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GMO Internet Group GMO TECH begins supporting USEN FB Innovation in utilizing AI with MEO tools

GMO Internet Group
GMO TECH begins supporting USEN FB Innovation with AI utilization with MEO tools Supporting the growth and development of web customer attraction in the restaurant industry
GMO TECH, Inc. (Representative Director, President and CEO: Akito Suzuki; hereinafter referred to as GMO TECH), which operates online customer attraction services in the GMO Internet Group, is a subsidiary of USEN FB, Inc., which operates a comprehensive support business for restaurants in the USEN-NEXT GROUP. From April 1, 2024 (Monday), we will begin supporting Innovation (President: Kenmitsu Takagi; hereinafter referred to as UFBI) with measures and operational management using AI.
GMO TECH and UFBI have been collaborating for some time with the aim of supporting the growth and development of online customer attraction in the restaurant industry, and UFBI provides restaurants with the MEO ranking measurement and management tool “MEO Dashboard by GMO.” GMO TECH has begun supporting UFBI so that restaurants can utilize the tool’s “AI operational assistant function” to attract customers more effectively.
GMO TECH will continue to respond to various requests, not only from restaurants but also from those who operate stores, with a focus on attracting customers.
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[About initiatives]
■Policy and operational management using integrated management tools centered on MEO and SNS
“MEO Dashboard byGMO” provided by GMO TECH is a comprehensive MEO management tool that is equipped with all the functions necessary for operating a Google Business Profile (GBP). Many customers utilize this service as it effectively and efficiently contributes to improving the effectiveness of store visits through measures to rank higher in Google Maps searches. Furthermore, you can update SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and LINE all at once. UFBI provides comprehensive support for restaurants, mainly through the provision of the gourmet site “Hitosara”, and has supported many restaurant customers.
By supporting UFBI, GMO TECH will be able to provide optimal GBP operations to more restaurants, responding to inbound demand, which has been increasing in recent years, and efficiently attracting customers to stores. It will come true.
■Policy and operational management using AI
In February 2024, GMO TECH started providing the “AI operation assistant function” in “MEO Dashboard by GMO”. GMO TECH’s proprietary analysis and diagnosis algorithm using AI will diagnose the
operational status of GBP, and based on the results, we will provide advice on improvement proposals for GBP operation.
From this April, GMO TECH will begin supporting UFBI to help restaurants utilize the “AI operational assistant function.” GMO TECH will continue to collaborate with various media and services, and by utilizing “MEO Dashboard by GMO” store management operations will be centrally managed.Furthermore, by utilizing AI, store management operations will be managed by minimizing operational resources. In order to maximize customer attraction, we aim to create a world view that can be completed with just “MEO Dashboard by GMO”. [Service provided]
■“MEO Dashboard byGMO” (URL: The MEO ranking measurement management tool “MEO Dashboard by GMO” allows you to obtain the ranking of your company and competitors for each search location of a search keyword, analyze multi-point rankings within a trade area, and perform structured markup of store web pages through system integration with one tag. Equipped with a variety of functions such as cross-analysis that combines data obtained from the GBP Insight function with rankings and GA data, it contributes to improving work efficiency and store visit effectiveness regarding MEO measures.
■“AI operations assistant function” (URL: The “AI operation assistant function” uses AI to perform “basic store information”, “post events and latest announcements”, “post photos”, “reply to reviews”, etc. of GBP registered in “MEO Dashboard by GMO”. Analyze and evaluate using Based on this evaluation, we will immediately provide advice to improve GBP operations. Advice is not only displayed on “MEO Dashboard by GMO”, but can also be output as data in a PDF file, which can be used to attract and operate stores. Especially for those who have little experience in GBP operation, or those who are unable to utilize GBP effectively and are worried about the operation policy, by using the “AI operation assistant function”, you can set GBP settings, post content, post photos, etc. can be improved.
[About USEN FB Innovation Co., Ltd.]
UFBI ranges from ordering solutions such as “USEN SelfOrder TAB”, which is USEN-NEXT GROUP’s DX product, to “SAVOR JAPAN”, a media specializing in attracting inbound customers, and “USEN PAY”, which also supports inbound payments. With a rich lineup of products, we help restaurants solve problems and create value, leading to the development of the restaurant business.
Additionally, in addition to the existing group services, we also sell services for external restaurants, providing comprehensive support for the issues faced by restaurants.
[About GMO TECH, Inc.]
GMO TECH has developed its own services using the latest technology and supports customer acquisition through internet advertising, MEO, and SEO. In addition, we are promoting the Internet customer attraction business using a multifaceted approach, such as “GMO SmaAD,” an advertising distribution service for smartphone apps developed by the company, and “GMO SmaAFFi,” a performance-based affiliate service for the web.
Common to all of our businesses, GMO TECH is also focusing on developing new services and new functions that utilize AI.We aim to become the “No. 1 group that creates the future with AI” and are working to develop our business by attracting customers. I will continue to contribute.
that’s all
[Inquiries regarding services]
●GMO TECH Co., Ltd.
Product Marketing Headquarters Sales Department
TEL: 03-5489-6374 (direct)
FAX: 03-5489-6371
[USEN FB Innovation Co., Ltd.] (URL: Company name: USEN FB Innovation Co., Ltd.
Address: Meguro Central Square, 3-1-1 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kenmitsu Takagi, President and Representative Director Business content: Comprehensive support business for restaurants ・Cost reduction consulting
・DX promotion consulting
・Customer attraction support consulting
・Pay & Owned Support Consulting
・Out-of-store revenue consulting
Capital: 5 million yen
[GMO TECH, Inc.] (URL:
Company name: GMO TECH, Inc. (TSE Growth Market, stock code 6026) Address: Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Akito Suzuki, Representative Director, President and CEO Business content: Creating the future with AI
1. Internet customer attraction business
2. Web marketing DX business
3. SaaS DX business
4. Internet media business
5. General Internet business including the above
Capital: 100 million yen
[GMO Internet Group, Inc.] (URL:
Company name: GMO Internet Group, Inc. (TSE Prime Market, stock code 9449) Address: Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director and Group Representative: Masatoshi Kumagai
Business details ■Internet infrastructure business
■Internet advertising/media business
■Internet financial business
     ■Crypto asset business
Capital: 5 billion yen
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