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Metap Inc. Elemental Knight Online LAND (Ver1.0) released! ! Fantasy surpasses reality

[Metap Inc.] [Elemental Knight Online] LAND (Ver1.0) released! ! [Fantasy surpasses reality]

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Press release: March 29, 2024
[Elemental Knight Online] LAND (Ver1.0) released! ! [Fantasy surpasses reality] *Create a new world! New content for “Elemental Knight Online”, the gateway to the Metaverse world, will be released on March 28th! * * “Illusion transcends reality. To the world of fantasy metaverse” * We have released LAND (Ver1.0) today* on March 28th regarding LAND content that is important for building the Metaverse world!
Please enjoy building your own Metaverse space that anyone can play by clicking on the “Create LAND” button below on the “GENSOMAKER” button!

What is LAND?
“LAND Viewer” where you can see the entire Elemental Knight LAND In the world of Elemental Knight Online, there are online land parcels. It is possible to create various worlds on these lands, or LANDs, using LAND production tools.
For example, you can build a fantasy floating castle or create your own cute room.
In the future, players will be able to create parts of the Elemental Knight Online game map, place monsters and drop items there, and earn revenue by setting admission fees to their own LANDs. We plan to be able to do so.

*About LAND (Ver1.0)*
This is a function that allows you to freely place objects etc. within LAND. *Currently, even those who do not own LAND can use it as a trial. * – Playing environment: * PC (Windows, Mac) *Windows 10 or higher ・* Browser: * Google Chrome
*Although it is possible to use Edge, Safari, etc., we recommend using Google Chrome as it is prone to problems such as slow behavior. * ・Supported languages: * English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese Main changes from the test version
・Improved usability around mouse and keyboard operations to make housing easier – Added about 20 new object models (presets)
*UGC equipment… Elemental Knight Online allows users to upload 3D models of equipment created by themselves to GENSO
You can turn it into an NFT using a tool called MAKER, import it into the game, equip it, and play. Equipment freely designed and created by users is called “UGC equipment.”
・UGC equipment* can be placed and displayed in the housing
– In V1.0, sample plots will be displayed regardless of whether you own or do not own LAND.
– “DOGE Statue” cannot be installed in V1.0
– LAND save data may not be carried over in future updates. –
In V1.0, the number of placements and placement capacity are sample settings. In future version updates, restrictions will be set depending on the type of LAND you own.
– The more objects you place, the slower the operation may become. *GENSO MAKER Operation Manual*
For the basic operation method of LAND, please check the “Housing Function Operation Manual” below.
view the details

This is a tool to create a metaverse in “Elemental Knight Online”. You can place objects in LAND and convert character costume models to NFTs.

*About future update schedule*
LAND development version overview
We will regularly update what you can do with LAND (play elements, monetization methods), and aim to create content that can be enjoyed by existing LAND owners and those who will purchase LAND in the future.
We will publish the update schedule decided at this stage as follows. We are also planning other updates, so we will announce them as soon as they are decided!
– March 28, 2024 Ver1.0 (this time)
・Improved mouse and keyboard operability to make housing easier ・Added 20 new default object models
・UGC equipment can now be placed in the housing
– April-May 2024 Ver1.1
– Expanded the number of objects that can be placed and storage capacity when owning LAND NFT
– Added types of object models (presets) that can be used when owning LAND NFT
* Even if you do not own LAND, you can still place objects, but there will be restrictions such as a reduction in the number of places that can be placed.
– June-July 2024 ver2.0
・If you own LAND NFT, you can allow other users to enter your LAND. ・*LAND Viewer*
You can now visit LANDs that are open to the public.
* Multiple characters will not be able to enter online at the same time, and in ver2.0 only your own character will be displayed. – July-August 2024 ver2.1
・If you have an object NFT, you can now place it in LAND
*Currently, we are only distributing DOGE objects to specific people, but we plan to prepare various other object NFTs by ver2.1.  September-October 2024 ver3.0
・Ability to create UGC objects
– UGC objects can now be placed in LAND
→ Since objects can be freely created as UGC, it is possible to build a more original and free LAND world.
– December 2024-January 2025 ver4.0
– Object NFT import/export functionality has been added, and only imported NFTs can be placed in LAND.
・Implementation of LAND objects that affect character status in the “Elemental Knight Online” game
– 2025 Q1~Q2 ver5.0
・LAND is now linked with the “Elemental Knight Online” game, making it possible to publish LAND in the game space.
・Multiple people can access LAND at the same time, just like in a game, and communication such as chat and events can be held just like in a game.
From ver5.0, it will finally be possible to attract a large number of people to LAND, and LAND owners themselves will be able to create various projects using LAND.
Even after ver5.0, we are currently examining plans that will allow LAND owners to increase their profits by utilizing LAND.
As a Metaverse project, Elemental Knight will provide elements that can only be realized in the Metaverse world through Elemental Knight. We have also updated our white paper in conjunction with this announcement.
Furthermore, we are also adjusting the LAND construction method using AI, so “Elemental Knight Online” will continue to evolve into a service that allows anyone to easily and enjoy building a Metaverse world.

elemental knight online
A blockchain multiplayer role-playing game (BCMMORPG) that you can start for free.
In a fantasy world, you can sell items obtained by defeating monsters, and sell rare items you obtain on the GENSO Marketplace.
It has an element of to Play to Earn.
If you have a PC, you can start the game from your browser. Of course, you can also play on your smartphone.
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