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Cross Plus Co., Ltd. Styling over 50,000 people! Stylist Ai Takahashi presents CROSS FUNCTION spring/summer cl othes that can be worn “long” and “smartly”

[Cross Plus Co., Ltd.] Styling over 50,000 people! CROSS proposed by stylist Ai Takahashi
FUNCTIONSpring/summer clothes that can be worn “long” and “smartly”
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Press release: March 29, 2024
Styling over 50,000 people! Stylist Ai Takahashi presents CROSS FUNCTION spring/summer clothes that can be worn “long” and “smartly” *4/5 (Friday) 20:00 ~ Instagram live broadcast featuring Ai Takahashi* Crossplus Co., Ltd., a long-established apparel manufacturer with 70 years of history (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Yamamoto)
FUNCTION” series, the latest spring styling proposed by stylist Ai Takahashi was released on the special website of our EC “Cross Marche” on Friday, March 29, 2024.
“CROSS” is developed with the concept of “daily wear that is packed with things you want to wear every day” with excellent functionality. FUNCTION”. On the special site, Ai Takahashi, who is active as a personal stylist with experience styling over 50,000 people, will be offering CROSS
Coordinate items from FUNCTION. Mr. Takahashi, who says he is good at “simple yet sophisticated styling,” also shares his dressing tips.

*To commemorate the release of this special site, we will be holding an Instagram live with Ai Takahashi on April 5th*.
Date and time: April 5th (Friday) 20:00 start
Distribution account: @cross.function
Special site:

■Style 01 Adult coordination that combines ladylike and sporty [Styling Point]
“If you choose a slightly smoky pink, it won’t be too sweet and is recommended for an adult look. By keeping the top monochrome, it brings out the pink pants that are the main character. If you choose a white mountain hoodie, it will go well with a clean coordination. It’s easy and gives off a casual feel.”
Light Tet Work Mountain Parka ¥3,990 (taxin)
Linen-like tuck shirt ¥2,990 (taxin)
Linen-like tapered pants ¥2,990 (taxin)
Accessories: Stylist’s personal items

■Style 02 One-tone & relaxed coordination that plays with materials [Styling Point]
“If you want to create a slightly different impression than usual, we recommend coordinating your outfit with light tones. Coordinating with light tones 2
Just by playing with the materials and creating a relaxed
coordination, you can create a modern and relaxed atmosphere. The cardigan I put on top has a slightly sheer feel, which is exactly what I’m feeling right now. And! It’s machine washable, so it’s sure to come in handy for daily wear and travel. ”
Linen-like pintuck tunic shirt ¥2,990 (taxin)
Easy tuck pants ¥2,990 (taxin)
Sheer cardigan *Scheduled to be released in May
Accessories: Stylist’s personal items

■Style 03 Evolutionary setup with a focus on comfort
[Styling Point]
“The blue set-up instantly puts you in the spring mood, and it’s made of crisp, linen-like material.An easy-to-decide set-up is a must-have for those days when you’re wondering, “What should I wear?” Pair your handsome wide pants with white accessories for a refreshing look! In addition to UV protection, the fabric feels silky and cool to the touch and is highly functional. ”
Linen-like pintuck tunic shirt ¥2,990 (taxin)
Linen-like wide pants ¥2,990 (taxin)
Sheer cardigan *Scheduled to be released in May
Accessories: Stylist’s personal items
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* stylist Ai Takahashi *
At a fashion school, she studied a wide range of fashion, focusing on design and sewing, as well as colors and fibers.
After working in the apparel industry for 10 years and having experience styling over 50,000 people, she became independent as a personal stylist in 2015. Her main work to date has included serialization in the Sankei Shimbun, Yomiuri Junior and Senior High School Newspaper,, Shufunotomosha, styling proposals for television, and styling and writing for advertisements. His book “Don’t get lost in style” was published by WAVE.
* ■4/5 (Friday) 20:00 start! CROSS FUNCTION × Ai Takahashi INSTA LIVE* Special site
Official Instagram Sales site “Cross Marche”
“CROSS” has only popular functional products that take advantage of carefully selected materials and production know-how.
FUNCTION”. We develop basic wear that is easy to live with and has excellent functionality that you want to wear every day.

* “Climate-friendly products” *
The effects of climate change are increasing in recent years, including rising temperatures, increased heavy rainfall, and increased risk of heat stroke. To help you stay as comfortable as possible in special weather, we use smooth materials that don’t get sweaty, items that make you feel warm just by wearing them, and water-repellent materials that are safe even in sudden rain. We develop items that can respond to changes in climate and weather such as cold, rain, pollen, wind, and humidity.
* 2. [CROSS EASY] “Problem solving product” *
We will solve your concerns about clothes, such as “knitwear cannot be washed in the washing machine” and “warm materials are too bulky”, with our manufacturing capabilities using the latest features, patterns, and specifications. We offer simple and
stress-free items that are easy to care for, such as clothes that cannot normally be washed in a washing machine at home.
* “Beauty-pursuing products” *
Every year, beauty needs are not limited to cosmetics, but interest in beauty is increasing in apparel as well. We develop products that pursue beauty so that you can express the beauty of your styling to the fullest, such as using high-quality materials that are gentle on the skin, and design patterns that create a beautiful silhouette when worn.
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* ■Cross Plus Company Profile *
Company name: Crossplus Co., Ltd.
Representative: Daihiro Yamamoto
Address: 3-9-13 Hananoki, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 451-8560

A lifestyle production company that plans, manufactures, and sells clothing, household goods, and miscellaneous goods, mainly women’s clothing. Based on the voices of consumers gathered from our store network cultivated over 70 years as a women’s clothing manufacturer and wholesaler, we are creating products needed in the new normal era, aimed at achieving well-being by designing a life that enriches both mind and body for each individual. On sale. In addition, in recent years, with the aim of contributing to the development of society as a sustainable company, we have set our corporate materiality to be environmentally friendly manufacturing, a bridge between daily life and society, and a work life where each individual can shine. We will continue to provide added value to everyone involved in the Cross Plus Group, including employees and customers.
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