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SoWiLL Co., Ltd. SoWiLL representative Ryo Hayakawa will hold a lecture for companies at HIOKI Group!

SoWiLL Co., Ltd.
SoWiLL representative Ryo Hayakawa will hold a lecture for companies at HIOKI Group!
Ryo Hayakawa, who has experience working with companies globally, talks about his methods as HIOKI expands its overseas business. ……
SoWiLL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryo Hayakawa, hereinafter SoWiLL), which operates businesses globally including 0 yen study abroad, is a subsidiary of Hioki Electric Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Oka). I would like to report that I gave a lecture on overseas business development for Takahiro Sawa (hereinafter referred to as HIOKI).
SoWiLL representative Ryo Hayakawa would like to report that a new lecture for companies was held at the HIOKI Group.
The content of this unique lecture was fully utilized to fulfill the mission of expanding overseas business as companies become globalized, making full use of their past experience in overseas business.
[Image 1:×600.jpg] ◆Previous lectures and training results
To date, Representative Hayakawa has given lectures and training to over 4,000 people and over 80 companies, including a lecture at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building that attracted 400 people. (Lecture, training destination)
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism/Tsuru University of Literature
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University/Asia University
Zero High School/Junkdo Naha store
Japan Call Center Association
Accenture Co., Ltd./Shunkodo Shoten
Kakamigahara City Sohara Junior High School/SBG
Fujinaga Co., Ltd./
Feeling Good Co., Ltd.
Sendai Junior Chamber Public Interest Incorporated Association General Incorporated Association WAOJE
philippines forum
Iki City/Uwajima City
◆Ryo Hayakawa’s career as director of various overseas organizations 1.EO-Entrepreneurs’ Organization- Okinawa
International Director, Mentorship Director
It is an organization exclusively for business owners with annual sales of 100 million yen or more, consisting of 198 branches in 61 countries and over 16,000 members worldwide.
Hayakawa became a director in 2022 with the opening of the Okinawa branch. 2.WAOJE Director
A management organization consisting only of Japanese entrepreneurs who are active overseas.
In 2021, he was appointed as the branch manager of the Cebu branch, and then in 2023, he was appointed as the director of the
3. Director of Cebu Japanese Association
An association founded in 1982 by Japanese people living in Cebu Island. It is made up of approximately 300 Japanese people,
In 2020, I was appointed as a director.
◆Introduction to Ryo Hayakawa’s overseas related projects
1. Operating an English study abroad school for Japanese students 2. Operating a Japanese language school for Filipinos
In addition to 0 yen study abroad in Cebu Island and Vietnam and the management of Japanese schools, he has run school management and educational projects overseas and in various parts of Japan, and has cultivated a large number of global human resources while managing his own company globally. I did.
◆Ryo Hayakawa’s connections with overseas countries, seen in numbers
[Image 2:×562.jpg]
[Image 3:×1360.jpg] ◆Contents of this lecture
1. Why is a global work style required now?
2. How can I work abroad with zero English proficiency?
How have you been managing foreign staff?
3. Global standards of the world that 90% of Japanese people do not know about 4. Even beginners can put it into practice right away! Super easy English communication techniques
5. Is this strange? ! Common sense in Japan is common sense in the world 6. Words can change the world! Strongest words for global human resources
[Image 4:×606.jpg] ◆Introducing the HIOKI Group
Since its founding in 1935, HIOKI has been engaged in the development, production, sales, and service of electrical measuring instruments, and has aimed to continue contributing to the development of customers and society through electrical measurement solutions.
Our corporate philosophy is “respect for humanity” and “contribution to society.”
◆Background of why the HIOKI Group requested this lecture
[Image 5:×606.jpg] Thanks to advancements in IT technology, the Internet has become widespread, and people, things, and companies around the world are now connected.
In today’s world, where it is easy to contact overseas business partners through the Internet, borderless corporate activities have become possible, and it is now possible to easily contact overseas business partners.
Because of the ease of contact with overseas countries, it has become easier to expand overseas than before. The Internet allows you to contact businesses all over the world, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly visits overseas.
The advantage of being able to search for business partners from all over the world that match your wishes has made it possible for corporate activities to be borderless, and it is believed that globalization will further expand as a result of this.
The following thoughts were behind this request for a lecture. The HIOKI Group is steadily increasing its overseas bases and more than 60% of its sales come from overseas markets!
In order to further expand our business, we would like to expand our overseas business! That’s what I thought.
So, we would like to hear from Ryo Hayakawa, who crossed the ocean with zero English proficiency and launched numerous overseas businesses, to learn the secret to becoming a global talent from zero English proficiency! I received an offer based on this earnest desire. We will continue to strive to provide lectures and corporate training for companies in order to produce more global human resources from Japan.
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