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Japan GX Group (JGX) Japan GX Group Co., Ltd. has participated in the “GX League” from 2024!

Japan GX Group (JGX)
Japan GX Group Co., Ltd. has participated in the “GX League” from 2024! Announcement of 2024 GX League participating companies ~179 new participants~ ……
Japan GX Group Co., Ltd. has participated in the “GX League” since 2024. On March 27, 2024, the list of GX League participants for 2024 will be published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and from this year, 179 new participants will be added, bringing the total to 747 participants.
■Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry HP_ “179 new players will participate in the GX League from 2024, bringing the total to 747.” Japan GX Group Co., Ltd. will also announce its participation from 2024 and will continue to contribute to the promotion of GX in Japan. What is GX League?
Our goal is a carbon neutral society in 2050. To achieve this, companies are faced with the challenge of becoming more
environmentally friendly and strengthening their international competitiveness. To achieve this goal, an organization called “GX League” was created.
The GX League brings together companies, governments, academia, and financial institutions to promote environmentally conscious reforms. Participating companies aim to take the initiative and collaborate with other stakeholders to accelerate the transition to carbon neutrality and create new markets.
While the GX League is a place for discussion, it is also a place for action. Participating companies promote change through concrete projects such as technological innovation, the development of sustainable business models, and the development of new markets that take the environment into account. By contributing to building a sustainable future, participating companies will improve the economy and society as a whole by contributing to the creation of a
sustainable future. is expected to have a positive impact on GX League official website
Background of Japan GX Group’s participation in GX League
Japan GX Group Co., Ltd. is developing various GX-related businesses with the aim of promoting GX in Japan. We work in various industries with a focus on the three businesses of the GX Research Institute, which conducts consulting business to support GX of Japanese companies, exchange business to promote the distribution of carbon credits, environmental trends, and research on various corporate initiatives. We are taking on the challenge of GX while involving Japanese companies, government, universities, and other public, private, and academic sectors.
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JCX (exchange):
From this fiscal year onwards, in view of the increasing importance of decarbonization initiatives in recent years and the promotion of GX by Japanese companies, we have announced our participation in the GX League from 2024 in order to further accelerate the decarbonization area.
We will participate in the GX League ourselves and aim to further develop our business in the future so that we can help promote GX in Japan from within the concept.
[About Japan GX Group Co., Ltd.]
Representative: Kenji Yoshioka
Location: Higashiyaesu Place B1F, 3-16-6 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Established: April 14, 2023
Japan Carbon Credit Exchange (JCX):
Sustainable media:
Business details:
Carbon credit distribution business
GX consulting business
 Japan GX Research Institute Business
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1.Click here for consultation regarding GX Consulting
2. Consultation on procurement and sales of credits including carbon credit exchanges
3. Consultation regarding media business that publishes sustainable initiatives
4.Those considering capital/business alliances (including CVC/VC)
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