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Home » NEC begins phased introduction of “PHONE APPLI PEOPLE” to promote “Smart Work 2.0”

NEC begins phased introduction of “PHONE APPLI PEOPLE” to promote “Smart Work 2.0”

NEC begins phased introduction of “PHONE APPLI PEOPLE” to promote “Smart Work 2.0″
~Available to 120,000 NEC Group employees from April 2024~
PHONE APPLI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yosuke Ishihara), which aims to upgrade all companies to well-being companies, is a subsidiary of NEC Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Director and Representative Executive Officer). President and CEO: Takayuki Morita In January 2024, we introduced “PHONE APPLI PEOPLE,” a communication portal that strengthens organizations, in order to strengthen “Smart Work 2.0,” a work style reform promoted by NEC. We would like to inform you. It will be introduced in stages, and is scheduled to be available to 120,000 NEC Group employees (including overseas) from April 2024 onwards.
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“PHONE APPLI PEOPLE” is a communication portal that changes communication and creates an open organization. By linking and consolidating various tools that you want to instill within your company, such as contact management of business cards and web phone directories, visualization of human resources and skills, location display, thank you cards, etc., you can manage the flow of users and multiple tools that can easily become complicated. Simplify your environment. You can easily find in-house experts based on keywords and skills, and customers and business partners based on business card data, and communicate with them using the most appropriate tools (chat, email, phone, web conferencing, etc.). and revitalize collaboration between people. By aggregating these “simple lines” and “information that connects people,” we provide an opportunity to learn about each other’s strengths and individuality. As a communication portal that supports companies that realize diverse work styles and strengthens their organizations, we have a track record of supporting over 3,800 companies.
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Click here for more information about “PHONE APPLI PEOPLE”
■NEC implementation example
NEC, which is introducing “PHONE APPLI PEOPLE,” aims to become a company that brings together diverse human resources and pursues innovation based on the NEC Way, and to become an Employer of Choice. One of the goals of the 2025 Medium-Term Management Plan is to “increase employee engagement scores to 50%,” and we are working on the work style reform “Smart Work 2.0” to achieve this goal. These initiatives have evolved from ones that focused on making work easier through improvements to the environment and infrastructure, to ones that increase the sense of job satisfaction and help teams achieve their best performance. As we progressed with this initiative, we heard many comments such as “I can’t see the status of team members who need to communicate closely,” “I want to activate communication more,” and “I want to share know-how beyond the boundaries of the organization.” , visualization of team status and strengthening connections between employees have emerged as issues. Other issues raised include a decrease in real communication leading to a decline in team performance, and that new graduates and mid-career employees have a harder time understanding their co-workers’ behavior, skills, and personalities compared to experienced employees.
In order to resolve these issues and increase employees’ sense of job satisfaction, NEC has decided to introduce “PHONE APPLI PEOPLE.” 40,000 people will start using the service in January 2024, and 120,000 NEC Group employees (including overseas) will start using it in April 2024.
*NEC Way: The values ​​shared by the NEC Group and the origin of our actions. ■How to use NEC and expected effects
We aim to improve the “ease of work” and “team strength,” and to help employees feel “motivated by their work.”
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Supporting diverse work styles and realizing “ease of work” “PHONE APPLI PEOPLE” aggregates employee information, communication tools, presence, and the day’s schedule, allowing you to check the status of your colleagues from your PC or smartphone even in a remote work environment. so you can check it. This allows you to choose the most appropriate communication method depending on the person’s working situation when you want to contact them. This simplifies the flow of communication for employees, creating a more comfortable working environment.
Utilizing the profile function, which enhances “team power” through autonomous collaboration among employees, we aim to revitalize communication by knowing the individuality and strengths of colleagues from various angles, such as skills, background, and hobbies. In addition, the Know Who search allows you to discover specialists and role models, encouraging collaboration beyond organizational boundaries. By visualizing the knowledge and skills of employees, we solve the problem of skill transfer and encourage active handover of employees and creation of growth opportunities.
All employees will utilize “PHONE APPLI PEOPLE,” a system that allows each employee to feel “motivated to work.” We aim to increase “ease of work” and “team power,” thereby fostering “motivation” in each employee. . We also hope that the “PHONE APPLI THANKS function” will be used to foster relationships of trust through daily appreciation and praise, and to contribute to the creation of a highly engaged organization.

■Comments from the person in charge
[Image 4:×1333.jpg] Corporate IT/Digital Department Work Style DX Development Center members Since 2018, NEC has been migrating various services to the cloud with the aim of providing location-free services, which has led to improvements in work comfort and an increase in communication both within and outside the organization. On the other hand, the complexity of using each service individually was a challenge. Employees use “PHONE APPLI PEOPLE” as a communication hub, gain skills and knowledge from it, apply it to their work, and form a community, realizing more effective work styles and promoting self-sufficiency in the organization. I am thinking of doing so.
■Future development of NEC
Communication is important for corporate growth, and we aim to promote “team power” throughout the NEC Group, with an eye toward
communication and collaboration that transcends organizational boundaries. Based on the concept of “Client Zero,” which positions itself as the zeroth client, NEC is promoting internal transformation in a quick and agile manner by first implementing the latest technology in-house. NEC will continue to explore “new ways of working” that are more in line with the times through internal practice, and will return the experience and know-how gained through this process to our customers and society.
《NEC Corporation Company Profile》
Representative Director and President: Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO: Takayuki Morita
Address: 5-7-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: July 17, 1899 (Meiji 32)
Capital: 427.8 billion yen
Business content: IT service business, social infrastructure business URL:
《PHONE APPLI Co., Ltd. Company Profile》
Representative Director and President: Yosuke Ishihara
Address: 8th floor, Hulic Kamiyacho Building, 4-3-13 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
Established: January 2008
Capital: 398,365,710 yen
Business content: Planning, development, and sales of cloud services such as PHONE APPLI PEOPLE (communication portal that strengthens organizations), application development and sales (cooperative applications with Microsoft, Cisco, Salesforce, etc.), well-being management consulting business, various IP- Development and operation of PBX compatible applications
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