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Home » “Kamijin -kaminchu-”, an EC specializing in analog games that can be easily enjoyed, opens on April 1st

“Kamijin -kaminchu-”, an EC specializing in analog games that can be easily enjoyed, opens on April 1st

“Kamijin -kaminchu-”, an EC specializing in analog games that can be easily enjoyed, opens on April 1st

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Press release: March 29, 2024
“Kamijin -kaminchu-”, an EC specializing in analog games that can be easily enjoyed, opens on April 1st
*Paper games are made to order and delivered quickly. *
Daiei Kogyo Co., Ltd., which has been in the printing business in Koryo Town, Nara Prefecture for over 70 years since its establishment, has created Kaminchu, an original paper game sales site that utilizes the paper product production technology and know-how it has
cultivated. will open on April 1st. *

Traditionally, new games have been difficult to mass-produce due to the risks faced by the company, and the selling price has tended to be high. Kaminchu uses a quick-to-order production system to reduce the costs required for printing, thereby achieving a selling price that is easy to enjoy even though it is a new game, and quick supply. Furthermore, since there is no inventory risk, it is an innovative analog game shop that theoretically allows creators to post unlimited new game ideas as products. *

* ■Official website [URL] * **

* ■Opening commemorative campaign (April 1st to 30th, 2024)* * During the period, we plan to run a campaign where 100 people who follow and retweet will be randomly selected to receive one of their favorite games. *
*We want to deliver the tactile communication that analog games can provide to a society that is tired of the internet*
Reference source: Tier Co., Ltd.
Reference source: Biz Hits Co., Ltd.
In recent years, technology has been advancing at a dizzying pace, and while it is predicted that the digitalization of society will accelerate even further in the future, attention is also being paid to the shadow side that is often overlooked. New stress factors that have been created in this evolving era, such as “SNS fatigue,”
“smartphone fatigue,” and “decreased communication skills,” are issues that cannot be overlooked.
Paper, which we at Daiei Kogyo has been dealing with for a long time, was put into practical use in China around 105 AD, and has been used as a recording medium and a means of communication for a long time along with human civilization. there is. That’s why paper, which can be touched and passed from person to person, can be said to be a tool that gives a sense of familiarity and warmth to communication between people. Therefore, we turned our attention to the dark side of a society that only pursues convenience, and decided to produce and sell paper games to help people enjoy tactile recreation.

*Reducing the cost of the traditional print inventory type and moving to a make-to-order manufacturing method*
Sheet-fed printing image
* ■Printing method for conventional paper games *
The conventional printing method for card games, etc. uses a method called offset printing, which involves various conditions and costs before the product is finished, such as wooden molds, production line wages, surface treatment fees, paper lots, etc. It was on. Naturally, in order to recover these costs, it was necessary to either pass them on to prices and increase the selling price, or to mass produce and stock a certain number of products.
On-demand printing machine image
* ■Kaminchu’s quick-to-order production system*
At Caminchu, we use on-demand printing equipment that has
significantly improved quality due to recent advances in technology, which cuts most of the expenses such as wooden molds and surface processing, and simplifies the production line to reduce manufacturing costs and increase inventory. I lost my sexuality. As a result, offset printing
Although the quality is slightly inferior compared to , we are able to reduce manufacturing costs by making to order, and are now able to deliver the communication tools we envision at affordable selling prices.
It also functions as a select shop. Introducing products discovered from a unique perspective
In the analog game industry, games are devised and sold by both corporations and individuals. As part of our commitment to valuing connections with our active members, we also handle, introduce, and sell products that we have independently selected in addition to our own products.

The Hyena Hero Wants to Skip (ROCK AND GAMES)
Enryo’s mass (EMPLAY)
*Products scheduled for sale and future prospects -Communication first-* We believe that selling analog games that involve direct interaction between people only through online sales sites is a very sensitive issue, and we must be careful about this. Taking advantage of the characteristics of made-to-order manufacturing, we of course incorporate feedback received from customers into better products, but we also exhibit and hold various events as much as possible, valuing direct connections. We will continue to build a community.

* ■About products scheduled for sale (representative examples) * Queen’s crown (kaminchu)
SPEQ (kaminchu)
Polar bear factory (kaminchu)
Animal room (kaminchu)

    7 other original works * 11 pieces in total*

* ■About new product announcement schedule *

* Scheduled to be updated irregularly as new works are created, with an annual goal of 6 to 10 pieces *

* History of opening an analog game shop – Comments from staff who are amateurs in the industry – *

Traditionally, our company’s business revolves around subcontracting, so no matter how hard we try, the main player is the client. For better or for worse, I had no choice but to be passive. In particular, the recent surge in raw material prices due to the effects of the coronavirus and conflicts have directly impacted our corporate profits. Furthermore, as we had been doing business mainly through subcontracting for many years, we had very few products that we could call our own, so we were left with no options.
As long as we continue our corporate activities under such
circumstances, we cannot just sit back and wait for death, so it was inevitable that we started to talk about the possibility of expanding our business by utilizing our own infrastructure. I think so. In 2023, when the coronavirus pandemic has started to calm down a little, we visited the game market looking for business tips and were overwhelmed by the vibrancy of the venue. In particular, not only companies but also individuals were creating and exhibiting games with great enthusiasm, just like at Comiket, and being exposed to this community full of love for analog games, I decided to participate even though I was an amateur in the industry. It was decided to harden. As we have no experience in developing our own products, we are still trying to figure out everything from ideas to presentation,
manufacturing, and sales methods, but we will continue to move forward with our business with honesty and integrity, so please support us. Please. (Product planning staff)

* About Daiei Kogyo Co., Ltd. *
Daiei Kogyo Co., Ltd. Exterior of the office
* 【Company Profile】*
Company name: Daiei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Location: 270-1 Miyoshi, Koryo-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun, Nara Prefecture Representative: Yoshihiko Okada
Business content: Textile-related/printing and packaging material manufacturing Established: September 9, 1950
Business details: Manufacture of packaging materials for textile products such as underwear and socks.
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