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Home » AIT’s art course to “cultivate thinking skills” 2024 program contents released! This year’s themes include the climate crisis, mental health and art.

AIT’s art course to “cultivate thinking skills” 2024 program contents released! This year’s themes include the climate crisis, mental health and art.

AIT’s art course to “cultivate thinking skills” – TAS – 2024 program contents released! This year’s themes include the climate crisis, mental health and art.

*View in browser* *NPO Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]*
Press release: March 29, 2024
AIT’s art course to “cultivate thinking skills” – TAS – 2024 program contents released! This year’s themes include the climate crisis, mental health and art.
*Applications will be accepted starting today (March 29, 2024). Course starts in May*
*Specified non-profit organization Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT/Eight] is a non-profit organization*

▲* You can apply until the last minute! Online introductory course* “TAS Open” * “What is Art Today? – The deepening world of art” *
Three themes* “Curatorial Vision,” “Art Industry,” and
“Experimentality in Art and Care”*
Delve deep into the topic from a unique angle. Lectures by experts, curators, and researchers with over 20 years of practical experience in the field of contemporary art will cover the overseas art scene and the latest art news, keeping up with the rapidly changing trends in the art world.
Online lecture
Details disclosure/application start (scheduled): April 17th (Wednesday) ~ Course period: May 14th (Tuesday) – December 10th (Tuesday)
Venue: Online (Zoom)
Time: 19:00-20:00 (60 minutes)
Price: 2,750 yen (tax included) each time
* instructor*
roger mcdonald
TOTAL ARTS STUDIES Program Director/Fenberger House Director Naoko Horiuchi
AIT Curator / Dear Me Director
Yuko Shiomi
AIT Director
* TAS Instagram live broadcast scheduled! “Briefing session + mini talk”* *April 22, 2024 (Monday) 19:00 – 19:45*
AIT’s official Instagram account (@ait_npo) Roger McDonald and Naoko Horiuchi will introduce the recommended points of this year’s TAS Lab and the keywords of each series.

* ▼▼▼▼▼ Details of TAS lab are below ▼▼▼▼▼▼*
* Applications start from March 29th (Friday)! * * TAS Lab *
* “Radical Art History: New Stories of Ecology and Care” *
* From Turner to Joan Jonas
The Lake of Zug, Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1843
* A small-group, face-to-face art course where you can learn intensively for about a month * The keywords of this course are * “ecology”, “radical care”, and “resistance” *
. We will consider the complex times we live in through alternative art histories and interpretations, such as the relationship between the climate crisis and art, and museums as places of care and joy. Especially in recent years, we are facing global emergencies such as climate change and biodiversity collapse. How can we imagine this urgency while connecting it to our own daily lives? This is a forest of hundreds of years of artistic thinking, with clues to the imagination that art gives us, including well-known masterpieces and artists, as well as important works that have rarely been featured in art history. Take a stroll.

* [Event Overview] *
TAS Lab: “Radical Art History: New Stories of Ecology and Care – From Turner to Joan Jonas”
* Series 1 “Art as Transformation: Resistance Seen through Painting, Music, and Literature” *
Thursday, May 16th, Thursday, May 23rd, Thursday, May 30th, Thursday, June 6th
* Series 2 “Reclaiming hope through community, care, and the commons” * Thursday, June 13th, Thursday, June 20th, Thursday, June 27th, Thursday, July 4th
* Series 3 “Life on Spaceship Earth and now it’s time to take action” * Thursday, July 11th, Thursday, July 18th, Thursday, July 25th, Thursday, August 1st

Time: 19:00-21:00 (75 minutes of lecture + 45 minutes of tea and coffee discussion)
Location: Daikanyama AIT Room (Twin Building Daikanyama B403, 30-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku
“Than. We explore how deep observation of art has expanded human consciousness and provides hints for opening up the future.

* [Bonus] *

Viewing 24 lectures selected from the on-demand art course TAS Premier’s “Experience Art in an Age of Collapse” course and “Seeing Children, the Heart, and the World through Art” courses.

