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Home » 4/9 New release! Three new healthy craft gins are now available from craft gin SiCX Kyoto Distillery.

4/9 New release! Three new healthy craft gins are now available from craft gin SiCX Kyoto Distillery.

FEC Co., Ltd.
4/9 New release! Three new healthy craft gins are now available from craft gin SiCX Kyoto Distillery.
FEC Co., Ltd. (located in Mokuro-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Ryo Maeda) will launch a new type of healthy craft gin that aims to combine deliciousness and health in stores and on the official website from Tuesday, April 9, 2024. We will sell it.
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The answer given by SiCX, a gin specialty store that hit rock bottom during the coronavirus pandemic
In January 2020, we at SiCX (Six) opened a gin specialty store “SiCX Tokyo” in Ikejiri Ohashi due to our love of gin.
However, shortly after opening, the coronavirus spread and business was suspended.
“What should I do from now on?”
“As someone involved in gin, what can I do for the world?”
There were days when I was lost on the streets.
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At times like these, we return to the origins of gin, which supported people’s health as a medicine in the 16th century Netherlands. Is it possible to contribute to people’s health and immunity through gin? I want to make healthy gin that is delicious and gentle on the body. SiCX Kyoto Distillery was born from this idea.
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We, SiCX Kyoto Distillery, will be releasing three new types of healthy gin.
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Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥3,618 (excluding tax) Alcohol content: 45% Contents: 500ml
It will be sold on the web (, SiCX stores, liquor stores nationwide, and
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SiCX Kyoto Citric Acid LEMON CITRIC ACID GIN Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥3,618- Alc./Vol. 45%/500ml
“Healthy lemon sour that makes your body happy”
Anyway, I want to bring my body closer to alkalinity. This is what was born from that idea. “Citric acid eliminates the need for a doctor” For modern people, oxidation of the body due to poor lifestyle habits is a major enemy. We hope that citric acid can help to smooth the blood, prevent diabetes, strengthen blood vessels, improve body odor, and improve skin roughness, as well as eliminate the causes of all modern diseases. Quick and extremely refreshing! Try replacing the sugary lemon chuhai that accompanied your meal. The next morning you will feel refreshed and refreshed, and your performance at work and play will be high.
Refreshing lemon sour gin. Anti acidifying is a key to keep body heathy. The citric acid helps anti aging, blood cleansing, hundreds of benefits to keep your body healthy. Very refreshing sour lemon flavor that goes really well with the tonic. Gin & tonic is the only way to go with this gin I must say. Try replacing the sugary lemon CHU HAI with this. You definitely feel the difference next morning. Waking up fully refreshed.
Plaque lemon Guinea pepper Cardamom Clope Cinnamon Coriander seed Shrinking sand Pink pepper Ethiopian cardamom Citric acid Juniper perry Pesticide-free mugwort Kubepebber Lemon peel orange beer Lemon verbena Flower pepper Sandalwood
Black lemon Guinea pepper Cardamom Cloves Cinnamon Coriander seed Amomum Seed Pink pepper Ethiopian cardamom Citric acid Juniper berry Pesticide-free mugwort Cubeb pepper
Lemon peel Orange peel Lemon verbena Chinese pepper Sandalwood
[Image 6:×841.png ]
SiCX Kyoto SPICE MAGIC GIN Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥3,618- Alc./Vol. 45%/500ml
Focusing on the various health effects that Subaisu brings. Consists of only 27 types of spices so that you can experience spices directly. A top note that gives you a citrus flavor that goes beyond your imagination, making you wonder if there’s really no fruit in it. Classify spices into five groups based on their characteristics. They are distilled separately at the appropriate temperature to maximize their characteristics, and then blended at the end. A very
labor-intensive piece.
Our “Spice magic” contains 27 spices to create spicy but elegant flavor. First you feel citrus lemon flavor and then the spicy body part comes after. The process of making this gin has various steps. First we classify the spice into 5 groups. Then distill them separately at the proper temperature for the best extraction. Final part we blend them into a bottle
Juniver Berry Plaque Lemon Guinea Pebber Cardamom Clove Cinnamon Coriander Seed Shrink Sand Pink Pepper Ethiopian Cardamom Timur Pepper Batak Pepper Tasmanian Bepper Timid’s Pepper Bar Pena Pepper Qubep Pepper Star Anise Cumin Dolce Chocolada Japanese Pepper Pepper Chipotle Bepper Galangal Cielo Pepper Viciperiferri Pepper Red Rock Bepper None Pesticide mugwort
Juniper berry Black lemon Guinea pepper Cardamom Cloves Cinnamon Coriander seed Amomum Seed Pink peppe『Ethiopian cardamom
Timur pepper Balak pepper Tasmanian pepper Timiz pepper
Verbena pepper Cubeb pepper Star anise Cumin Dolce chocolada Japanese pepper Chinese pepper Chipotle pepper Galanga I Chielo pepper Voatsiperifery pepper Red rock pepper Pesticide-free mugwort
[Image 7:×843.png ]
SiCX Kyoto TROPICAL MANGO GIN Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥3,618- Alc./Vol. 45%/500ml
A book that will make you feel like you’ve taken a trip to a tropical country. On a hot summer day, drinking a chilled glass of gin and tonic through a straw is sure to be a great experience. Even within the tropical potanical composition of ripe mango, pineapple, and kiwi, we were careful to use spices and mugwort to define the flavor. If you have fresh mint grown in your garden, you’re in for a cup of bliss. If you tap it firmly with your hands to pop the mint and pour it into the glass, it will transform into a mango gin mojito with a mellow taste and a fresh green flavor that you won’t get tired of drinking. This gin will trip you to the tropical. Nothing like a freezing ice cold mango gin & tonic on a hot summer day. Main botanical is Mango. Pineapple and Kiwi fruit help a lot to make it refreshing but also added some spice and Yomogi mugwort to sharpen the flavor body. Fresh mints in your back yard would be the best combo for the gin & tonic Botanicals
Juniper Berry Mango Pineapple Kiwi Lemon Barpena Crop Cinnamon Timur Pepper Pesticide-free Mugwort
Juniper berry Mango Pineapple Kiwi fruit Lemon verbena Cloves Cinnamon Timur pepper Pesticide-free mugwort
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥3,618 (excluding tax) Alcohol content: 45% Contents: 500ml
SiCX store
It will be sold at liquor stores nationwide.
[Image 8:×1112.png ]
SiCX Kyoto Distillery
Opening in the world heritage town of Kyoto
Luxury hotels such as HYATT, Four seasons, etc.
A well-located distillery surrounded by Kiyomizu Temple,
Sanjusangendo, and Kyoto Tower
There is a restaurant next door
A one-of-a-kind space where you can enjoy freshly made GIN made next door with your meal.
234 Shimohorizumecho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City
1 minute walk from Shichijo Station 12 minutes walk from JR Kyoto Station 075-708-5855
SiCX Tokyo
Opened as a place where people who don’t know about gin can meet it. During the day, you can enjoy a “healthy lunch” as a cafe. It is popular among highly literate businessmen in their 30s and 40s with a strong cultural background.
I want to contribute to raising the status of gin and the overall market. 3-6-13 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
2 minutes walk from Ikejiri Ohashi Station
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SiCX Kyoto Person in charge: Shibamoto 090-3494-4540 Email: [Contact information for media inquiries regarding this matter] FEC Co., Ltd. 090-5150-6989 Email:
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