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P4MATCH Co., Ltd. The sports tournament management system “P4match” aims to create a world where anyone can enjoy playing sports anywhere.

[P4MATCH Co., Ltd.] The sports tournament management system “P4match” aims to create a world where anyone can enjoy playing sports anywhere.
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Press release: April 1, 2024
April Dream Project
The sports tournament management system “P4match” aims to create a world where anyone can enjoy sports anywhere.
*We provide a tournament management system online nationwide that uses a rating system for table tennis, badminton, soft tennis, karate, etc. *
This press release is a dream sent out by a business operator who sympathizes with the April Dream project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true soon.
P4match, an online tournament management system operated by P4MATCH Co., Ltd. (location: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kiyofumi Tsukahara), aims to make April 1st the day to share your dreams.
I agree with Dreams. P4match is used by many people, with
approximately 20,000 account registrants and over 1,800 tournaments held each year. This press release is an expression of the dreams that “P4match” would like to make come true together with all the athletes who want to enjoy sports, the approximately 300 organizations that are currently hosting the tournament, and everyone who will be hosting the tournament in the future. is. (P4match service site:
The number of registered members of the Japan Table Tennis Association decreases by about half from junior high school to high school. Students work hard in the small number of tournaments that they have, but in many cases, such as district tournaments that decide who will represent the region, it is a tournament format in which losing is the end. Although there are opportunities to compete, there are fewer opportunities to experience the joy of winning.
In addition, in some regions, table tennis federations and
associations in each region are finding it difficult to manage tournaments due to the aging of the population.
We believe that this problem, similar to the “transition of club activities to regional areas”, can occur not only in table tennis but also in many other sports.

Those who did not enjoy spending time with competitions during their student days may end up quitting competitions altogether.
Even if you resume playing competitively after entering the workforce, the problem is that it is difficult to find the motivation to enjoy it.
We would like to provide such people with a way to enjoy competitions that suits their lifestyle and motivation in a comfortable manner. Even if you go on to higher education or find a job, I want you to use P4match to interact with players you would not have met through traditional tournaments, create a place for yourself apart from your studies and work, and enrich your life.
P4match was developed nine years ago to make these dreams come true. By delivering P4match to as many people as possible, we hope that everyone can enjoy playing sports, and by expanding the base of people who compete in each sport and providing competition opportunities, we will also contribute to the excitement of the sport itself. I think so.
Normally, tournament votes are updated analogously, but with P4match, the match progresses automatically when you enter the score from your smartphone.
P4match provides a tournament management system that allows you to perform all the necessary procedures for a tournament on a single smartphone.
– * Anyone with a smartphone can search for and apply for matches, and even host tournaments. *
Pairings are automatically created according to your level based on the rating system, so participants are provided with highly satisfying matches with people of the same level as themselves. *
– * This system allows each player to enter their scores on their smartphones during the tournament, reducing the burden on the organizer. *
– *Management of participants and participation fees can be completed online. *
Swiss draw format league matches allow players to play against players of similar skill level regardless of age or gender, so even beginners and those who started playing sports as adults can experience the “fun and joy of winning in games.” Masu.
Since the system automatically creates and progresses the
combinations, the burden on the tournament organizer can be greatly reduced, and it is also possible for the organizer to manage the tournament while participating in the matches.
The above is possible with the current system, but in order to make our dreams come true, we will first implement a function that allows each federation/association to hold a tournament, and provide a system that is easy to implement for organizations that are active in the local community.
We also support the replacement league format, which is often used in each region.
*A competition format in which leagues are divided and games are played, with the winning team promoted and the team in last place being relegated.

Initially, the service was only compatible with table tennis, but in response to inquiries from sports players, we are constantly developing the service so that it can be used in other sports as well. – Table tennis: Available from October 2015
– Large ball table tennis: Available from July 2019
– Badminton: Available from June 2019
– Soft tennis: Available from July 2021
– Karate (All Japan Karatedo Federation rules): Available from August 2023 *Soft tennis will also be released in the future.

Due to the nature of the rating system, it is limited to
individual-on-individual competitions, but if anyone would like to use it, please contact us.

P4match is also looking for people who can work with us to make it even better. If you are interested, please contact us using the inquiry form at the bottom of this release.

The P4match system can be used not only by large sports organizations such as federations and associations, but also by anyone who wants to hold a tournament. *
Ultimately, we would like to collaborate widely with local governments across Japan and effectively utilize free time in sports facilities to host tournaments that benefit local governments and create
opportunities for residents to interact, while providing opportunities to enjoy a variety of sports. I think so. *
The tournament held at Kyoto Kaguya Rise’s home match
It has begun to be used by the T League and professional table tennis teams, and is also used by national sports organizations such as the Tokyo Minato Ward Table Tennis Federation and the Fukushima Prefecture Nihonmatsu Table Tennis Association.
With the spread of P4match, which allows you to play against people of the same level, even beginners and those who started playing table tennis as adults can enjoy the fun and joy of winning in a match, which will motivate them to continue playing table tennis.

Continuing from last year, we will also hold the “Anyone National Tournament” as a place for interaction with experts from all over the country.
For this event, we have partnered with the Yokosuka City Tourism Association to provide lodging facilities for those who are
sightseeing or staying the night before the event, so please take advantage of this. I hope this will be an opportunity to interact with many people.
Click here to apply for the tournament

The national tournament for everyone will be held on Saturday, May 18th!

* “P4” in P4MATCH means “Pure, Play, Pleasure, Place.” *
* Our philosophy is to provide a place where everyone from beginners to experts can enjoy sports from the bottom of their hearts. * “April Dream” is a PR event where companies send out their dreams that they would like to achieve in the future on April 1st.
This is a project by TIMES. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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