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MONO-X Co., Ltd. MONO-X has renewed its vision, mission, and values.

[MONO-X Co., Ltd.] MONO-X has renewed its vision, mission, and values.
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Press release: March 31, 2024
MONO-X renews its vision, mission, and values
*~With the slogan “Rewrite the Standard.”, we aim for further growth as a data linkage infrastructure that supports the supply chain~* OmniScience Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Hoshita Fujii; hereinafter referred to as
“OmniScience”) provides cloud migration support services and various DX-related subscription products for legacy system user companies. At the same time as changing the company name to MONO-X Co., Ltd., we will renew our vision, mission, and values.

New vision/mission/value page:

●MONO-X’s new vision, mission, and values
We set a new vision and mission based on our desire to realize the flow of data that goes beyond the boundaries between companies and industries. Additionally, we have verbalized 10 values ​​as basic policies for each employee’s actions to reflect the stance required to achieve our vision and mission.
Creating a new dimension of data collaboration infrastructure for all industries We will create a new dimension of data linkage infrastructure that seamlessly links all data in the supply chain. This means that data is seamlessly connected not only within individual companies, but also between companies and even industries. There, various production activities, including ordering and placing orders, will be carried out at high speed, with high efficiency, and autonomously, transcending the boundaries of companies and exceeding the limits of humans. This is truly an industrial revolution driven by supply chains. We will realize this world line that has not yet been seen.

Connecting all information in the supply chain
In order to create a new dimension of data linkage infrastructure, we need a versatile platform that can exchange data between companies and industries. At the same time, individual companies must be able to connect to this platform. Because we have been responding to the real voices of the field and providing IT solutions in line with business practices for many years, we should be able to bring together both of these pieces. MONO-X, a platformer and partner, converts information into data, networks data, and implements advanced supply chains in society.

* When things are going well, we change ourselves. *
When something goes well, when you understand it, when you have established “common sense” or “normality,” it’s time to consciously step out of your comfort zone. Every goal is a new starting line. Make a difference by changing yourself and enjoy the change.
* Change the answer if the premise changes. *
Past experience and expertise are valuable weapons, but they can also lead to bias. What you see as “normal” is not necessarily what is normal in the world. No matter what you’ve done up until now, be flexible and change your answers if your objectives, resources, external environment, etc. change. And keep learning.
* Act quickly and turn failure into an asset. *
Execution is more important than criticism. The person who makes a draft is more honorable than the person who avoids shame and trouble. If you are going to fail, try to fail as soon as possible. If you fail, extract what you learned from it, share it, and make it a great asset for your company.

* Know your customers and exceed their expectations. *
Sales are the expected value from customers. Let’s create a new landscape by exceeding expectations, even if it’s just one thing. To do this, it is essential to know your customers, to think through what they would think if they were your customers, and what is behind their requests and comments.
* What should be made rather than what can be made. *
The “pieces in hand” may be changed. So instead of getting caught up in what you can do with those things, try to work backwards from your goals and ideals. Let’s continue to improve our current products and rules, assuming that there may be a better way to do them.
* Keep your eyes peeled and prepare for the waves. *
External environments and assumptions change rapidly. So as long as we have the truth that only we are aware of and the belief that we can bring about innovation, let’s paddle tenaciously without slowing down our efforts to improve. Prepare strategically and ride the wave you deserve.
* Value creative waste. *
What may seem like a waste at first glance is not a waste as long as it is intellectually stimulating. By trying things out, honing your sensibilities, and looking at the outside world, you can increase your human imagination and resolution of the world, and grasp the hidden metastructure and essence.

■Create together CO-CREATE
* Nice catch/nice pass. *
Just like the collaboration of data, the collaboration of people creates synergistic effects. So, take responsibility for your role and go to the next station to pick up the ball. And try to communicate with polite passes. To that end, let’s disclose information to each other on a regular basis and get to know each other.
* Express opinions responsibly and make decisions with determination. * Part of fulfilling one’s responsibilities is to say what needs to be said at the right time and respond to discussion. And, assuming that there are no absolutes to success, once you have exhausted your discussions, make your final decision with determination. Let’s praise the team for that decision.
* Prevent, eliminate, and win through systematization. *
Creating a system to prevent failure rather than a psychological theory. Systematize without leaving inefficiency and
individualization. Create a system that allows for reproduction and horizontal expansion to outsmart the competition. To do this, let’s start by becoming aware of the mechanisms at the current conscious and unconscious levels.

●Background of vision, mission, and value renewal
Since our founding business was a contract development business, we have changed our business content in line with the changing times. We continue to provide industry-leading services such as cloud migration support services for legacy system user companies and various DX-related subscription products, and our progress to date is a history of being supported by everyone.

In order for MONO-X to continue contributing to society, we need to review our roles and values ​​as the times change. In particular, the evolution of cloud technology and the rise of generative AI are fundamentally changing our business environment. Therefore, we have started a project to reconfirm the technologies and customer areas that we have cultivated over the years, and to think deeply about how we should provide value to society.

What has become clear through this project is that our fundamental desire to contribute to social change and sustainable development through technological innovation remains unchanged. However, the challenges faced by companies and the needs of society are changing day by day. In order to continue to contribute to the innovation of the industry as a whole, we must continue to evolve ourselves.

Therefore, MONO-X has formulated a new vision, mission, and values. These clarify the future we aspire to and the behavioral guidelines to achieve it, and serve as the foundation for all employees to work together toward a common goal. While responding flexibly to the changing times, our basic stance of utilizing technological innovation to benefit society remains unchanged, and the entire company will continue to work together to achieve further growth and contribute to society.

●MONO-X Co., Ltd.
“Rewrite the
Under the slogan “Standard,” we have launched the “MONO-X Platform” business, an inter-company data collaboration
infrastructure, and the “PVS” cloud migration support service for legacy core systems.
We are developing two businesses called “One” business. Using an unprecedented approach, we aim to build a “new dimension data linkage infrastructure” that enables data flows that go beyond the boundaries between companies and industries.
* 【Company Profile】*
Company name: MONO-X Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Hoshita Fujii
Address: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 17F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6117
Establishment date: August 1, 2005
Business details: Development and provision of inter-company data collaboration infrastructure “MONO-X Platform”, cloud migration support service for legacy core systems “PVS”
Providing “One” service
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