maximize the value of “work experience” from the perspective of “shifting”, was established on April 1, 20248 We are celebrating our anniversary. We are now moving to WeWork Hibiya Park Front as a base for taking on a new challenge, which we internally call “Crossbit 2.0.” This relocation will help realize Crossbit’s mission of putting “work” at the core of its business, and provide creative “work” value to society by improving the “work experience” of those who work at Crossbit. Our goal is to realize our vision for the future.
[Image 1:×1380.jpg] Background of office relocation
Until now, Crossbit has focused on improving the value that only “people” can create in the services that each of its customers aspire to, and has created a society in which workers can choose a work style that suits them more. We have been developing our business with the aim of achieving this goal.
The number of people working at Crossbit has increased approximately 1.5 times since last year. Internally, we refer to this timing as “Crossbit 2.0,” as we make a fresh start in order to move forward toward the future at an accelerated pace toward the realization of our desired worldview. As we enter a new challenging phase, we aim to further improve the “working experience” of those working at Crossbit, and with the purpose of “Creating change here,” we are promoting diverse work styles in a new era. We made the decision to move our office to WeWork, which offers the value of a new office that supports, fosters innovation and collaboration. Using an approach based on their research, we aim to maximize the performance of each and every person working at Crossbit in a workspace that allows them to unleash the best energy that WeWork creates.
Based in the Shinbashi, Ginza, and Hibiya areas, where many customers, mainly restaurants, who have co-created the past era gather, we aim to further improve the value of our services and continue to work closely with our customers. While valuing the attitude of co-creation, we will strive to improve the value of creative “work” for society with richer ideas and maximized performance.
New office overview
・Location: 19th floor, Hibiya Park Front, 2-1-6 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
・Access: Directly connected to Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line Kasumigaseki Station (Exit C3)
[Image 2:×720.jpg] Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many people involved who supported this move.
We look forward to your continued support and participation in co-creation. Company Profile
Crossbit offers “Rakushifu”, “Rakushifu Work”, and “Rakushifu Labor Management” that realize DX related to “work”, including shift creation, labor management, visualization and optimization of budget and actual management, personnel costs, etc. We offer
As Crossbit’s services become more widespread, customers will be able to provide higher quality services, and workers will be able to maximize their performance and receive appropriate evaluation and compensation. We believe that doing so will lead to an improvement in the value of the customer’s experience and create a virtuous cycle in society.
We will continue to fundamentally solve the labor shortage problem and support work that will continue for 100 years.
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Company name: Crossbit Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Takasaki Kokubo
Established: April 2016
Capital: 1,303,218,100 yen (including capital reserves)
Company URL:
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Person in charge: Meguro

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