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Cryal Co., Ltd. Press Release Clear Group makes steady progress in global expansion

Clear Group makes steady progress in global expansion
Entrusted with asset management operations in Japan by overseas investors ……
CREAL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Daizo Yokota, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, CREAL ASIA Pte Ltd (Location: Singapore, Representative: Wei Tianhao, hereinafter referred to as “CREAL ASIA We would like to inform you that today, in collaboration with ”), we have been entrusted with asset management services for accommodation facilities located in Osaka Prefecture by an overseas investor.
Initiatives for our group’s global expansion
As shown in “Our Group’s Achievements in Singapore” below, our company has continued to engage in real estate investment in Japan from Singapore since 2018. In order to further strengthen this initiative, we will establish CREAL ASIA locally in Singapore in November 2023 as a hub for global expansion based in Asia.
This transaction is the first project we have received since the establishment of CREAL ASIA in an effort to build relationships with new overseas investors, and it shows the steady progress of our group’s global expansion. I’m here. As foreign investors’ real estate investment needs in Japan remain steady, our group continues to pursue its mission of “changing real estate investment and changing society” while seizing global business opportunities, both domestically and internationally. We will continue to expand this.
CREAL ASIA Company Profile
Company name: CREAL ASIA Pte Ltd
Head Office: 10 Anson Road #05-01 Singapore 079903
Establishment date: November 10, 2023
Representative: Wei Tien-Hao
Capital: SGD 400,000
Business content: Real estate related business, asset management business Our group’s performance in Singapore (as of November 10, 2023)
[Image 1:×1864.png ]
Our group’s strategic development in Singapore
[Image 2:×1662.png ]
About Clear Co., Ltd.
Based on our mission of “changing real estate investment, changing society,” we offer three services that meet a wide range of investment needs.
1. Real estate fund online market “CREAL”
2. Real estate investment management service for individuals “CREAL PB” 3. CREAL PRO, an asset management service for institutional investors and ultra-high-net-worth individuals
“CREAL” is an online real estate fund market where you can invest online from 10,000 yen. We utilize crowdfunding technology to provide investment opportunities in a variety of real estate properties, such as single-family residences, daycare centers, hotels, offices, stores, and logistics facilities, which were previously difficult for individuals to obtain. Masu. “CREAL PB” is a real estate investment management service for individuals that allows them to invest in real estate from the 10 million yen level using loans, with the aim of medium- to long-term asset formation with medium-risk and
medium-return. We also support individual investors who have learned real estate investment through CREAL to step up to the plate and aim for even greater returns. “CREAL PRO” is a real estate investment management service for institutional investors and
ultra-high-net-worth individuals that can be used starting from 100 million yen. We are also creating synergies with CREAL, such as real estate properties managed by CREAL worth several hundred million yen each, sold in bulk to CREAL PRO customers, and then entrusted with asset management services.
Company Profile
Company name: Clear Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 8th floor, Shinbashi 27MT Building, 2-12-11 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Group General Reception)
Established: May 11, 2011
Representative: Representative Director and President Daizo Yokota Capital: 1,244,683,650 yen (as of the end of December 2023)
Business content: Real estate fund online market/Real estate investment management services for individuals/Real estate fund management services for institutional investors and
ultra-high-net-worth individuals
License, etc.: Real estate specified joint venture License number: Governor of Tokyo No. 112/Financial instruments business (Type 2 financial instruments business, investment advisory/agency business) Registration number: Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 2898/Real estate lots and buildings Transaction Business License Number: Governor of Tokyo (2) No. 100911
Listing market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market (Securities code: 2998) More details about this release: