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Home » Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd. B2 Fukuoka | Shake off Ehime’s onslaught and achieves victory

Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd. B2 Fukuoka | Shake off Ehime’s onslaught and achieves victory

Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd.
B2 Fukuoka | Shake off Ehime’s onslaught and achieve victory ……
The match against Ehime, held on Friday, March 29, 2024, was won by a nine-point difference.
We would like to inform you that the result was “Fukuoka 90-81 Ehime” in the [Rising Zephyr Fukuoka vs. Ehime Orange Vikings] held on Friday, March 29, 2024.
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[Match results]
[Fukuoka] 90-81 [Ehime]
1Q 23-11
2Q 28-17
3Q 17-26
4Q 22-27
[Battle review]
In Game 1 away against Ehime, where #12 Captain Kantake was appointed to the starting five for the first time this season, Fukuoka entered the game with a zone defense from the beginning of the game. #14 Gavin scored on the inside, #0 Kodama followed with a layup, and Kantake also lived up to expectations for a start with a 3-point shot. #5 Bryce showed his presence on offensive rebounds and succeeded in converting second chances, while #88 Shigetomi responded with a 3-point shot and got a steal on defense as well, finding an early rhythm.
Fukuoka didn’t let up on their defense, and everyone ran and scored after #34 Pablo’s blocked shot, and they took a 16-32 lead with 7 minutes and 42 seconds left in the second quarter. Ehime requested the first timeout of the first half, but after the timeout, Pablo and #24 Taniguchi extended their lead with three-point shots, and #33 Kato also succeeded in two three-point shots in the first half alone, making the score 28-51 and 23. They scored a point and ended the first half.
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At the start of the second half, Fukuoka’s shot probability from outside corners decreased, but they allowed Ehime’s #4 Phelps to score consecutive points and narrowed the point difference. For Fukuoka, Bryce and Taniguchi continued to score in the paint area, but Ehime’s onslaught continued and they had to be patient.
It seemed like Shigetomi’s speed and Pablo’s diving helped them recover, but while Ehime Phelps’ momentum continued, just like in the first half, Fukuoka’s Bryce showed his presence with offensive rebounds, and #0 Kodama also succeeded in a 3-point shot. This caused Ehime to make turnovers on defense. While Ehime’s #3 Furuno narrowed the point difference with a 3-point shot, Fukuoka established a count play from Pablo’s offensive rebound, and despite a foul game in the final stages, Fukuoka succeeded in making free throws at key points in the first half. They maintained their lead and won by 9 points.
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[Comment from Ramon Lopez Suarez HC]
Today was another difficult game. I think we were able to make very stable baskets in the first half, but Ehime made logical adjustments in their baskets, Furuno played with high quality, and Phelps also increased his points.
I think the key point was that we were aggressive with our shots. However, I feel that Fukuoka was in control throughout the game. There were many scenes where we conceded points due to turnovers, but I think the most important thing is that Fukuoka was able to win today’s game no matter how many points the difference was.
[Bryce Washington player comment]
We got off to a good start today, but we dropped off a bit in the second half. However, we had a very bad match against Nara in the previous match, so we played with even stronger spirit today. I think our defense was also good.
I think the players fought strongly with confidence and energy. I don’t think tomorrow’s match against Ehime will go as well as it did today, especially since Furuno and Phillips played comfortably, so we will make sure to make adjustments and play solid defense tomorrow as well. I want to be able to enjoy it
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[Comment from Hayato Kantake]
I think we increased our intensity as a team going into the match, and we were able to show a different rise than last time. We played well in the first half, but in the second half we got carried away by the opponent’s flow, which is something we need to reflect on. We were able to fight strongly as a team in the final quarter and win, so tomorrow we will have some bad moments throughout the 40 minutes, but we will stick together as a team and return to Fukuoka with
consecutive wins.
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