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Nippon Access Co., Ltd. Palico of new life is frozen food! “Chin! Restaurant” frozen food receipt applicat ion and follow-up campaign starts from April 1st!

Japan Access Co., Ltd.
Palico in a new life is frozen food! “Chin! Restaurant” frozen food receipt application and follow-up campaign starts from April 1st! Frozen foods are a big help in your new life! If you have trouble preparing meals in your busy daily life, frozen foods will become your companion and help you! Win points to choose from! ! Follow Official X and repost the target post to win a microwave! !
Nippon Access Co., Ltd. (location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Shinya Hattori) will run a frozen food sales promotion project, “Chin at Home,” for two months from April 1st to May 31st, 2024. ! We will be holding a “Restaurant”.
[Image 1:×360.jpg] -Planning purpose-
Demand for frozen foods is expanding and becoming established due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last year, the frozen food promotional project, one of our representative consumer campaigns, was renamed “Restaurant to eat at home!”. Taking advantage of the popularity of the highly successful “Chin! Suru Restaurant” held for a limited time in Tokyo and Osaka since the year before last, the event will be held under the theme of “New Life” to coincide with the promotional period from April to May. We will make more people aware of the
deliciousness, variety, convenience, and characteristics of frozen foods, and promote them as a new companion for people’s lives. In addition, through this cross-sectional project targeting multiple manufacturers, we aim to further grow the frozen food market by creating opportunities for customers to visit our stores, increasing the number of items purchased, and encouraging consumption. 1. Wide variety of products 2. Evolving quality 3. Diversity suitable for various food scenes April, when this project starts, is said to be a high demand period for frozen foods (*1), and it will be a chance to create opportunities to purchase products that you have never purchased before. Additionally, as food prices continue to rise, the frequency of purchasing frozen foods is increasing (*2). The wide variety of delicious products is popular (*3). By implementing this project, we will create eating opportunities, further increase sales, and increase the number of customers visiting the sales floor. *1: Source/Nikkei POS information, target/all supermarkets nationwide, period November 2022 to October 2023, market data “Frozen prepared food monetary PI value, average unit price seasonal index trend” *2・3: Source /Japan Frozen Food Association (2023.2 survey) The project name is “Chin at home! restaurant”. We are promoting the brand of “Chin! Suru Restaurant”, which we held for a limited time in Tokyo and Osaka two years ago and became a hot topic, and are promoting the fact that you can enjoy the restaurant feeling just by saying “Chin!” at home. We carry out campaigns targeting consumers to increase interest, drop-in rates, and purchase numbers arbitrarily. The application amount starts from 300 yen (excluding tax) per bite. Through this campaign, we will encourage you to purchase “one more item”. In addition, the special website is designed to look like a menu at a store, introducing many products from each target manufacturer, and is linked to the website to deliver the appeal of frozen foods. The campaign will run for two months to increase in-store and web exposure.
-“Frozen food receipt application” campaign overview-
Target products: All commercially available frozen foods from 14 target manufacturers Application period: Monday, April 1, 2024 to Friday, May 31, 2024 [How to apply] The total amount of target products is 300 yen (excluding tax) or more Apply for 1 entry by attaching the purchase receipt ・Web: Upload the target receipt image from the application form on the campaign site ・Postcard: Attach the target receipt to the campaign special application postcard and mail it [Prize] 1 entry: 1,000 to 1,000 people in a lottery Apply for 5 yen (electronic gift “G Point Gift” that you can choose): 10,000 yen to 10 people by lottery (electronic gift “G Point Gift” that you can choose) Automatic entry to 5 application if conditions are met
[Image 2:×750.jpg] -X (formerly Twitter) Follow & Repost Campaign Overview-
Period: April 1st (Monday) to May 31st (Friday), 2024 How to apply: 1. Follow Japan Access official Twitter
2. #New Life Palico is Frozen Food and “Your Strongest Palico Frozen Food” and repost with a quote!
Prizes: Sharp water oven “Healsio” (1 person) and Iris Ohyama KITCHEN CHEF heat-resistant glass container set of 10 (5 persons) will be won by lottery!
[Image 3:×750.jpg] -Campaign special site-
Main content that communicates the details and features of the target manufacturer’s products to consumers. The design creates a sense of excitement as if you were looking at a menu at a restaurant. ●Special site URL: -14 target manufacturers (in alphabetical order, titles omitted)- Ajinomoto Frozen Foods, Eat & Foods, KS Frozen Foods, Table Mark, Toyo Suisan, Nichirei Foods, Nissin Frozen Foods, Nisshin Seifun Welna, Nissui, Nippon, Nippon Access, Nippon Ham Frozen Foods, Heinz Japan, Maruha Nichiro and more

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