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Home » I-Media Co., Ltd. Newly released dishwasher detergent that comes with a “Measuring Case Hitofuri-kun” that allows you to dispense a single dose of detergent without using a measuring spoon!

I-Media Co., Ltd. Newly released dishwasher detergent that comes with a “Measuring Case Hitofuri-kun” that allows you to dispense a single dose of detergent without using a measuring spoon!

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iMedia Co., Ltd.
A new dishwasher detergent with a “measuring case Hitofuri-kun” that allows you to dispense one load of detergent without using a measuring spoon is now on sale!
iMedia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Representative Director: Mikio Yonemata) has released a powder-type dishwasher detergent that can dispense a single dose of detergent without a measuring spoon. “Detergent” is now available on the official EC site, Amazon!
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We developed this product out of the idea that we could make daily housework easier.
Every day is busy with housework, childcare, and work. Is it possible to reduce the hassle of housework even by just one thing? With this in mind, we focused on the problems faced by dishwasher detergents. There are several types of dishwasher detergents, such as powder type, liquid type, and tablet type, but the powder type is said to have high cleaning power and good cost performance. However, powder type dishwasher detergent has disadvantages such as being difficult to measure, getting your hands dirty, not being able to touch it with wet hands, and hardening due to moisture.
If you use the Hitofuri-kun measuring case, you can easily handle powdered dishwasher detergent without the hassle of measuring it. What is the reason why you can always dispense a fixed amount of detergent? ■Quickly shake without getting your hands dirty
A powder type dishwasher detergent that comes with a special case with a registered design.
With a quick shake, you can dispense a single dose (approximately 6g) of detergent without getting your hands dirty. It has a recess so it’s easy to hold, and it comes in a case so it’s easy to use even with one hand or wet hands!
[Image 2:×340.jpg]
[Image 3:] ■The dedicated measuring case is designed without the need for a measuring spoon!
You can measure the amount of powdered detergent for one use with just one swipe, so you don’t have to use a measuring spoon to measure the amount of detergent each time.
The bottom of the case is slanted, allowing detergent to flow naturally. A single dose of detergent is collected at the bottom of the spout, so you can always add a single dose of detergent with just one spout.
[Image 4:×433.jpg] ■Supervised by an organization and storage consultant
It was supervised by Aki Konishi, a “organizing and storage consultant” who is a 1st grade organizer and storage advisor and a 1st grade cleaner nester and is also a mother of two children. This is a housework time saving item devised by a professional who knows everything about housework.
[Image 5:×433.jpg] Double wash the dishes and the inside of the dishwasher!
Thoroughly cleans brown stains and dark stains. Enzyme power breaks down stubborn stains such as eggs, and the chelating agent also cleans dull glasses.
[Image 6:×433.jpg] Detergent does not use surfactants!
It is an environmentally friendly detergent that does not contain surfactants or petroleum ingredients, so it can be used for daily dishwashing. You can use it with confidence as it does not foam easily, so it is easy to rinse and does not leave detergent residue behind.
[Image 7:×433.jpg] Product Summary
[Image 8:×1280.jpg] Product name: Dishwasher detergent with measuring case Hitofuri-kun Contents: 200g (approx. 1 month’s supply) *When used once a day (approximately 6g per serving)
Container size: (approx.) 12.5 x 16 x 7.5cm
Ingredients: Cleaning agent (percarbonate), alkaline agent
(carbonate), process agent (sulfate), chelating agent, enzyme Liquid: weakly alkaline
Country of origin: Japan
Regular sales price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
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Company Profile
[Image 9:×250.jpg] iMedia is a manufacturer of daily necessities. We are developing unique products with the “me” character. Founded in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1975, we develop products for home use, such as daily necessities and household items.
Company name: iMedia Co., Ltd.
Address: Active Inter City Hiroshima 9F, 12-1 Wakakusa-cho,
Higashi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Official website:
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