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Mash Holdings Co., Ltd. emmi Started online pre-orders for the new summer 2024 collection “SPORTY CHIC”

Mash Holdings Co., Ltd.
[emmi] Started online pre-orders for the new summer 2024 collection “SPORTY CHIC” – Released on April 4th (Thursday) 12:00 –
The second special order of the adidas Originals GAZELLE INDOOR, which sold out in just one hour after its release last year, is now available!
“emmi”, a women’s brand that handles daily wear and yoga wear developed by Mash Style Lab Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo/President Hiroyuki Kondo), will be open from 12:00 on Thursday, April 4, 2024. New spring projects will be released on the official online store and EC department store “USAGI ONLINE”, and advance reservations for the products will begin at the same time. (emmi official online store:
[Image 1:×853.jpg] SPORTY CHIC
Summer is when you can feel the energy of the sun. We offer active and exciting clothing. ■ Light see-through design with a floating feel ■ Sporty details ■ Minimal form with no waste ■ Showing healthy skin ■ Clear color variations These keywords are sprinkled in the sporty design that is popular this season, and expressed with emmi’s unique practical and functional materials. The result is sophisticated urban wear that fits any summer occasion.
*emmi will continue to contribute to the global environment by adopting new sustainable materials with an eye on the wellness era. LOOK
[Image 2:×2048.jpg]
[Image 3:×2048.jpg ]

Knit 15,400yen
Bare top 6,600yen
Skirt 18,700yen
Pants 19,250yen
Shoes 14,300yen
[Image 4:×2048.jpg]
[Image 5:×2048.jpg]
Shirt 17,600yen
Dress 18,700yen
Pants 19,250yen
Shoes 19,800yen
[Image 6:×2048.jpg]
[Image 21:×2048.jpg ]

Outer 17,930yen (emmi×PARKS PROJECT)
Dress 23,100yen
Shoes 19,800yen (Salomon)
[Image 22:×2048.jpg ]

Cardigan 14,300yen
Dress 27,500yen
Shoes 28,600yen (Salomon)
[Image 9:×2048.jpg]
Dress 17,600yen
Shirt 16,500yen
Sunglasses 8,690yen (PARAFINA)
Bag 13,200yen
Shoes 15,400yen (emmi×CONVERSE)
[Image 10:× g ]

Blouse 16,500yen
Pants 18,700yen
[Image 11:×2048.jpg]
Jacket 19,800yen
Tops 9,900yen
Pants 16,500yen
Shoes 19,800yen (New Balance for emmi)
[Image 12: &s3=18505-2492-814BDDD421A169B0FD6216F d628-1536X2048.jpg]

Dress 26,400yen
Bag 11,440yen
Shoes 15,950yen
[Image 13:×2048.jpg ]

Dress 27,500yen
Skirt 17,600yen
Sunglasses 4,180yen
Shoes 14,300yen (emmi×PUMA)
[Image 14: &s3=18505-2492-5D0DA2DFEE5006B4B46CE64B46 8a56-1535X2048.jpg]
Tops 14,300yen
Jacket 18,700yen
Skirt 17,600yen
Sunglasses 7,260yen (PARAFINA)
Bag 9,900yen
Shoes 14,300yen
[Image 15:× g ]

T-shirt 6,380yen
Bra top 8,800yen
Leggings 9,900yen
Cap 6,930yen
Sunglasses 7,260yen (PARAFINA)
Bag 14,300yen
Shoes 18,700yen (ASICS for emmi)
[Image 16:×2048.jpg]
[Image 17: &s3=18505-2492-A325B68FD004FD00463D133D133E798 d4ee-1536×2048.jpg]
Coat 39,600yen
All in one 24,200yen
Shoes 18,700yen
[Image 18:×2048.jpg ]