*Guest and instructor profiles*
* -Guest (title omitted)-*
Masatsugu Ono (novelist, professor at Waseda University School of Culture and Media Studies)
Born in Oita in 1970. Graduated from the College of Liberal Arts, University of Tokyo. Obtained Ph.D. from Paris 8 University. The novel “…to watashi,” was exhibited at the 2013 Towada Oirase Art Festival. “towadashi” exhibited. Worked on the opening stage script for the 18th National Arts and Culture Festival for People with Disabilities Oita (2018). His major publications include “A Ship Carrying a Lively Bay” (2002, Asahi Bunko, 15th Yukio Mishima Award), “Microbus” (2008, Shinchosha), and “Shishi Watarihana” (2013, Kodansha). ), “A Prayer Nine Years Ago” (2014, Kodansha, 152nd Akutagawa Prize), and “Welcoming Literature” (2021, NHK Publishing). In 2016, in the November issue of Shincho, he published a reportage on refugees applying for asylum in Japan, “At the Foot of the Tokyo Sky Tree – The Story of a Congolese Refugee’s Suffering.” From 2018 to 2024, he will be the anchor for NHK’s “Sunday Art Museum.”
Takako Ito (Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts and Culture, University of Toyama)
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1963. After serving as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellow and a lecturer at Takaoka Junior College, he became an assistant professor in April 2004 and assumed his current position in October 2005.
The main paper is “An attempt at environmental aesthetics as a philosophy of nature – An approach from environmental art.” (2001), “Lost Landscapes: The Future of Environmental Art” (2002), “Between Nature and Man-made/Art: Thoughts on David Nash’s
Environmental Art Works”
(2015), “Environmental Aesthetics: Is it possible to see nature and the environment as themselves?”
(2020) and “Art and Environmental Aesthetics in the Era of Rapidly Accelerating Climate Change Due to Human Activities” (2020). Madoka (Modern Witch, VR/XR Artist)
While studying abroad in LA, she met the witches of Reclaiming, which was co-founded by Starhawk, and began learning the craft in earnest. In addition to developing XR experiences, he is also introducing the culture of modern witchcraft to Japan. Presides over the Future Witch Council. Interviews and articles about modern witches have been published in “Bungei”, “Etcetra”, “Mu”, “Vogue”, “WIRED”, etc. A cyborg witch project is underway under the name Madokashitone, along with Gyakubu Shitone.
* -instructor-*
Roger McDonald (TAS Program Director/Director of Fenberger House) Born in Tokyo. Educated in England. “Yokohama Triennale 2001” Assistant Curator, 1st “Singapore Biennale”
2006” curator. After moving to Saku City, Nagano Prefecture, in 2013 he opened the experimental house museum “Fenberger House” and served as its director. He began researching the climate crisis in 2018, and in 2019 established the citizen movement group MOACA in the Mochizuki area. Lectures and discussions on the climate crisis and “adaptation” will be held. As one of the founding members of AIT, TAS (TOTAL Responsible for program direction of ARTS STUDIES). In 2022, “DEEP Published LOOKING (Deep Looking): A guide to deep observation that revives your imagination.
Naoko Horiuchi (AIT Curator/Dear Me Director)
Completed master’s degree in contemporary art at Edinburgh College of Art. Since 2008, he has been involved in planning residence programs, exhibitions, symposiums, and corporate programs at AIT. Documenta 12 Magazines Project “Metronome No. 11”
He served as assistant curator for “What Should We Do?Tokyo” (2007) and associate curator for “Home Again” (Hara Museum of Art, 2012). Curator of “Shuffling Space” exhibition (Thailand, 2015) sponsored by the Japan Foundation, “Invisible Energy” (ST PAUL St.
Gallery, New Zealand, 2015) co-curator. Arcus Project (2013) , Paradise Air (2015, 2016), and served as a guest curator for the Kyoto Prefecture Artist-in-Residence Project “Great Kyoto in Maizuru” (2017).
Since 2016, AIT has launched a new project called “Dear Me,” which connects diverse children and artists.
Me)” project started. We plan lectures, workshops, and symposiums based on ideas about art and welfare.
Yuko Shiomi (AIT Director)
After graduating from the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Gakushuin University, he completed a contemporary art diploma course at Sotheby’s Institute of Arts in England. After returning to Japan, he worked at Nanjo & Associates, where he was responsible for coordinating domestic and international exhibitions and art projects, as well as corporate art consulting and management. In 2002, he and his friends established the NPO Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT] and became its representative. At AIT, in addition to organizational management, he also provides consulting for residency programs and art support programs for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Monex Securities, Deutsche Bank, and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. In addition, he serves as a committee member, advisor, and judge for foundations, companies, etc. Photo by Yukiko Koshima
Since its establishment in 2001, we have created a unique
cross-cutting and advanced school program that is different from existing art-related educational facilities.
AIT has been holding “Different” for about 20 years and has produced more than 2,500 graduates in total. “MAD”, which provides more complex art learning by leveraging its achievements and networks in the art, social studies, and education fields, will be renewed in 2021 and will be available as TOTAL from 2021.
ARTS STUDIES (abbreviation: TAS).

The paid online course “TAS Premier”

*About AIT*
It is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by six curators and art managers with the aim of creating a platform for anyone interested in contemporary art to learn, interact, and think (incorporated in 2002). For the past 20 years, AIT has been implementing educational programs on the history, expression, and practice of art with a diverse range of guests. In addition to consulting and planning art programs based on the social needs of progressive companies, we have dispatched and invited over 150 artists and researchers to become an international exchange venue where they share knowledge and
experience. We are creating this through collaboration with numerous overseas cultural institutions and foundations.
AIT logo
*About AIT’s “Action on the Climate Crisis”*
* -Overview-*
“Action on the climate crisis from the perspective of art

” started. If you agree with this activity or would like to receive further information, please fill out the form below. (We will notify you of public events, etc.)
Agree (Google Form)

* -Future plans-*
A roundtable on the climate crisis and art will be held on Saturday, July 27, 2024.

* -Activity history-*
– 2024
The 3rd “Study Session on Art and the Climate Crisis” was held. (Venue: Mori Art Museum, Sponsor: NPO Arts Initiative Tokyo
[AIT/Eight], Grant: Ishibashi Foundation, Cooperation: Mori Art Museum)
*Report will be released at a later date
– 2023 GCC “Decarbonization Action Plan for Nonprofit and Public Organizations” Japanese version Ver.1
– 2023 Gallery Climate Coalition
[GCC]) recognized as Japan’s first “active member” as an
organization that takes effective steps toward environmental responsibility.

– From 2022 onwards, climate crisis serialization page on Bijutsu Techo Online