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JPIX Corporation KDDI and JPIX provide core wire connection service between data centers and new IX connection base at Osaka Business Park

JPIX Co., Ltd.
KDDI and JPIX provide core wire connection service between data centers and new IX connection base at Osaka Business Park
~ Realizing the largest and easy-to-connect connectivity data center in western Japan ~
Starting from April 1, 2024, KDDI and JPIX will provide core connection services between data centers (hereinafter referred to as core connection service) and Internet exchange (hereinafter referred to as IX) in the Osaka Business Park (hereinafter referred to as OBP) area, as well as data center bases. will be opened.
As a data center operator, KDDI connects data centers in the OBP area to improve connectivity (interoperability) between customers using the data centers, creating the largest connectivity data center in western Japan. To do. We support the efficiency, expansion, and speed of our customers’ businesses, as well as the creation of new value by connecting customers with each other, contributing to the digital transformation (DX) of society.
-Osaka Business Park scenery-
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The data business is accelerating worldwide, and user traffic is increasing due to the spread of IoT and 5G, the increase in video streaming services, and progress in cloud utilization, as well as the recent accelerated use of AI and big data. Along with this, in order to realize a digital society, platforms that enable more content providers, internet providers, hyperscalers, etc. to connect with each other and create value are increasing in importance.
In addition, in order to enable the exchange of domestic and international traffic outside the metropolitan area, efforts are required to improve connectivity between data centers, keeping in mind large-scale disasters such as an earthquake directly hitting the Tokyo metropolitan area.
■Provision overview
(1) Providing optical fiber core connections between data centers In the OBP area, one of the data center concentration areas in western Japan, KDDI and JPIX will connect core wires between data centers such as “TELEHOUSE OSAKA” and Digital Edge Japan LLC’s data center OSA1 (Note 1) located in the same area. Provide services to connect. Until now, in the OBP area, if customers using each data center, including TELEHOUSE, wanted to connect between data centers, they had to prepare a separate dedicated line with their telecommunications carrier. By using the core wire connection service, you can reduce line costs and realize a high-capacity and flexible connection environment (Note 2).
(2) Addition of new IX connection bases and provision of data center services KDDI and JPIX will add new connection bases for “JPIX Osaka” and “TELEHOUSE OSAKA” at multiple data centers such as Digital Edge OSA1 in the OBP area. We provide complementary data center services. -Image of provision within the OPB area-
[Image 2:×456.png ]
Jonathan Chou, Chief Product Officer of Digital Edge (Singapore) Holdings Pte Ltd., said:
“JPIX is a historic company that launched the first commercial Internet exchange in Japan, and we are pleased that customers of our OSA1 data center in Osaka will now be able to take advantage of JPIX services. We have a key role to play in unlocking further growth potential in the digital economy of the world, and we are pleased to support this development by enhancing the interconnection services available on our platform.”
The KDDI Group provides highly reliable, high-quality connections and improved connectivity between multiple data centers in the OBP area, helping customers create new business by connecting them with a variety of partners. .
We will continue to contribute to improving the world’s connectivity environment through collaboration with businesses and partners in collaborative areas.
■Provision start date
April 1, 2024
■Contact us
JPIX Co., Ltd.
KDDI has been operating its data center business under the
“TELEHOUSE” brand in over 45 locations in over 10 countries around the world for over 30 years, and positions it as a growth area in the business segment. As a data center operator that takes advantage of the latest equipment and connectivity, we will continue to support the growth of our customers’ businesses and expand our data center business by leveraging TELEHOUSE’s experience in developing
high-quality data centers globally. Masu.
■About JPIX
JPIX started its IX service in November 1997 as Japan’s first commercial IX, and is an IX provider that operates neutrally and has one of the largest number of customers, including ISP operators, CATV operators, and content providers both domestically and overseas. It has played an important role as the heart of the Internet in Japan. We have also been adopted by many customers as a VNE (Virtual Network Enabler) operator, providing stable network services to handle the ever-increasing traffic.
(Note 1) Equinix Japan’s data center in the OBP area “OS3
( ) “Such.
(Note 2) KDDI will provide this service to users of KDDI’s data center services, and JPIX will provide this service to users of other data center services.
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