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BMG for Professional, a next-generation business management game used by business leaders from over 100 companies, is now available | Scole Co., Ltd.

Scole Co., Ltd.
BMG for Professional, a next-generation business management game used by business leaders from over 100 companies, is now available | Scole Co., Ltd.
The Business Management Game (BMG) introduced at Waseda University Business School (MBA) has been significantly updated to focus on developing next-generation leaders.
Skole Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Sho Sudo, hereinafter referred to as “Score”), which develops next-generation leaders, is a company that develops cutting-edge management simulations and business services that are introduced at Waseda University Business School and corporate companies. The management game (hereinafter referred to as BMG) has been renewed based on feedback from business leaders from over 100 companies, and will now be offered as “BMG for Professional.”
The modern business environment has changed significantly compared to the past, including unstable social conditions, diversification of values, and trends in human capital management. It is essential that human resources, who are the source of value creation, make the most of their knowledge and abilities, have a high perspective and a broad perspective, and demonstrate flexible leadership in response to change.
We have renewed BMG to foster the next generation of leaders who will support such a future. We aim to unleash the potential of human resources and organizations by providing “BMG for Professional,” which is more realistic and exciting than ever before, and which condenses the elements necessary for executives.
Developing BMG for Professional from feedback from next generation leaders To date, BMG has been used in rank-specific training, next-generation leader development training, new business development programs, etc. at companies that lead various industries and industries, such as Shoko Chukin Bank, Lion, Seed, and Shimizu Corporation. I did. We have recently released “BMG for Professional”, a significantly updated management simulation based on feedback collected from next-generation leaders working at over 100 companies (patent pending).
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BMG for Professional has added the following functions to maximize the learning effects of rank-based training and next-generation leader development programs.
1. Consumer research function to investigate customer trends and research function to analyze competitors’ investment status
2. Ability to enhance the performance of products sold by the company through research and development
3. Macro events that occur during simulation and have a major impact on company management
4. Updated guide function and UI to support screen operations “BMG Management Training” using BMG for Professional
Scole provides the next generation leader development program “BMG Management Training” using “BMG for Professional”.
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Utilizing BMG as a place to put into practice the management theories learned through e-learning and classroom lectures, students can experience the perspective of understanding the flow of management through connections, the impact of decision-making in each department on management, strategic thinking, etc. