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Linked Ideal LLC Supporting Ishindenshin through IT technology

[Linked Ideal LLC] Supporting Ishindenshin through IT technology
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Press release: April 1, 2024
April Dream Project
Supporting Ishindenshin through IT technology
*Aiming to be a reliable knowledge base construction platform originating from Japan*
This press release is a dream sent out by a business operator who sympathizes with the April Dream project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true.
What is Ishindenshin? It’s the thoughtfulness of people who understand without telling you.
To what extent can computers understand human consideration? And what can Japanese IT do in this area? As the world’s information platforms are dominated by US IT companies such as Google and GAFAM, we are responding to this question by developing Japanese knowledge base construction technology, including cutting-edge AI technology. I am approaching this.

Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st a day to share dreams. This press release is a dream of “Linked Ideal LLC” is.

■ Our efforts
In recent years, we have entered an era in which it is difficult to organize the information truly necessary for individuals and organizations due to the overwhelming amount of information.

The Internet has opened up huge possibilities for humanity in the field of information sharing. However, on the other hand, it is no longer possible to ignore the social problem of fake information. Even in 2024, fake news from the Noto Peninsula earthquake is causing inconvenience to those affected by the earthquake, and interference from other countries through fake news has been reported in Taiwan’s elections, to name a few. .

Our company wants to improve this situation even if only a little, so we first believe that it is necessary to build a knowledge base to help organize information, and we have released a knowledge base building platform called “Toposoid” as open software.


■ “What is Toposoid”?
“Toposoid” aims to be a platform that allows you to easily build a knowledge base just by entering text and images.
– To register and search information, basically just enter text or images. – Even if there is information that is not registered, make inferences and answer.
– For inference results, explain why the results are the way they are. “Toposoid” has been updated since October 2021 based on the basic concept of the above functions. We have also filed a patent
application for speeding up knowledge base searches using quantum computers. Although we are still in the middle of the road, we will continue to work hard to develop Toposoid and move closer to realizing our dreams.

■ Future aspirations

Until the early to mid-20th century, the United States had an overwhelming dominance in the global automobile industry, but Japan later turned this market upside down with its fuel-efficient cars. Currently, American companies such as GAFAM have an overwhelming share of the IT industry, but it is about time for Japan to break free from deflation and turn the global IT market upside down.
         We would like to provide a Japanese-originated solution aiming at fuel-efficient knowledge base construction technology for AI, which consumes a huge amount of information in the United States.

■ [Company profile]
Company name: Linked Ideal LLC
Address: CS-109, Sunny Building 2F, 1-4-4 Nishikicho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo Representative employee: Makoto Kubodera
Established: April 2021
Business content: Data analysis using artificial intelligence URL:
Contact the company:
Contact Toposoid:

“April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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