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Home » b-ex Achieved through the powerful collaboration of hair color professionals “Yuta Kuraki” and “RYUSEI ”! New omnidirectional intense color “KIRATERA” will be released from June 4th

b-ex Achieved through the powerful collaboration of hair color professionals “Yuta Kuraki” and “RYUSEI ”! New omnidirectional intense color “KIRATERA” will be released from June 4th

Achieved through the powerful collaboration of hair color
professionals “Yuta Kuraki” and “RYUSEI”! New omnidirectional intense color “KIRATERA” will be released from June 4th
b-ex Co., Ltd. (read: B-EX, head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toshihiro Fukui, hereafter referred to as b-ex), which develops many hair care brands such as Loretta, is a popular hair salon hairdresser Yuta Kuraki (THE KIRATERA, a color brand with intense color and high density design developed with the cooperation of SLICK) and RYUSEI (PELE), will be released at beauty salons nationwide from June 4, 2024.
[Image 1:×1303.png ]
■Aim of development
In recent years, hair color needs have diversified, and people’s color change cycles are becoming faster than ever. As a result, the undertone (the color of the hair before coloring) differs from person to person, and in many cases it is difficult to achieve the desired color due to the residual tint (color caused by residual dye) from the previous color. I did. Based on this background, we developed KIRATERA, a hair color brand that specializes in color development performance with a high concentration design and pursues ease of color changes by paying close attention to the fading process. In order to achieve “intense coloring” that is unaffected by the color of the undergarment, we have set a core base dye for each color, and we have selected dyes for each color to achieve maximum coloring performance. Increase concentration. Additionally, by using a de-staining agent, residual tint can be easily removed, allowing for smooth color changes.
BASIC LINE 10 hues
[Image 2:×683.jpg] Kiratera Color 1 agent – quasi-drug/hair dye – 100g
Kiratera Color 1 agent – quasi-drug/hair dye – 100g
Kiratera Color Clear – Quasi-drug – 400g
Kiratera Oxy 2 drugs – quasi-drug – 2000mL
Basic color-cosmetics/hair dye-400g
Kiratera Clear-Cosmetics/Hair Treatment-1000g
■Brand concept
[Image 3:×360.png ]
“KIRATERA” is a combination of “Kirakira” and “Terabyte”, which is a unit of measurement for large amounts of information, and has the meaning of “creating a lot of sparkling things”.
In addition, as a symbol of culture that is not bound by preconceived notions, we have adopted creative designs that incorporate the worldview of “punk fashion.” Up-and-coming British graphic designer Aries Moross designed the brand logo and package.
Aries Moross Profile
Illustrator, art director, and graphic designer based in London. Characterized by his colorful and energetic works, he works as a creative director for a wide range of artists, participating in a variety of projects such as albums, live shows, and shows, as well as creating graphics for many companies.
■Brand features
[Image 4:×547.jpg] Achieves “intense color” with a highly concentrated dye composition Instead of using a common base dye for all colors, we have adopted a “Core Shade Formula” that sets a core base dye for each color. In order to maximize the coloring performance for each undertone, we have increased the chroma dye concentration of each color, achieving a design with intense coloring and high density that changes the undertone.
We pay close attention to the fading process, allowing for smooth color changes!
[Image 5:×524.jpg] By using a de-staining agent, the remaining tint can be easily removed, and we have pursued ease of color change that allows you to freely express the next color.

High color development while suppressing bleaching power
ON COLOR LINE has a wide range of colors, from vivid colors to pale tones and dark tones, which can be used when you want to add color to high-tone hair while suppressing the power of bleaching. A wide variety of hair color expressions are possible.
Large-capacity clear pouch type with no dye added
We have a lineup of clear agents that are designed to be neither blue nor pink because they do not contain dyes, and can be diluted in a pure manner. We have created a large capacity pouch of 400g based on the usage scenarios and increasing usage of clear.
[Image 6:×569.jpg] Low alkali formulation that suppresses residual alkali
Focusing on the mixing ratio of 1 and 2 drugs, we have adopted a formulation design that allows the use of a uniform 1:2 mixing ratio of 1 and 2 drugs at all levels. By combining agents 1 and 2, we have achieved a reduction in the amount of alkali during use and the amount of residual alkali in the hair.
[Image 7:×819.jpg] Highly saturated color with fluorescent effect thanks to neon gloss coat formula As with BASIC LINE and ON COLOR LINE, we have achieved a fluorescent color by adjusting the dye concentration, incorporating the neon gloss coat component *1, and setting the pH near neutrality.

W kaotine base formulation
[Image 8:×561.jpg] Adopts a treatment-type base formulation that uses two different types of cationic surfactants*3. We aimed to reduce the chance of getting caught on bleached hair and create a smooth texture.
■Color lineup
[Image 9:×913.jpg] ■Product features/credits
BASIC LINE 10 hues
[Image 10:×197.png ]
Kiratera Color 1 agent – quasi-drug/hair dye – 100g
An alkaline color line that controls undertones with a wide expression range of hue, brightness, and saturation, and “redraws” the desired color. KIRATERA’s main zone consists of a total of 10 hues: 5 brown to monotone hues and 5 chroma hues.
[Image 11:×214.png ]
Kiratera Color 1 agent – quasi-drug/hair dye – 100g
1 low alkaline color agent for high tone and on color. A hue line that allows you to change the appearance of bleached hair in a wide range of colors, from vivid to pale to dark. For colors that overlap with BASIC LINE (DG, JP, FP, DO, CB, CG), use BASIC LINE if there is uneven bleach under*, and use ON COLOUR LINE if there is little unevenness. Possible.
[Image 12: &s3=15244-175-c9501E621E621B67BC2407BC214881B5E4B -1440×2700.jpg] Kiratera Color Clear – Quasi-drug – 400g
Alkaline clear that can be diluted pure without adding dye. The pouch type has a large capacity of 400g and is easy to operate.

[Image 13:×720.png ]
Kiratera Oxy 2 drugs – quasi-drug – 2000mL
Kiratera Oxy 2 (for dyed areas)
For coloring and toning down bleached under* and damaged areas. Kiratera Oxy 6 (for new growth)
For tone-up when coloring hair while brightening it.
[Image 14:×1378.jpg ]
Basic color-cosmetics/hair dye-400g
Highly saturated colors that cannot be expressed with alkaline colors alone are possible. A basic color that goes well with BASIC LINE and expands the range of hair color suggestions.

[Image 15: &s3=15244-175-39A29D229263F29263F29263F2CBDC44466677E443219E 8-1688×2700.jpg]
Kiratera Clear-Cosmetics/Hair Treatment-1000g
A hair treatment type clear for basic colors that allows for the pale expression of basic colors while caring for hair in the high tone area.

*Please read the precautions carefully and use it correctly. *Please do not use this product if you have ever had a rash due to hair coloring.
*Be sure to perform a skin allergy test (patch test) before each use. *Bleached hair color before coloring
■Comments from the development hairdresser
Yuta Kuraki, owner of hair salon “THE SLICK”
[Image 16:×440.jpg] This is a product that I created with the feeling of creating my own alter ego, with a focus on the world view and design expressed in color. I can confidently convey the design and worldview that a struggling hairdresser has put his heart and soul into, and I hope that many people will empathize with it. Particular attention was paid to the gray and silver colors. I was working in a salon myself, and there were many colors that couldn’t be created without mixing, but I wanted to simply express that color with a single item. We want you to be excited about the color retention, fading, and ease of selection as you use it.
Mr. RYUSEI, owner of hair salon “PELE”
[Image 17:×660.jpg] “When you think of KIRATERA”, we want it to become a beloved brand with visuals and culture that come to mind.
I wanted to express in KIRATERA the youthfulness, punk-ness, and energy that breaks down preconceptions that I felt when I studied abroad in the UK, so in addition to the visuals being conscious of British culture, I also adopted British English for the color names. doing. In addition, in order to respond to the milk tea color that is often requested by customers, we have expanded the range of beige colors and created a design that prevents mistakes, making the product easy to use and chosen by hairdressers. I was conscious of it. KIRATERA brand site: *Released at 12:00 on 4/1 -Customer Inquiry Desk-TEL: 03-6757-7767
■Company overview
b-ex Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive hair care manufacturer that operates the hair cosmetic brand “Loretta” and the hair color brand “THROW.” Since our founding in 1975 as “Moltobene”, we have been developing and selling professional products for beauty salons and products for consumers.
In 2015, we welcomed Kashiwa Sato as creative director, and based on our corporate philosophy of “Bringing new beauty experiences into your life,” we changed our company name to “Beauty Experience Co., Ltd.” and changed its abbreviation in 2021. Changed to “b-ex Co., Ltd.”. In the same year, we entered into a capital and business alliance with O’right, a Taiwanese zero-carbon green cosmetics brand, and are working towards the realization of a sustainable society. b-ex aims to become “Asia’s No. 1 Professional & Clean Beauty* Corporate Group,” which provides products that are close to hairdressers and customers and promotes the SDGs, which is one of the pillars of management. *Clean beauty: Beauty products developed with consideration for people and the environment.
Company name: b-ex Co., Ltd. (reading: b-ex)
CEO: Toshihiro Fukui
Head office location: Setagaya Business Square Hills 4/1st floor, 4-10-5 Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0097
Founded: October 1975
Capital: 100 million yen
Number of employees: 140 (as of December 2023)
Business activities: Manufacture and sale of cosmetics and
quasi-drugs, export and import of cosmetics and quasi-drugs
-Customer Inquiry Desk-TEL: 03-6757-7767
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