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Home » Sun Broadband Co., Ltd. Food stylist Maron purchased 1 ton of milk. First part of the “Let’s all drink milk deliciously! Project” – Donated 600 kg of milk and recipes using milk to a children’s cafeteria.

Sun Broadband Co., Ltd. Food stylist Maron purchased 1 ton of milk. First part of the “Let’s all drink milk deliciously! Project” – Donated 600 kg of milk and recipes using milk to a children’s cafeteria.

Sun Broadband Co., Ltd.
Maron, a food stylist, purchased 1 ton of milk and donated 600 kg of milk and recipes using milk to a children’s cafeteria, the first part of the “Let’s all drink milk deliciously! Project”
Did you know that dairy farmers and children are in trouble during spring break when school lunches are no longer available?
Sun Broadband Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, Representative Director: Noriyuki Kanno, hereinafter referred to as Sun Broadband), which supports customers’ businesses by promoting IT and BPO, is the first of the “Let’s all drink milk deliciously! Project” As a campaign, Maron, a food stylist who works for the company, purchased 1 ton of milk and distributed some of the 600 kg of milk to children’s cafeterias and restaurants through the Saitama City Children’s Cafeteria Network (Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative: Kaori Honma) during the spring break when milk consumption is down. Donated to local families.
[Image 1:×1439.jpg] Spring break is a time when leftover milk gets thrown away and children lack nutrition.
Currently, in Japan, the supply and demand balance of milk has collapsed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the situation continues to be difficult for dairy farmers. Especially in early spring, when there is no school lunch and consumption decreases, cows’ raw milk production increases due to comfortable temperatures, which eases the supply and demand situation for raw milk (there is a surplus of milk). The history of milk has been filled with cycles of “surplus and shortage of raw milk,” but currently we are in a state of
“surplus,” with people having to dispose of the milk they produce, or going out of business due to lack of stable income. More and more dairy farmers are choosing to do so.
Additionally, there are reports that children lack nutrition during long holidays without school lunches, especially calcium, and this is thought to be due to the lack of milk intake*1.
Spring break is a long holiday, and children do not drink milk every day, so they are not getting enough nutrition.
Maron (who belongs to our company), who has been active at the forefront of food-related work as Japan’s first food stylist, learned about the situation surrounding milk and dairy farming and nutritional deficiencies in children, and decided to do something about it. “Let’s all drink milk deliciously! Project”
Maron is also participating in the “Milk Smile Project” launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the general incorporated association J Milk. So far, we have held events such as speaking at a symposium at the invitation of the Children’s Cafeteria Support Organization, and cooking and eating meals using milk with children. This time, we once again considered the two issues together, and in order to create an opportunity to think about these issues and possibly help solve them, we purchased 1 ton of milk and provided it to children on spring break through Kodomo Shokudo.
If you like milk, you can gulp it down as is, but even if you don’t like milk, you can enjoy it deliciously with milk dishes!
On Wednesday, March 27, 2024, we delivered the first 600 kg of the 1 ton of milk we purchased to the base of the Saitama City Children’s Shokudo Network. At this base, we directly distribute supplies not only to children’s cafeteria operators, but also to families in the area who request them, so we were able to directly hand them out to children who love milk. We also provide three recipes for marron that use milk, so that you can not only drink it as is but also incorporate milk into your daily menu.
“My child loves milk and drinks a lot of milk every day, so I’m very happy,” said the mother, while the child happily held her in her arms and said, “He can drink a lot!” One father took the recipe home and said, “I would love to try making some of the recipes,” and it was an opportunity for me to realize once again that milk is a food that is firmly rooted in our daily lives.
-Maron’s milk recipe-
Recipes are also available on the web! (You can also view it from the QR code) stew chicken and vegetables
[Image 2:×113.jpg]
[Image 3:×288.png ]
Chicken and vegetable stew QR
carbonara soup pasta
[Image 4:×107.png ]
[Image 5:×288.png ]
carbonara soup pasta
milk pudding
[Image 6:×270.jpg]
[Image 7:×288.png ]
milk pudding
The milk this time was purchased by SunBroadband from Tomoe Dairy Co., Ltd., a dairy manufacturer in Ibaraki Prefecture, through the Children’s Cafeteria Support Organization, and was shipped directly from Tomoe Dairy Co., Ltd.
Why are IT companies involved in food?
Sun Broadband Co., Ltd. is a so-called IT company, but we have long considered food to be central and essential to human life, and have been working on food-related initiatives. At our office in Akihabara, Tokyo, we have a studio called “DIGITAL KITCHEN”*2, which is equipped with a high-end system kitchen and filming and distribution equipment. We have launched a new food value creation project. Furthermore, as part of our group company Sunseed Co., Ltd., we are collaborating with companies in Kumamoto as part of food loss reduction and regional revitalization, and are operating a “kitchen car” to promote local production, local consumption, and local employment, and to produce products such as curry and hash sauce. We operate an online store that sells retort food.
▶︎La popote online store
The second event will be held during Milk Day on June 1st and Milk Month in June!
Maron’s “Let’s all drink a ton of milk deliciously! Project” is planning to hold a second event during Milk Month in June. We are also considering collaborations with companies participating in the “Milk Smile Project” and are planning new ways to enjoy milk deliciously with Marron dishes.
*1 Source
Keiko Asakura and Satoshi Sasaki. School lunches in Japan: their contribution to healthier nutrient intake among elementary school and junior high-school children. Public Health Nutrition 2017; 20(9): 1523-1533
Located in Sun Broadband Co., Ltd.’s Tokyo office (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), this is an event space/studio space equipped with a German-made high-end kitchen, where companies and people can meet with the theme of “food” with an awareness of “beauty, food, and health.” A place that functions as a hub that connects people and creates and disseminates new possibilities.
We also have full-fledged photography equipment, which can be used in a variety of ways, including video shooting, distribution, and PR events. TV program recording and filming for “Food Stylist Maron”, which belongs to Sun Broadband, is also held here.
For details about DIGITAL KITCHEN
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[Image 9:×259.jpg] ■About Sun Broadband Co., Ltd.
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