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LINE Yahoo! Inc. Yahoo! News Yahoo! News “Best Expert 2024” award ceremony event report honoring 14 expe rts who have disseminated information that leads to new awareness and action

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[Yahoo! News] Yahoo! News “Best Expert 2024” award ceremony event report honoring 14 experts who have disseminated information that leads to new awareness and action
During a panel discussion on generative AI, battlefield photographer Yoichi Watabe commented, “I’ve made a decision. I’m going to do AI.” 16-year-old vegetable sommelier professional Minato Ogata and others share their love for food, including “2024 Next Trends”
Award special page URL: Yahoo! News, one of Japan’s largest internet news distribution services operated by LINE Yahoo, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as LINE Yahoo), today held the “Best Expert 2024” award ceremony to honor experts who have disseminated information that leads to new awareness and action. will be held, and from among the approximately 2,600 experts, experts, journalists, and creators (hereinafter referred to as “Experts”) participating in “Yahoo! News Expert”, we will select the most updated perspective on daily life and news in 2023. 14 award winners were recognized.
Click here for the press release regarding the “Best Expert 2024” winners:
[Image 1:×1914.jpg] “Yahoo! News Experts” is a service of approximately 2,600
“experts” who have the talent and passion to respond to the diverse needs of users, from news commentary to lifestyle information, and provide content based on their expertise. This is a service that produces and disseminates. The aim is to provide content such as articles and comments from the unique perspectives of each expert, to give users new discoveries and awareness, and to help solve the daily problems of society and users. Starting this year, we held the “Best Expert 2024” award ceremony in order to have more people recognize “Yahoo! News Expert” and provide a place where each user’s perspective on daily life and world events is constantly updated. .
At the venue on the day, a total of 14 experts who contributed to society by disseminating information based on their knowledge in 2023 were recognized. After the awards, two panel discussions were held, with Akutagawa Prize-winning author Rie Kudan, medical journalist Mamoru Ichikawa, and battlefield photographer Yoichi Watabe discussing the theme of “With AI era, how should callers deal with AI?” did. Minato Ogata, a 16-year-old professional vegetable sommelier, Yuhei Tonosho, who loves Nagoya gourmet food, and Spicy Maruyama, a curry expert, will share the message of Reiwa born from extreme love – the next trend in food in 2024. Under the theme of “Predicting”, we talked about the next trends that we should pay attention to in the future, focusing on food topics.
Panel discussion where new trends were discovered
■Panel discussion 1. “With AI era, how should callers face AI?” In panel discussion 1, we held a panel discussion in the area of ​​authors and commentators titled “With AI era: How should publishers face AI?” Rie Kudan, who won the Akutagawa Prize for “Tokyo Compassion Tower,” which partially utilized generative AI in the writing process, and Mamoru Ichikawa, who also uses generative AI in his own expert articles, have entered battlefields and conflict areas. Yoichi Watanabe, who conducts reporting and dissemination activities that cannot be replaced by AI, took the stage. In today’s world where generative AI is rapidly becoming popular, opinions were exchanged from various standpoints on how to deal with generative AI and disseminate information.
[Image 2: &s3=129774-377be943a743667B5D8E61F61F61F61f6a 566-3000×2000.jpg] ● Confirm the effectiveness of rapidly evolving generative AI Screens of actual generation AI were displayed at the venue, and there was discussion about how to utilize it. Mr. Ichikawa said, “I thought that I could use it as an editor, and when I asked what I thought was strange about the article, I got a reply that was clearly from an editor’s perspective.I think this usage has reached a practical level.” Comment on the effectiveness of generation AI. On the other hand, Mr. Kudan said, “In this work, I was using it as if I were reporting on generative AI, but if I continue to use it, the responses will become patterned and predictable.There are also things I can learn from that. There are, but the important thing is how humans use them,” he said, referring to the uniqueness of generative AI that is unique to the artist. While discussing how to use the speakers, they concluded with the consideration that the current generation AI is a tool that can be used to effectively utilize time as a supporter for hitting the wall to deepen thinking.
●Discussion of precautions when dealing with generative AI
In the talk part, which considers the important points to be aware of when it comes to generative AI, which is expected to continue to develop in the future, we discussed how we should deal with generative AI in the future. Mr. Kudan says, “AI is excellent when used as a support for humans, but it is important to consider how far it can be used with human consciousness.” It is important that users not only accept its convenience, but also face and think about the information. He said it was important to go. Mr. Ichikawa commented that it is important to update the platform side as well, including the possibility that information such as fake news using generated AI will appear in the future.
●Yoichi Watabe, who had not used generation AI, expressed his determination, “I have decided. I will use AI!”
Mr. Watanabe, who said he had never used generative AI, said that his impression was that it was similar to the period of change from film cameras to digital cameras. He revealed that this was the biggest change in his 32 years as a photographer, and reflected on how in just six months, photographers all over the world had transitioned to digital, and there was no longer a place to print film. He said that although he was nervous, he also felt the joy of opening up to a new world, and with a smile on his face said he wanted to be the first to step into the AI ​​field. He commented that he would like to use generative AI in his own reporting area in the future. At the end of the panel discussion, he strongly expressed his determination, saying, “I’ve made a decision. I’m going to do AI,” and the audience was excited.
■Panel discussion 2. “Communicating the Reiwa era born from extreme love – Predicting the next trend in food in 2024”
In panel discussion 2, under the theme of “Communicating the Reiwa era born from extreme love – Predicting the next trend in food in 2024″, the theme was “Professional vegetable sommelier, who is also active on TV programs, etc.” Mr. Minato Ogata, who works in Nagoya, and Yuhei Tonosho, an “Aichi deep digging writer” who disseminates information about Nagoya every day in addition to Nagoya food, and experts (creator field) will be on stage. Spicy Maruyama, who also serves as the moderator and is active as a curry researcher, took to the stage, and experts in various fields of food talked about food-related topics that they love.
In the first talk theme, “Next Trends in 2024,” Mr. Ogata made two points: “With the price of vegetables soaring, it is possible to be kind to the household budget, eliminate waste, and be kind to the earth.” . First, as an example of “one-use”, he revealed that many people generally waste the edible part of enoki mushrooms, which caused many voices of surprise at the venue. Secondly, I will be introducing dried vegetables that I have grown myself. He talked about the next trend in daily life related to vegetables, saying that you can stock up on vegetables that you tend to stock up on, and that you can use them not only to make miso soup in advance, but also for disaster prevention.
In the second talk theme, “The one picture that changed my life,” creator Tonosho introduced a photo of miso stew-style udon, a dish unique to Nagoya, as a dish that supported him during his junior year. “I see all the smiles on the faces of the customers at this store, and I feel that it is a store that is rooted in the local community.I want to spread the word about stores like this more,” he said, once again expressing his passion. We communicated the charm of what we do. For the final talk theme, “Three things I gained from becoming an otaku,” each of the three people introduced three things they gained in their own fields. During his activities, Spicy Maruyama revealed, “Curry always attracts me!” and said that he is happy to receive new curry products from various sources every day. The venue was filled with laughter as he talked about his troubles as a curry geek, saying, “I end up fighting with my wife every time,” as his house is overflowing with curry products. The approximately 20-minute panel discussion ended with Minato Ogata, Yuhei Tonosho, and Spicy Maruyama sharing their passions and approaching the next trends.
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“Best Expert 2024” Award Ceremony
・Name: “Best Expert 2024” Award Ceremony
・Date and time: March 29, 2024 (Friday) 15:00-17:30
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