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Home » Men’s Eminal Clinic Survey on Dermapen It has been revealed that approximately 80% of people are satisfied with the treatment! What effect did it have?

Men’s Eminal Clinic Survey on Dermapen It has been revealed that approximately 80% of people are satisfied with the treatment! What effect did it have?

Men’s Eminal Clinic
[Survey on Dermapen] Approximately 80% were found to be satisfied with the treatment! What effect did it have?
Men’s eminals for beautiful skin for men
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Do you know about the treatment method called “Dermapen”? Dermapen is a type of beauty treatment that uses a needle thinner than a hair to create small holes on the surface of the skin, and uses the natural healing power of the skin to lead to beautiful skin.
Specific effects can be expected to improve acne scars, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, and dullness. Dermapen is effective regardless of gender, so in recent years it has become popular among men as well. For those who have actually received Dermapen treatment, how effective and satisfied are they with the treatment? Therefore, this time, Men’s Eminal (, which handles Dermapen treatment, is targeting men in their 20s and 30s who have experience with Dermapen treatment. We conducted a survey on “.
What led to Dermapen treatment?
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First, when we asked the question, “Please tell us the reason and purpose for receiving Dermapen treatment (you can answer up to the top three),” the most common answer was “improvement of acne scars (57.2%),” followed by ” This was followed by “Improvement of dry skin (39.0%)” and “Improvement of darkened pores (31.7%).” It appears that many people undergo Dermapen treatment in hopes of improving acne scars. ■What made you start Dermapen treatment?・I was referred by a clinic where I received hair removal (20s/Kumamoto prefecture/office worker) ・I was introduced by a dermatologist I went to for acne treatment (30s/Hokkaido/office worker) ・An acquaintance of mine had acne scars I received Dermapen treatment because I heard that my friend’s dry skin had improved with Dermapen (30s, Hokkaido, company employee) I received Dermapen treatment through introductions and word of mouth. It seems that there are many people who have been supported by this.
About the number and budget of Dermapen treatment
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When asked, “How many times have you received Dermapen treatment so far?”, the most common answer was “3 to 4 times (41.1%),” followed by “1 to 2 times (33.7%).” This was followed by “5 to 8 times (18.2%)”. It seems that many people have received Dermapen treatment multiple times. Next, when asked, “How many times have you had Dermapen treatment per year? (approximate average),” most people answered “1 to 2 times (40.0%),” followed by This was followed by “3 to 4 times (39.1%)” and “5 to 8 times (14.4%).” It has been shown that patients are more likely to receive treatment several months apart, rather than receiving it frequently.
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When asked, “How much did Dermapen treatment cost per treatment? (approximate cost including anesthesia fee, etc.)”, the answer was “10,000 yen to less than 15,000 yen”. 30.7%),” followed by “5,000 yen to less than 10,000 yen (20.4%)” and “15,000 yen to less than 20,000 yen (19.5%).” There were a certain number of people who spent more than 50,000 yen.
What is the effect of Dermapen?
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When asked, “How effective did you feel after your first Dermapen treatment?” the responses were “I felt a very high effect (23.5%)”, “I felt a certain amount of effect (56.6%)”, and “I felt a certain amount of effect (56.6%)”. The responses were “I didn’t feel much of an effect (16.7%)” and “I didn’t feel any effect at all (3.2%).” It has been revealed that approximately 80% of people feel the effects of Dermapen after just one treatment. Dermapen appears to be a treatment with immediate effects. Next, when asked, “What kind of people do you think are suitable for Dermapen treatment?”, most people answered “people with a high sense of beauty (40.7%),” followed by “people with a high sense of beauty.” This was followed by people who have skin concerns due to skin problems (36.6%), and people who are looking for a method that can feel the effects even after just one use (34.5%). Let’s find out more about the actual effects of receiving Dermapen. ■What are the actual effects of Dermapen?・My pores seem to have gotten smaller and my blackheads have disappeared (20s/Saitama prefecture/office worker) ・Immediate results (30s/Saitama
prefecture/office worker) ・I had the treatment because I was concerned about acne scars. My acne has become a little thinner
(30s/Hokkaido/office worker), and the acne I was worried about has become less noticeable, and I can really feel the effects
(30s/Tokyo/manager/executive) I used Dermapen treatment to reduce acne. There seem to be many people who have successfully improved their acne scars.
What is the level of satisfaction with Dermapen treatment?
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When asked, “Please tell us your level of satisfaction with your Dermapen treatment (regardless of the number of treatments),” the most common responses were “very satisfied (27.4%)” and “somewhat satisfied (53.8%).” This was followed by “not very satisfied (16.8%)” and “very dissatisfied (2.0%).” It was revealed that over 80% of patients were satisfied with Dermapen treatment. Finally, when asked, “What do you want from future Dermapen treatment?”, the most common answer was “a complete plan (40.4%)”, followed by “an environment that is easy for men to receive” (38.1%). %)” and “Low cost (35.8%)” followed. Many people seem to be expecting more plans to choose from. Summary: Dermapen is effective in improving acne and acne scars! This survey revealed that men who received Dermapen were more likely to suffer from improved acne scars, dry skin, and darkened pores. The maximum number of treatments per year was 1 to 2 times, indicating that it is a treatment that can be effective even if it is not performed frequently.
It was also shown that approximately 80% of patients felt an effect after the first Dermapen treatment, and more than 80% were satisfied with the treatment.
In particular, many people were successful in improving their acne scars, indicating that Dermapen is an effective treatment for acne and acne scars.
Regarding people who are suitable for Dermapen treatment, the most common answer was people with a high sense of beauty. This suggests that it is a treatment chosen by people who want to improve their skin, even if it means spending money and time. If you are suffering from acne, acne-prone skin, or dry skin, why not come to our clinic for a free consultation?
If you are aiming for beautiful skin, try Men’s Derma Pen 4! mens eminal
[Image 7:×434.jpg] In January 2021, men’s specialty medical hair removal “Men’s Eminal” ( 31073) opened.
We have many nurses who have gained experience at Eminal Clinic and are skilled in hair removal treatment techniques, and we currently have over 55 clinics nationwide.
In addition to medical hair removal services, Men’s Eminal also offers Dermapen ( treatments.
Dermapen is expected to improve skin concerns such as acne scars, enlarged pores, and fine wrinkles, and is said to be an anti-aging treatment with short downtime.
■What is Dermapen 4?
[Image 8:×262.jpg] Dermapen is a treatment that uses ultra-fine needles that are even thinner than a hair to create tiny holes on the skin’s surface, allowing the skin’s natural healing power to work, leading to beautiful skin.
■Reasons for choosing Men’s Eminal
POINT1: Price setting including anesthesia
Dermapen treatment involves topical anesthesia of the skin.
At Men’s Eminal, in order to make it easier to understand the total treatment cost, we set our prices to include anesthesia and aftercare. Please be assured that there will be no additional charges on the day. POINT 2: Propose drugs tailored to each individual
At Men’s Eminal, we propose dermapen treatments according to the patient’s skin condition and goals.
We will propose the optimal treatment plan through careful counseling for those who are concerned about dry skin, dullness, and roughness, as well as those who are concerned about acne, pigmentation, and rough skin.
POINT 3: Enhanced aftercare: Free sedation pack and serum after treatment At our clinic, we provide careful aftercare to reduce downtime. \For firm, shiny and white skin/
Additional options: Bright light
“Bright Light” is a beauty serum exclusively for Dermapen that can be expected to prevent and improve stains and pigmentation.
You can aim for further beauty effects by combining it with other drugs. We offer free counseling at the Men’s Clinic.
If you are considering or interested in Dermapen, please contact us! ■Fees
・Derma Pen 4 (Hyla Active)
1 time: 19,000 yen (tax included) 5 times: 82,000 yen (tax included) ・Dermapen 4x Growth Factor (Rejuvenating)
1 time: 28,000 yen (tax included) 5 times: 130,000 yen (tax included) ・Velvet skin (hyla active + massage peel)
1 time: 24,000 yen (tax included) 5 times: 110,000 yen (tax included) Additional options
・Bright light
Once: 5,000 yen
*Can be added to all courses.
*All prices include tax.
■Detailed information about the treatment
Treatment time: Approximately 60 minutes
Anesthesia: Use numbing cream (free) to reduce pain (15 minutes) Precautions after treatment:
Do not put on makeup, wash your face, or take a bath for 12 hours after the treatment. Skin care such as moisturizing is also not allowed.
Avoid sunburn for two weeks after surgery.
Avoid drinking and exercising as much as possible on the day after surgery. Keep the treated area as clean as possible to prevent infection. Risks/side effects: Redness or bleeding may occur on the skin depending on the length of the needle.
In addition, redness, internal bleeding, swelling, and tingling may occur after the procedure, but in most cases, this will disappear within a few days, or at most a few weeks.
Number of treatments: Approximately 5 times per month is recommended, depending on the symptoms and purpose.
*This is a free medical treatment not covered by insurance.
■Reservation process
STEP1: Counseling reservation
You can make an appointment for counseling online or by phone. STEP 2: Counseling
We will propose the optimal plan according to the patient’s concerns and goals. STEP 3: Doctor’s interview
Please feel free to consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. STEP 4: First treatment reservation
We will explain how to reserve your first treatment.
You can use our convenient online reservation system. ■Men’s medical hair removal clinic “Men’s Eminal”: ■Official Instagram:
Survey overview: “Survey on Dermapen” [Survey period] March 8, 2024 (Friday) to March 9, 2024 (Saturday) [Survey method] Internet survey using the survey PR “PRIZMA” provided by Link and Partners [ Number of people surveyed: 1,010 people [Survey target] Men in their 20s to 30s who have experience with Dermapen treatment [Survey source] Men’s Eminal Clinic ( [Monitor provider] General Research
*This survey was not conducted among people who attended Men’s Eminal Clinic or the doctors and nurses working there.
The plans, prices, treatment contents, and effects may differ from Men’s Eminal Clinic. [For use in articles, etc.] When quoting the contents of this press release, please comply with the following. – Indicate that the source of the quotation is “General Research Survey” or “Men’s Eminal” – If using on a website, please include the link below as the source.
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