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Home » Event Report 46 business owners and managers participated. What is the secret to creating a high-performance organization?

Event Report 46 business owners and managers participated. What is the secret to creating a high-performance organization?

Achievement Co., Ltd.
[Event Report] 46 business owners and managers participated. What is the secret to creating a high-performance organization?
A 3-day training course led by a master-certified coach who has trained over 250,000 people has been significantly renewed and will be held for the first time!
According to the 2021 Learning Agency Co., Ltd.’s “Awareness Survey on Changes in Organizations and Teams,” 79.8% of managers answered that the roles required of managers have changed over the past 10 years. Management is required to change with the times, from a
directive/command style to a collaborative/emergent style of management. Achievement Co., Ltd. will renew its management training series from 2023, leveraging the knowledge gained from training 490,000 people. From March 27th to 29th, 2024, we held a three-day seminar for the first time in which members learned how to build a team that takes initiative and leverages their strengths to continue achieving results.
[Image 1:×2601.jpg] ■100% training satisfaction. 3 days of learning from people from other industries from all over the country
▼Participant overview
Number of participants: 46 people
Management scale of participants: 1 to 600 people
Participant industries and occupations: Executives, executives, and managers from various industries such as dentistry, construction companies, treatment clinics, professionals, and manufacturers.
[Image 2:×2601.jpg] ■Comments from participants
“I learned the essence of management.”
“I learned and realized things that can be put into practice.” “By participating with executives, I felt that growth was accelerating in the field.”
“We will discuss together with our employees what kind of future we want to create, and we will hold interviews with all employees.” ■What is the Lead Management Series?
The Lead Management Training Series is a training course that began in August 2023 to learn about management that brings out the performance of people and organizations.
The training consists of three types of training: “Lead Management Standard,” which teaches the overall picture of management and the role of a manager, “Lead Management Advanced,” which teaches specific ways to interact with members, and “Lead Management Enteam,” which teaches team building. It has been constructed. From March 27th to 29th, 2024, the last course in the series, “Lead Management Enteam,” was held for the first time, with 46 managers and executives from all over the country participating.
[Image 3:×420.jpg] “Lead Management Enteam”
・Date and time: March 27th (Wednesday) to 29th (Friday), 2024 1st day 10:00-19:00 (Reception starts at 9:30)
 2nd day 09:00-18:00
3rd day 09:00-18:00
・Participation fee: 253,000 yen (tax included)
▼Click here for seminar details
[Image 4:×2601.jpg] ■Introduction of the lecturer
・Lecturer: Achievement Co., Ltd.
Advisor/Chief Trainer Hideo Sato
After graduating from Meiji University’s Faculty of Law, he worked at the University’s Legal Research Institute and then worked in the training consulting business for 40 years.
Learned sales management training at a major training company, and then worked on developing personal development programs as a managing director in charge of training at a major domestic education and training consulting company, growing it into a training company with annual sales of 4 billion yen. After that, he became independent as a professional education consultant. He has a track record of training for over 250 large, medium and small companies, including LOUIS VUITTON, Kirin Brewery, and the Nestlé Group. He is especially passionate about “human resources development” and has earned the trust of many companies for his outstanding teaching content, which combines leadership theory, business coaching, DiSC theory, selection theory, etc., and has earned approximately 250,000 yen in total over 40 years as a trainer. He is a consultant who has been in charge of training for many business owners, managers, and sales staff, and his clients have remained loyal to his training because of its results. He is also one of the International Coaching Federation’s Master Certified Coaches, the highest title in the coaching world. In addition to educating businessmen, we have also been providing education for children for 30 years, and have received high praise. Appointed director of Achievement Co., Ltd. in October 2003, chief trainer in April 2005, and advisor in April 2016.
[Image 5:×866.jpg] ■About Achievement Co., Ltd.
Achievement Co., Ltd.
A human resources education consulting company celebrating its 37th year since its establishment. With the slogan “Changing the world through the power of education,” we offer public lectures for working adults and training for companies, as well as conveying purpose-based life planning and business management. More than 490,000 customers have used the service so far, and it has received high praise for its programs specializing in executive education and organizational skills development. In recent years, using the know-how cultivated through adult education, we have expanded the scope of our activities to include the fields of school education and children’s education, and are supporting many organizations, not just companies. Since 2019, we have been supporting “Dream Realization Education Using Original Student Handbooks” for all students at Hanamaki Higashi High School. More details about this release: