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FM Yokohama FM Yokohama, new programs start one after another from April!

FM Yokohama
FM Yokohama, new programs start one after another from April! ……
New programs will start one after another on FM Yokohama (84.7MHz) from April! We offer a wide variety of lineups, including artist programs and programs linked to podcasts.
From 25:30 on Monday, April 1st, Shaitope’s first regular radio program “Pillowtope” will be aired. Also, from Monday to Thursday at 26:30, there will be a program called “Kiteru” linked to the podcast. Monday is JABBA DA FOOTBALL CLUB’s NOLOV, Tuesday is Ryo Fukawa and Masatoshi Hiramatsu, Wednesday is Hajime Anzai, Thursday (1st, 3rd, and 5th week) is #KT-chan, and Thursday (2nd and 4th week) is Horiuchi. Takashi will be in charge. From 25:30 on Wednesdays, “Romance Port Night” will be presented by Sae Otsuka, a
singer-songwriter and voice actor from Kanagawa Prefecture. On Sunday from 19:00, “Alexandros” will start “Aleki Toka! Doros Toka!”. In addition, “FLAG” from 12:00 on Fridays has been renewed with a new reporter! Please enjoy FM Yokohama starting this spring!
[Image 1:×337.jpg] -New program-
Program title: Pillowtope
■Broadcast time: Monday 25:30-26:00
■DJ: Shytope
■Email address:
[Image 2:×1182.jpg] Shaitope
Shaitope’s first regular radio show
Tart! Monday is the start of the week. In the middle of the night on Monday, feeling the afterglow of the day, I spend 30 minutes facing you in front of the radio. The program is also looking for “shy episodes”! We look forward to hearing about the embarrassing episodes that happened to you!

Program title: Areki toka! Dross!
■Broadcast time: Sunday 19:00-19:30
■DJ: [Alexandros]
■Email address:
■Hashtag: #Aledro
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] [Alexandros]
The long-awaited F-horizontal regular of [Alexandros], who will be holding an outdoor festival in Sagamihara City in October this year. start! Full of charm of the band [Alexandros]
30 minutes to send.

Program title: Romance Port Night
■Broadcast time: Wednesday 25:30-26:00
■DJ: Sae Otsuka
■Hashtag: #Romanai
[Image 4:×1849.jpg] Sae Otsuka
Sae Otsuka, a singer-songwriter and voice actor from Kanagawa Prefecture, will bring you a romantic night from Yokohama, Portside! Wednesday midnight will be colored with various talks and music. Now, board the ship with Saechi and go on a journey of romance!

Program title: Kiiteru
◎Tuesday Rocketman Show DJ: Ryo Fukawa/Masatoshi Hiramatsu
◎Wednesday Chome Raji DJ: Hajime Anzai
◎Thursday (1st, 3rd, 5th week) Hageshiko Hageshiko DJ: #KT-chan ◎Thursday (2nd and 4th week) COFFEE TALK SESSION DJ: Takashi Horiuchi Broadcast time: 26:30-27:00 each day of the week
[Image 5:×1200.jpg] Top left: NOLOV / Bottom left: Ryo Fukawa / Top right: Hajime Anzai / Middle right: #KT-chan / Bottom right: Takashi Horiuchi
A manga specialty bookstore that opens for 30 minutes late on Mondays in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, near the port.
“Comic Atlas”. We will talk about “manga” from various perspectives. ■Email address:
■Program X:
■Podcast: ■Hashtag: #Comic Atlas
■YouTube channel:
-Tuesday: Rocketman Show-
The man who was once called “Kohoku’s prodigy” has returned to Yokohama…! We will deliver idle talk and soothing music that will loosen up the stiff late nights of modern Japan.
■Email address:
■Program X:
■Hashtag: #location show
-Wednesday: Chome Raji-
A program in which illustrator and art director Hajime Anzai plays radio programs with guests. ■Email address: ■Hashtag: #Chomeraji
-Thursday (1st, 3rd, 5th week): Believing Hageshiko-
A treasure program that explores how #KT-chan, who has too many assumptions in her daily life, views things.
■Email address:
■Hashtag: #Hageshiko
-Thursday (2nd and 4th week): COFFEE TALK SESSION-
Takashi Horiuchi, the master of Kamakura’s Cafe Vivemont d’Monche, will tell you stories about coffee that can only be heard here. ■Email address:
■Podcast: ■Hashtag: #cts847
*Click here for program details of “Kie Teru” ↓↓
Program title: Atsuatsu Ongakujin
■Broadcast time: Friday 27:00-28:00
■DJ: Atsushi Hasegawa
■Program X:
■Hashtag: atu847
[Image 6:×3900.jpg] Hasegawa Atsushi
A music program in which DJ Atsushi Hasegawa welcomes “hot” musicians to the program and delivers passionate talks with the slogan “I want to create a lot of happiness through music!”

Program title: Daiki Planning Real Estate Consultation Room
■Broadcast time: Saturday 8:00-8:05
■DJ: Mahiru Suzuki
[Image 7:×2315.jpg] Mahiru Suzuki
Every time, we will provide you with the latest information on real estate sales, any problems you may have with selling a property, etc. We focus on real estate issues related to inheritance and end of life.

Program title: Nissan Kanagawa presents Pick up my town
■Broadcast time: Saturday 8:15-8:30
■DJ: Azusa Nakajima
[Image 8:×548.jpg] Azusa Nakajima
“Pick up my town” is a new car life adventure to discover your hometown! Nissan Kanagawa, which was newly established in April, will introduce its charm that blends into its hometown of Kanagawa. We invite you on a journey to discover the charms of your city, including gourmet food, entertainment, hidden spots, and information on things to do on Saturdays and Sundays.

-Renewal program-
Program title: FLAG
■Broadcast time: Friday 12:00-14:45
■DJ: Shunichiro Ishikawa Reporter: Toby (Childerley)
■Program X:
■Hashtag: #flag847
[Image 9:×1200.jpg] Left: Shunichiro Ishikawa Right: Toby (Childerley)
FLAG is an entertainment program that tickles intellectual curiosity. In addition to sports, we also have outing information and
entertainment information! We will deliver you full of information that will make you want to say “hmm”! DJ Shuichiro Ishikawa and new reporter Toby (Childerley) will bring you this!

Program title: Loco Spirits!
■Broadcast time: Friday 26:00-26:30
■DJ: Ariake (Leila)
[Image 10:×2700.jpg] Ariake (Leila)
“Loco Spirits!” is a program that seriously supports various artists. From April, Ariake (Leila) will be in charge!
Enjoy “Loco Spirits!” late Friday night!

Program title: YOKOHAMA My Choice!
■Broadcast time: Sunday 9:30-10:00
■DJ: Yurie Imai
[Image 11:×3900.jpg] Yurie Imai
A 30-minute program that will show you the current state of Yokohama from various angles such as tourism, culture, events, and people. From April, Yurie Imai will be in charge! I want to go, focusing on seasonal topics! I want to live there! ! We will introduce various aspects of Yokohama that are full of charm.

FM Yokohama
[Image 12:×1929.jpg] FM Yokohama is an FM radio station in Kanagawa Prefecture. The frequency is 84.7MHz, and you can listen throughout the Kanto region. Listen on radiko (!/live/YFM) from your computer or smartphone.
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