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Home » Kobunsha Co., Ltd. The cover features Neru Nagahama! “bis” May 2024 issue released

Kobunsha Co., Ltd. The cover features Neru Nagahama! “bis” May 2024 issue released

Kobunsha Co., Ltd.
The cover is Neru Nagahama! “bis” May 2024 issue released
A complete lineup featuring Neru Nagahama on the cover, as well as idols and models.This issue’s theme is “Journey” and conveys the worldview of “bis”.
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] The May issue of “bis” released on April 1st is――
● Neru Nagahama makes a comeback on the cover for the first time in a year! Overwhelming presence in the vintage fashion special feature that “travels through time”
●Dreamy Asia Special feature on travel in Asia that you want to go to right now Part 1 Korea Part 2 Taiwan Part 3 More Asia
●Ryusei Onishi (Naniwa Danshi) will be featured on the cover of the long-awaited special issue for the first time! In the 8th page special feature, 5LOOK is shown
●Kikuchi Himena bis first appearance! Showcasing resort-like 8LOOKs ●Introducing our vintage and modern styles: Sakina Tonchiki, Moe Kamikokuryo (Angerme), and Arisa Komiya
●Ryuto Sakuma (HiHi Jets) bis first appearance! Talking about his thoughts on the national tour and his private life
●Katsuyoshi Sato (Sexy Zone) Popular series: From the group name to the journey, to what we are thinking now as we look to the future ●Ayame Tsutsui (Nogizaka46) Chillout 15 on days when you don’t want to work hard ●Miyu Fujisaki and other AKB48 group 15 people chasing the dream of becoming a model talk about “the past and the future”
●Postcard benefits available at some online bookstores
Journey to an endless journey Neru Nagahama
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] In line with the theme of this issue, “Journey,” Neru Nagahama wears vintage fashion that “travels through time.” “I have an admiration for British aristocrats, and have collected encyclopedias of vintage dresses and illustrated encyclopedias of an 18th century architect named Robert Adam.I love the costumes, architecture, and worldview of this era.Vintage dresses with corsets… It was really fun to wear a costume that I rarely get to wear.” In an interview, he said that he would travel if he had three days off, and revealed that he loves traveling so much that he visited 11 countries last year.
Dreamy Asia A trip to Asia that I want to take right now
Part 1 Korea Part 2 Taiwan Part 3 More Asia
[Image 3:×1999.jpg] Asia, which continues to change energetically, is interesting right now! Delivering new attractions from the latest fashion, beauty, and gourmet food to the hottest spots in the popular South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Malaysia!
Introducing the hottest K brand that even Seoulites are obsessed with, cutting-edge K products that give you smooth skin, and the latest in Taiwanese beauty! The models are Yuki Yoda (Nogizaka46) and Aya Emori. journey of life I want to travel forever Ryusei Onishi (Naniwa Danshi) A sparkling atmosphere with big eyes. And Ryusei Onishi, a Naniwa boy with a gal mindset, makes his long-awaited appearance for the first time in 2 years and 8 months! This time, we are also decorating the cover of the special issue for the first time.
In the photoshoot, she showed off 5LOOKs, which included light colors reminiscent of spring and unique playful accessories. “I was happy to be able to immerse myself in the world of my favorite BIS for the first time in a while.The clothes and accessories were cute.But overall, it wasn’t too cute and I could wear it naturally, which I liked.” ”
BEGINNING OF VOYAGE A free muse on a far-off journey Himena Kikuchi
[Image 4:×1991.jpg] Actor and gravure idol Himena Kikuchi, who is currently attracting the hottest attention with her polished style, makes her first appearance on bis. We are showing off 8 resort-like looks, including a marine look. “I usually do a lot of gravure shoots, so I haven’t gotten the hang of fashion shoots yet, but I found the BIS shoot to be really fun and interesting in terms of creating a world view.Swimsuit-like costumes. There are some styles that show off some skin, and I think that’s where I was able to bring out the best parts of myself that I’ve trained through gravure.”
This is an 8-page special feature that explores Kikuchi’s charms, including plenty of interviews about her private fashion and how she spends her days off, as well as an introduction to beauty items to maintain her beauty.
meets VINTAGE CLOTHES Our vintage modern style Sakina Tochiki, Moe Kamikokuryo (ANGERME), Arisa Komiya
[Image 5:×1952.jpg] Introducing vintage clothes that will make your wish come true, with Moe Kamikokuryo and Arisa Komiya as models. We’ve picked out 10 recommended shops where you can find vintage items that have stood the test of time! Try a modern romantic style by pairing them with this season’s clothes.
NEW BEGINNING Spring that spins a new story Ryuto Sakuma (HiHi Jets) HiHi Jets’ Ryuto Sakuma, who emits an overwhelming aura and expands his activities in various fields not only as an idol but also as an actor and model, makes his first appearance on bis! Wearing 4LOOK, he talked about his thoughts on the national tour that is currently starting and also talked about his personal life. “Normally, there are a lot of shoots where people ask me to smile, so it was very refreshing for me because I was conscious of my unique facial expressions to match the atmosphere of BIS. I think there were some things I wasn’t used to creating, but I think readers will see a different side of me than usual.”
