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Komeichi Co., Ltd. Hikari, deliver it to the world.

[Komeichi Co., Ltd.] Hikari, deliver it to the world.

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Press release: April 1, 2024
April Dream Project
Hikari, send it to the world.
*From a small and cute fishing village, we will deliver light to non-electrified areas around the world, reduce social disparities, and create a world full of happiness and hope where no one is left behind. *
This press release is a dream sent out by a business operator who sympathizes with the April Dream project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true soon.
Our company aims to make April 1st the day to send out dreams. I agree with Dream. This press release is a dream of “Sai Village, Aomori Prefecture/Komeichi Co., Ltd. and all the cooperating companies and individuals”.

Komeichi is a community-based company that has been in business for 110 years. In addition to actively participating in local group activities, we have continued to conduct business that meets the needs of the times. Sai Village has been selected as the first
decarbonization region in Aomori Prefecture, and Komeichi has also started developing related projects. When we made the SDGS declaration in December 2022, we learned that there are more than 700 million people in the world without access to electricity, and that there are many unelectrified areas in Africa where electricity is not available. I started thinking about what I could do.

Therefore, we created “saiMODEL (energy package)” (a product that combines solar power, wind power, storage batteries, etc.) that can off-grid households, medical sites, schools, factories, etc. with clean energy, and all companies involved in the project. With the cooperation of organizations, organizations, and individuals, we aim to deliver products and services to non-electrified areas in Africa and other countries with the aim of “reducing social disparities and creating a world filled with happiness and hope that leaves no one behind.” Masu.

“April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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