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Home » “Smart Agriculture Startup Summit 2024” event report considering the future of agricultural business

“Smart Agriculture Startup Summit 2024” event report considering the future of agricultural business

Koyu Foundation
“Smart Agriculture Startup Summit 2024” event report considering the future of agricultural business
Approximately 50 companies gathered for a talk event in Tokyo to think about the future of “agriculture x technology”
Koyu Community Development Promotion Organization (General
Incorporated Foundation, Shintomi-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, Representative Director: Junichi Saito, hereinafter referred to as Koyu Foundation) aims to learn profitable food and agricultural business from practitioners and think together about the future of smart agriculture. “Smart Agriculture Startup Summit 2024” was held at AgVenture Lab (Otemachi, Tokyo, Chairman: Hiroki Ogino). Approximately 50 companies and organizations that are trying to open up the future of agriculture in a variety of fields, from food and
agriculture-related companies and startups to drones, business analysis, and human resource matching, gathered on the day.
[Image 1:×900.jpg] [Event Overview] Details: Organization name: Smart Agriculture Promotion Association
Management organization: Koyu Foundation
Speakers: Mr. Hiroki Ogino / Chairman and Representative Director of AgVenture Lab General Incorporated Association Mr. Masaharu Fujiyoshi / Editor-in-Chief of “Forbes JAPAN” Mr. Eisuke Tachikawa /
Representative of NOSIGNER ・Proponent of evolutionary thinking ・Design strategist ・Japan Industrial Design Association (public interest incorporated association) JIDA) Chairman Junichi Saito /
Representative Director of AGRIST Co., Ltd. / Representative Director of Koyu Foundation
[Image 2:×1493.jpg]
[Image 3:×1775.jpg] ◼️ Overview of “Smart Agriculture Promotion Association”
Shintomi Town in Miyazaki Prefecture, with a population of
approximately 16,500, is a town with approximately 2,200 hectares of fertile farmland. Mainly, greenhouse horticulture is popular, and in addition to producing crops such as peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes, a variety of agricultural products are grown throughout the year, including rare items such as lychees. The Shintomi Town Hall established the Koyu Foundation in April 2017 in response to issues such as an aging population and a lack of people to take care of people, which are becoming more and more important year by year. We are working to acquire foreign currency through market development and branding for agricultural products, and to develop technologies and cultivate human resources that will contribute to the future of agriculture. The “Smart Agriculture Promotion Association” is a voluntary organization established based on a regional
industry-government-academia collaboration network centered on local farmers and venture companies that was born out of these activities. Currently, we are working with member companies on a wide range of activities that contribute to smart agricultural technology
development and human resource development.
[Image 4:×398.png ]
Mission: Gather knowledge and create new agricultural businesses Vision: Realize sustainable agriculture that will continue for 100 years with fun and profitable farming

Part 1: How will “agriculture x technology” change the future of agriculture?
[Image 5:×1972.jpg] Part 2: Thinking about the future of agriculture using agriculture x “evolutionary thinking”
[Image 6:×1296.jpg] Future outlook
The Smart Agriculture Promotion Association will continue to actively engage in the following activities with the aim of promoting smart agriculture in Shintomi Town and throughout the country.
・Promote business matching through public-private collaboration Utilizing the industry-government-academia collaboration network coordinated by the Koyu Foundation, an intermediary support
organization established by the Shintomi Town Hall in Miyazaki Prefecture, we will work on business matching, strengthening recruitment, and disseminating information.
・Holding a Smart Agriculture Summit through public-private collaboration We will hold the “Smart Agriculture Summit” to exchange opinions and develop the future of next-generation agriculture with experts, and provide opportunities for interaction between governments, startups, companies, and farmers.
◼️What is Shintomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, a town of food and agriculture? Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture is located about 30 minutes north by car from Miyazaki Airport. It is a region where greenhouse horticulture is popular, and the area has vast farmland the size of approximately 460 Tokyo Domes, where a variety of crops such as peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, lychees, and kumquats are harvested throughout the year. It is attracting attention not only for its production of vegetables and livestock, but also for the birth of agricultural robot venture companies and the development of advanced agricultural demonstration bases. On the other hand, it is the home stadium of the soccer club Tegebajaro Miyazaki, which became Miyazaki Prefecture’s first member of the J League, and the number of soccer players is expected to increase in the future.
◼️What is the Koyu Community Development Promotion Organization (Koyu Foundation)?
We are a regional trading company established in April 2017 in Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture with the aim of creating a sustainable region. Based on our vision of being the world’s most challenging city, we earn money through branding and product development centered on agricultural products, such as our 1,000 yen lychees, and reinvest the profits into human resource development. In the operation of Shintomi Town’s hometown tax donation program, which is its main business, it has recorded a cumulative total of
approximately 9 billion yen in donations over the six years from 2017 to 2022. is being used to improve.
▶︎Koyu Foundation Website: ▶︎Koyu Foundation Facebook: ▶︎Shintomi Town Hometown Tax Portal Site ・Furusato Choice https:/
/ ・Rakuten ・Furunavi ・Satoful https
:// ▶︎ Media coverage examples Nikkei Shimbun / Nikkei MJ / Forbes JAPAN / Business concept / Sotokoto / TURNS / Japan Agricultural Newspaper / National
Agricultural Newspaper, etc.
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