TIME MARCHES ON Time to set out to find the future Katsutoshi Sato (Sexy Zone) “Bis homme” is a series that depicts Sexy Zone’s Masaru Sato from a bis perspective. This 22nd issue features 3LOOKs with the theme of “Journey.” They talked about their trip to England, the beginning of their journey under the group name Sexy Zone, and their current thoughts as they look to the future. “I like traveling. I want to discover things, be moved, and be stimulated in some way. I’m the type of person whose brain doesn’t allow things to get boring (lol). But I also like to travel absent-mindedly. The sound of the wind and the flow of clouds. It’s a fun time to feel and relax and think about why the topography here is the way it is.”
Time to relax Chill out on days when you don’t want to work hard 15 Ayame Tsutsui (Nogizaka46)
[Image 6:×2459.jpg] For those who are busy every day and are tired. Let’s heal ourselves to the fullest during the holidays. Introducing 15 relaxing methods that can easily refresh your mood, modeled after Ayame Tsutsui. We also researched ways to spend holidays from bis models and creators. By the way, Ayame Tsutsui says, “I like to completely immerse myself in a movie in the quiet space of a mini theater.”
New Chapter AKB48 “Past and future” of 15 people chasing their dreams of becoming models
[Image 7:×2700.jpg] Starting with NGT48 Miyu Fujisaki, who won the AKB48 Group x Bis Annual Regular Audition Grand Prix, AKB48 (Yuna Akiyama, Aizuki Yagi, Yua ), NMB48 (Ayaka Sakurada, Junne Yoshimi, Sakura Matsuoka), HKT48 (Yoya Kitagawa, Morisaki) A 10-page feature featuring 15 members of STU48 (Akari Fukuda, Rika Soyuki, Rian Arai, Yuka Kabeshima, and Saki Sokawa). With the theme of “departing to a new world,” we interview them about how they became idols, how they feel now, and what they plan to do in the future.
“I would like to actively take on other jobs other than being an idol, like this one. I hope that by showing me how I am taking on
challenges, I can give courage to my juniors and fans, and I hope that I will be able to join NGT48 again.” I want to be an opportunity for people to become interested in this.” (Miyu Fujisaki)
Popular series YUUKI’s Thinking Nogizaka46 Yuki Yoda’s head 11th rabbit face makeup
[Image 8:×2925.jpg] A series in which Nogizaka46 Yuki Yoda introduces the topics that interest her the most right now. This time, we picked up the “rabbit face makeup” that Yoda has been interested in for a long time. Be sure to check out the makeup process that gives her cheeks and eyes a radiant look.
“I happened to see on social media that I had a rabbit face, so I tried it out of curiosity to see if it would look good on me.I thought it would make me look childish, but I thought it would make me look like an adult rabbit. I’m glad”
Postcards and photo benefits available at some bookstores
Seven Net Shopping limited purchase benefits
Nagahama Neru postcard 1 piece (3 types in total)
[Image 9:×1724.jpg] HMV&BOOKS online/each store limited purchase bonus
Aya Emori postcard 1 piece (2 types in total)
[Image 10:×1702.jpg] Kinokuniya Bookstore Niigata store limited purchase benefits Miyu Fujisaki (NGT48) 1 raw photo (2 types in total)
[Image 11:×1617.jpg] Sanseido Bookstore Atre Akihabara 1 limited purchase bonus
Yuna Akiyama, Aizuki Yagi, Yua (all AKB48) 1 raw photo (3 types in total)
[Image 12:×1624. jpg]
Shosen Book Tower Limited Purchase Benefits
Yuna Akiyama, Aizuki Yagi, Yua (all AKB48) 1 raw photo (3 types in total)
[Image 13:×1445.jpg] HMV&BOOKS HAKATA limited purchase bonus
Yosa Kitagawa, Nanaka Mogami, Saaya Morisaki (all HKT48) 1 postcard (3 types in total)
[Image 14: &s3=21468-1780-84b06601D945EA745F6D36F6D36F6d d6fb0-3529×1717.jpg] Kinokuniya Bookstore Hiroshima store limited purchase benefits Akari Fukuda, Rika Soyuki, Rian Arai, Yuka Kabeshima, Saki Sokawa (all STU48) 1 raw photo (5 types in total)
[Image 15:×1005.jpg] TSUTAYA EBISUBASHI limited purchase benefits
Ayaka Sakurada (NMB48) 1 postcard (2 types in total)
[Image 16: &s3=21468-1780-656415DC6FACD38D7D7A22069b E88C3-2329X1728.jpg] Tower Records Namba Parks store limited purchase benefits
Junne Yoshimi (NMB48) 1 postcard (2 types in total)
[Image 17:×1728. jpg]
Kinokuniya Bookstore Grand Front Osaka store limited purchase bonus Sakura Matsuoka (NMB48) 1 postcard (2 types in total)
[Image 18: 815f1-2345X1728.jpg]
We are also disseminating the world of “bis” on our website and SNS. Original content is also updated on the website (, X, Instagram, TikTok, Threads (all @bis_web), and YouTube channel “bis Channel” ( During!
What is the magazine “bis”?
It was launched by Kobunsha as a bimonthly magazine (released on the 1st of even-numbered months) in October 2017, and bisweb was launched at the same time. As a fashion culture magazine for those who maintain a girly heart, we spread “cuteness that is not too sweet” in the magazine, web, X, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, and YouTube. Our core target is women who value their individuality. The original and artistic magazine is also popular. Many popular actresses and idols also appear as models.
[Details of “bis” May 2024 issue]
Publisher: Kobunsha
Release date: Monday, April 1, 2024
Special price: 780 yen (tax included)
*Release date and list price are the same for both the regular edition and the special edition.
More details about this release: