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Home » KOKETABI KOKETABI, a self-proclaimed Taiwanese makeup artist, dreams of changing the impression of Taiwan that 98% of the people have.

KOKETABI KOKETABI, a self-proclaimed Taiwanese makeup artist, dreams of changing the impression of Taiwan that 98% of the people have.

[KOKETABI] KOKETABI, a self-proclaimed Taiwanese makeup artist, dreams of changing the impression of Taiwan that 98% of the people have. The degree of development of Taiwan’s international tourism attraction is only 2%, which is as low as the proportion of Japanese visitors to Taiwan. Everyone takes care of themselves before going out, right? Actually, we’re doing the same thing.

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Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams. This press release is a dream of “KOKETABI Moss Travel”.
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77% of people have an intention to buy, but only 2% actually buy, which means there is a problem with the product.
Taiwanese people seem to think that Taiwan is already ready for the world. According to a survey by the Economic and Cultural
Representative Office in Japan (equivalent to the Japanese Embassy), 76.6% of Japanese people feel an affinity for Taiwan, and Japan’s first impression of Taiwan is also pro-Japanese. However, the number of foreign tourists visiting Taiwan is 2 million annually, which is only 1.6% of the total population.
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Japanese Taiwanese pork rice

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Taiwanese pork rice

From tapioca milk tea to rouleau fun to the recent opening of a TSMC factory in Kumamoto, Japan’s leading food companies have witnessed the Taiwanese boom and are focusing on commercializing Taiwanese staples. Many Taiwanese people are happy that Japanese people can learn more about Taiwan by looking at these seemingly familiar but unfamiliar foods, but they also feel that Japan’s understanding of Taiwan may not be the same as Taiwanese’s understanding of Japan. I regret that I am not far behind.
We hope that the 23% of people who don’t have a favorable impression of Taiwan will have a positive opinion of Taiwan, and that the 98% of people who have never visited Taiwan will visit Taiwan.
[Image 5:×1866.jpg] It is extremely difficult to fully convey the charm of Taiwan in a store that caters only to tourists.
When we talk about travel, there are two current trends. One is a traditional tour, where a travel company makes a fixed schedule and makes all the arrangements. The other type is solo travel, where you arrange all travel-related matters yourself.
If you just follow the traditional schedule for Japanese tourists, you will only go to certain stores that cater to tourists, which makes it extremely difficult to fully convey the charms of Taiwan.
[Image 6:×1280.jpg] Expanding travel possibilities is based on an improved sense of security To ensure you are never again limited by issues such as language or transportation, we have developed a series of suggestions that can expand your travel possibilities while reducing your worries. By lowering the hurdles of traveling overseas and simplifying 80% of the hassle, you don’t have to worry about inconveniencing others or having to worry about language issues.
This series of proposals was created for that purpose.
[Image 7:×2600.jpg] Expand your travel possibilities
Theme tours: By proposing planning themes such as girls’ trips, couples’ trips, tea, alcohol lovers, outdoor activities, etc., travel planning becomes easier and introduces new tourist destinations.
[Image 8:×360.jpg] Transportation efficiency measures: Creation of a public
transportation guide that restores a life-sized perspective, support for arranging taxis, expansion of travel range and convenience, local support not limited to urban areas
Reservations for popular restaurants: Japanese support is available throughout the reservation process, and reservations can be made for restaurants that are trending this year.
E-book: Field-tested, contains information on restaurants and sightseeing spots, and provides detailed instructions on entering the store and ordering.
[Image 9:×1128.jpg] Measures to reduce anxiety
Food safety: On-site visits to stores to confirm that quality and hygienic environment meet company inspection standards
[Image 10:×427.jpg] Public health: creating a clean restroom map
Emergency services: medical support, lost item searches, emergency accommodation reservations
[Image 11:×480.jpg] Give the impression that Japan is not “cheap”
My impression of traveling to Taiwan in the past was that travel costs were low, but due to the weaker yen and Taiwan’s economic development, this advantage of low travel costs is gradually disappearing. Therefore, our current challenge is how to increase the added value of travel and give the impression that Japan is not cheap.
[Image 12:×1675.jpg] KOKETABI CYCLE
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Through KOKETABI CYCLE, we aim to reduce the causes of travelers’ anxiety, provide necessary support, create plans that fully
demonstrate the charm of the region, bring travelers a unique travel experience, and increase the added value of their travels. That’s what I’m aiming for.
In addition, we will integrate local businesses, implement local business promotion plans, improve with the times, and develop plans that will make you feel more at ease about the charm of Taiwan. What are your future plans for realizing your dreams?
It may be a little late to talk about this year’s dreams, but please use the KOKETABI service to visit Taiwan during Golden Week (Monday, April 29, 2024 – May 5, 2024). I would like. Please try.
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“April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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