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Home » Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Higashino and Yamasato roar! “Input from Higashino Yamasato” to learn about Japa n’s oldest book “Kojiki” which is unknown

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Higashino and Yamasato roar! “Input from Higashino Yamasato” to learn about Japa n’s oldest book “Kojiki” which is unknown

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Higashino and Yamasato groan! “Input from Higashino Yamasato” to learn about Japan’s oldest book “Kojiki” which is unknown
#18 Broadcast from 23:00 on Sunday, March 31st
#18 of BS Yoshimoto’s program “Higashino Yamasato’s Input” (3rd and 4th Sunday of each month from 23:00 *If there are 5 weeks, the 4th and 5th Sunday), in which Koji Higashino and Ryota Yamasato (Nankai Candies) appear, is It will be broadcast on Sunday, March 31st. The next input will be the former prime minister?
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“Higashino Yamasato’s Input” is a content popular among young people by Higashino, who has many regular programs and is also the head of the BS Yoshimoto advertising department, and the popular Yamasato, who is in charge of the MC of the morning information program “DayDay.” This is a program where you can receive “input” from presentations of interesting and unknown entertainment works.
At the opening, Yamasato reveals that he has recently become interested in former Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka. When he mentioned that he learned about Tanaka’s biography, legends, and episodes from a certain book, it was discovered that Higashino had also read the same book. We both laugh and say, “We’re reading the same book!”
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The theme of #18 is Japan’s oldest book, Kojiki. The presenter is Shuji Okuda. Okuda loves urban legends, knows the news, and is knowledgeable. When asked to talk about Kakuei Tanaka, he responded, “Tanaka Kakuei, I’m pretty much there!”, eliciting laughter. Gakutensoku Okuda’s “ambition” is hidden in plain sight!?
Higashino doesn’t know anything about the Kojiki, and says, “I don’t really understand what it’s about.” Okuda explains that the Kojiki records events from the birth of Japan to the 33rd Emperor Suiko. It is divided into the first, middle, and second volumes. The first volume tells the story of the birth of the gods from the beginning of the world, the middle volume tells the story from the first Emperor to the 15th Emperor Ojin, and the second volume tells the story of so-called local administration. I explained that it was a story. It is said that the taste changes depending on the volume. Of course, we not only introduced the content, but also included anecdotes and trivia related to the Kojiki, which wowed the couple.
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After listening to Okuda’s carefully thought-out talk, Higashino and Yamasato praised the ending saying, “It was easy to understand.” When Higashino mentions the name of Hashiyama Maiden, the presenter of #17 and a heavy metal performer, he says, “(Okuda) is more eager to sell than Maiden (who has a passion),” and Yamazato responds, “It feels good.” They used us as a stepping stone,” he says, eliciting laughter.
“Higashino Yamasato no Input” is broadcast every Sunday from 23:00 (including rebroadcasts). On the BS Yoshimoto archive page, you can also watch missed broadcasts for two weeks from the broadcast date. [Program information] Input from Higashino Yamasato
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] Broadcast channel: BS Yoshimoto (BS265ch)
Broadcast date and time: Sunday, March 31st 23:00-23:30
Cast: Koji Higashino, Ryota Yamasato (Nankai Candies)
#18 Presentation comedian: Shuji Okuda (Gakutensoku)
Viewing broadcast:
[TV] BS265ch (free broadcast)
[Smartphone/PC] (free distribution) Program HP:
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