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Home » Pinovation Co., Ltd. Toyota Tsusho Systems, an IT solutions company of the Toyota Tsusho Group, has started introducing Outre, an escort service for new business creation.

Pinovation Co., Ltd. Toyota Tsusho Systems, an IT solutions company of the Toyota Tsusho Group, has started introducing Outre, an escort service for new business creation.

Pinovation Co., Ltd.
Toyota Tsusho Systems, an IT solutions company of the Toyota Tsusho Group, has started introducing Outre, an escort service for new business creation.
– Thoroughly accompany and support internal issues associated with new business. Aiming for continuous follow-up and in-house production, business improvement professionals will provide appropriate advice even after implementation.
Toyota Tsusho Systems Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President and CEO: Watanabe Hirotoshi) started introducing it. We will explain the background leading up to the start of the service and the expectations for our company.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] What is outre?
[Image 2:×420.png ]
This is a program that grows a company’s “ability to take on challenges,” “ability to persevere,” and “creativity” through new business development. We will give maximum support to bring about changes in the company’s structure and transform it into an
independent, self-propelled company that can survive in the new era. Toyota Tsusho Systems Co., Ltd. Background of the introduction About Toyota Tsusho Systems Co., Ltd.
Established in 1994, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. With 10 locations around the world, we are a trading company that provides IT solutions for global business sites.
Outside of Japan, we have offices in Singapore, Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, the United States, Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, and are conducting business worldwide.
As an IT company in the automotive industry, we have selected fiscal year 2022 as the first year of innovation promotion.
As a corporate organization, we are promoting innovation creation projects.
[Image 3:×3339.jpg] -Toyota Tsusho Systems Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Miho Miyazawa, Yukihiro Maki, Yuki Tsuchiya-
●The “facial recognition service” was inspired by a team member who loves to travel.
The new business team started with three passionate people from various departments within the company who wanted to start a new business. This project was planned by Mr. Miyazawa, who loves traveling.
When Mr. Miyazawa went to a resort in the summer of 2022, he felt that it would be convenient to have a sense of the world without having to bring anything anywhere. In order to realize this worldview, we started considering facial recognition. I came up with this project proposal because I felt that the business point was to focus on things that are familiar in our daily lives and that can be inconvenient. ●We are trying to find a new business. Outrage is the solution to that confusion.
We have worked with a variety of partner companies in addition to new business planning, but since each service was independent, such as sales outsourcing and channel development, it was difficult to consolidate our work.
On the other hand, outre training can be carried out all at once, from in-depth verification of a plan based on logic to visits to sales offices, so the PDCA cycle of hypothesizing → practice →
re-verification → practice can be carried out within the training. . In fact, I am already recommending Outre’s services to other companies, and I feel that the service is so satisfying.
In addition, it is reasonable in terms of cost. For example, if you request a major consulting company, it will cost tens of millions of yen, but outsourcing can be started from a small scale, so you can keep costs down and request it with peace of mind. is completed. ●Points to recommend outre
There are two major points.
The first step is to develop customer channels.
Up until now, we have approached companies that are in the 3 digits through tele-appointments and contact forms on their website, but we have not received any opportunities to make proposals.
Outre has a wide range of unique customer channels, so we are able to provide them appropriately. Since we are able to make proposals based on a relationship of trust that has already been established, we are able to communicate very smoothly.
The second is our one and only escort service.
It’s very appealing to me that I can dig deeper into the content from a third-party perspective and help me solve problems that I feel are difficult within the company. How should we create value for facial recognition services, and how should we differentiate ourselves from other companies? I feel that things are being baptized by being able to dig deeper into issues such as these at the appropriate time. Generally speaking, seminars and training are often held on a one-time basis, and tend to end up being wasted as they cannot be put to practical use or connected to the next step, but with Outre, you can ensure that you not only receive input but also output. He takes care of me and is very helpful.
〇Collaboration commercial between “Face Recognition Service” and “Avantgarde” is now available〇
Recommended for these people!
・I want to increase customer channels!
・I want to grow my company through new business!
・I want to start a new business with minimal risk!・I want to be able to in-house new business!
Advantages of introduction
1. Since the main focus is on taking action on one’s own, the significant growth of the participating members will have a positive impact on the company. 2. Since you can start from 50,000 yen per month, the cost burden is low and you can proceed with new business at your own pace and within your own resources. 3. Since we take the initiative in creating new businesses, our experience becomes an internal asset in the form of know-how, allowing us to create businesses on a continuous basis rather than one-off.
Companies that have introduced it (some)
・KTX Co., Ltd. ・Showa Koki Co., Ltd.
・Suisai・Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.・Japan Kotatsu Electric Co., Ltd. *Partially listed. They are listed in alphabetical order.
A word from the outre general manager
[Image 4:×1333.jpg] -Pinovation Co., Ltd. COO Nobumitsu Kobayashi-
“Grow people and companies. New business development is out of the question.” In the VUCA era, both people and companies are required to change. Change always starts with small steps. We would be happy if more companies would take that first step by using Outre. The fundamental philosophy of Outre’s products is not to “have someone catch a fish,” but “to learn how to fish, practice it, and be able to catch it yourself.” This is the fundamental philosophy of Outre’s products. Growth always requires taking on challenges and persevering. However, this is easier said than done. At Outre, we want to be there to support you in your challenges and to help you as much as possible to see them through. Once a company succeeds in meeting this challenge, it will have the ability to create business. If we can grasp the shape of the outre, we can repeat what we have learned once. If you create a new corporate culture that focuses on creation, a few years from now you will see a new company centered around creativity. Outre is designed as a program to help you take that important step. This program is highly recommended for companies embarking on new business development for the first time, as it is characterized by its low introduction price, clear UXUI, and thorough after-sales follow-up.
Company Profile
[Image 5:×114.png ]
Company name: Pinovation Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Nobuyoshi Toba
Head office address: 451-0042 Nagono Campus, 2-14-1 Nagono, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Establishment date: October 2016
Vision: Provide what is truly needed at the best price and create new values ​​in the world
Business content: New business creation program development and operation Corporate site
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