Dress 26,400yen
Blouse 18,700yen
Bag 9,680yen
Shoes 19,800yen (ASICS for emmi)
(All prices include tax) Please see the ONLINE STORE below for details. ■emmi OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE:■USAGI ONLINE:
The second special order for adidas Originals’ GAZELLE INDOOR, which sold out in just one hour after its release last year.
[Image 19:× g ]
[Image 20:×2048.jpg] adidas Originals that were well received last year
The second special order of “GAZELLE INDOOR” is now available. A timeless model featuring a T-toe design, while maintaining the clean base. Two colors of suede placed on the points add depth.
The impressive three stripes are a deep purple and brushed suede, The dark gum sole gives it a solid look that can be worn by unisex. The tongue and side logo are colored with gold metal, adding a sense of luxury. [adidas Originals for emmi]
■About sales
Product name: [adidas Originals for emmi] GAZELLE INDOOR
-Online Store- Release date: April 4th (Thursday) 12:00 (noon) ・emmi official online store ( ・USAGI ONLINE
( brand/emmi/ ) -Store- Release date: Released on April 4th (Thursday) ・emmi nationwide directly managed stores (
■About adidas Originals
adidas Originals is a street sportswear brand founded in 2001, inspired by adidas’ rich sporting heritage. While inheriting adidas’ history, we continue to evolve the brand’s legacy through products that reflect our beliefs and creativity in sports and today’s youth culture. With the iconic Trefoil logo first used in 1972 as a symbol, adidas Originals is loved by creative people and continues to pave the way as a pioneer sportswear brand for street culture.
Online pre-order for Salomon emmi limited model type 2
[Image 21:×2048.jpg ]
More than just Salomon’s trail running heritage.
It also represents a responsible lifestyle for today’s climate-sensitive users. SPEEDCROSS 3 MINDFUL.
This is a new design that uses recycled materials for the upper with better manufacturing in mind.
[Salomon (emmi limited)]
[Image 22:×2048.jpg ]
Rooted in Salomon’s long history on the trail, the XT-6 MINDFULL is It is a symbol of the high technical ability supported by athletes in the ultra-distance racing world at the time.
It is also a symbol for today’s responsible citizens who are sensitive to climate change.
The development of uppers using recycled materials includes: It embodies Salomon’s strong desire to make better products. [Salomon (emmi limited)]
■About sales
Product name:
・[Salomon (emmi limited)] SPEEDCROSS 3 MINDFUL 3
・[Salomon (emmi limited)] XT-6 MINDFUL 3
-Online Store- Release date: April 4th (Thursday) 12:00 (noon) Pre-order starts ・emmi official online store ( ・USAGI ONLINE (https://usagi-online. com/brand/emmi/ ) -Store- Release date: Scheduled to be released in late April ・emmi nationwide directly managed stores (
*There is a possibility that there will be a change in the sales date at the store. Thank you for your understanding and understanding. If any changes occur, we will notify you on the emmi official online store and official Instagram.
■About Salomon
Salomon is a modern mountain sports lifestyle brand that has been creating innovative footwear, apparel and winter sports equipment since 1947 in Annecy, at the foot of the French Alps. At the Annecy Design Center, designers, engineers and athletes come together to shape the future of sport and culture. At Salomon, we exist to guide people to their best potential through mountain sports.
Regarding online pre-orders for the new summer 2024 collection “SPORTY CHIC” Pre-order starts on April 4th (Thursday) 12:00 (noon)
-online store-
・emmi Official Online Store ( ・USAGI ONLINE (
10% return on MA card points
Period: April 4th (Thursday) 12:00 to April 6th (Saturday) 23:59 During the above period, customers who reserve the eligible summer advance items will receive MA CARD points regardless of their membership rank. A flat rate of 10% will be given.
YouTube released on MASH CHANNEL!
[emmi] Sneaker coordination for girls working at apparel headquarters FASHION CHECK
Fashion check of adidas Originals GAZELLE INDOOR custom sneakers. Introducing the latest coordination using items pre-ordered online. Distribution date: April 4th (Thursday) 12:00
About [emmi]
Based on the clear mode concept, we offer basic and sophisticated daily wear for adults, as well as relaxing yoga wear that incorporates fashion trends. Paired with sneakers, which have become an
indispensable part of the feet of active women, we offer styling that fits the diversifying lifestyles of women. [emmi Official Online Store][object 32]