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Home » Cost Value Market Co., Ltd. Different from Costco’s High Roller!?️ Started releasing original Cosbali produc ts.

Cost Value Market Co., Ltd. Different from Costco’s High Roller!?️ Started releasing original Cosbali produc ts.

[Cost Value Market Co., Ltd.] Different from Costco’s High Roller!?️ Started releasing original Cosbali products.

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Press release: March 30, 2024
Different from Costco’s High Roller!?️ We have started releasing original Kosbali products.
*Started as a Costco reseller, our next step is to create “products you wouldn’t expect to find at Costco.”*
Original product “Apple Bacon Roller”
Cost Value Market has opened three stores in just three months since opening its first store, “Cost Value Market Hagurazaki Store” in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture.
The next stage that Cost Value Market, which started as a Costco reseller, is aiming for is a next-generation smart store in the style of “Costco x unmanned convenience store” that will create one after another “Costco could not be.”
As the first step, we have started manufacturing and selling the “Apple Bacon Roller”.

At first glance, it looks just like Costco’s High Roller, but there is a big difference in the ingredients.

Compared to the High Roller, it uses a thinner fabric to make it “lighter and healthier”.

We use apple bacon, a popular brand bacon at Costco.
Apple bacon is a bacon that combines apples, which go well with pork. Use apple juice as the pickling liquid and marinate for at least 6 days. The bacon is smoked with apple wood chips, making it aromatic and juicy.

I used a lot of pesticide-free, large tomatoes that were luxuriously cut into thick pieces.

Normal lettuce has leaves that are curled inward and has a
cabbage-like shape, but romaine lettuce is shaped like Chinese cabbage, and its leaves are not as close together as normal lettuce. Another big difference is that the leaves of romaine lettuce are firm. Because the leaves are firm, there is little deterioration, resulting in dishes that retain the original texture of the vegetable.

Processed cheese is an effective way to get nutrients.It is rich in nutritional components such as high-quality protein and calcium. In fact, processed cheese is said to have been developed and used by soldiers on the battlefield to provide a stable source of nutritious food.
On the other hand, there is “natural cheese” that is at risk of causing listeria food poisoning. (mayonnaise)
This mayonnaise is made with whole eggs and has a mellow taste and richness. It has a good balance of sourness, saltiness, and umami, and brings out the flavors of various ingredients.

[Release area] All stores
[Reference retail price] 475 yen for 4 pieces (tax included) 798 yen for 7 pieces (tax included)

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