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Home » Ethical Japan Connecting women from both Japan and India with a small effort through the spread of sustainable brands that utilize Indian women’s traditional clothing, the sari.

Ethical Japan Connecting women from both Japan and India with a small effort through the spread of sustainable brands that utilize Indian women’s traditional clothing, the sari.

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Through the spread of sustainable brands that utilize Indian women’s traditional clothing, the sari, we will connect women in both Japan and India with a small effort.
We aim to empower women in Japan and India through the spread of “I was a Sari” ……
“I was a Sari” is a sustainable brand from India that Ethical Japan LLC operates in Japan as the sole agent in Japan. We will promote initiatives to reduce the environmental burden by upcycling and actively employ Indian women, who have previously had difficulty finding jobs, and provide them with economic and educational support. Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams. This press release is a dream of “Ethical Japan LLC”.
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“I was a Sari,” a sustainable brand from India that is operated by Ethical Japan LLC as its sole agent in Japan, features traditional Indian costumes such as saris. In addition to reducing the
environmental impact of recycling, we are also actively hiring Indian women, who previously had difficulty finding jobs, and are
implementing initiatives to provide financial and educational support. Through colorful, one-of-a-kind items, we bring color and power to the daily lives of Japanese women.
■What is the Indian traditional costume “Sari”?
The sari is one of the world’s oldest ethnic costumes, and is still a staple of women’s clothing, especially in South Asia. Its history is said to be between 3000 and 5000 years old, and many women still wear it today. Each piece of brightly colored cloth, about 5 meters long, is worn by wrapping it around the body. In recent years, the wave of fast fashion has swept over sarees, and mass consumption and mass disposal have become a problem.
■What is the social impact created by “I was a Sari”?
Nowadays, the environmental impact caused by the fashion industry has become a social issue, and we are working to reduce the environmental impact by upcycling cloth that has been sold on the used clothing market in good condition and sarees that are no longer being used. “I was a Sari” is operated by “2nd Innings Handicraft” in Mumbai, India, and many of the craftsmen are women living in slums. To date, the company has employed 250 people and approximately 280,000 hours of work. Ethically Japan aims to further expand employment by
collaborating with the company.
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By creating employment for women, we can pay them a fair wage each month. Through work, you can not only earn a salary, but also have pride in yourself, cover your children’s education expenses, and go to the hospital when you get sick. There are still societies in the world where seemingly obvious things are not taken for granted, and Ethically Japan would like to support such people.
■What is “2nd Innings Handicraft”?
India’s 2nd Innings Handicraft, which operates I was a Sari, received B corp certification* in March 2024. In addition, we won the Responsible Disruptive Award at the 2019 Green Carpet Fashion Awards, and we were the first in India to receive the Circular Design Challenge Award for sustainable fashion promoted by the United Nations.
*About B corp certification: Certification given to sustainable companies by the American non-profit organization B Lab. Only companies that meet strict evaluation criteria in the areas of transparency, accountability, sustainability, and social and environmental performance are certified.
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■“I was a Sari” Comments from the Japanese team
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■ Our “dream” will be displayed on Yamanote Line vehicles.
Our “dream” related to the above has been selected for the “April Dream” project by PR TIMES Co., Ltd., and will be displayed on the signage inside JR Yamanote Line trains for two weeks from April 1st. Please take a look when using the Yamanote Line. (The Yamanote Line where the dream is posted is one train set.Depending on the operating conditions during the period, there may be times when the train is not running.)
■ Company profile
Ethical Japan LLC
Established in April 2023. With the mission of “connecting the world and Japan through ethics,” we plan, import and sell ethical products, and develop the education industry. Partner company of “TOKYO Ethical” sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We help the world move in a better direction through our comfortable products.
Permanent store: Yurakucho Marui 6F “Ethical Living LAB”
Online shop: EJ the shop (
Instagram: @i_was_a_sari_japan ( “April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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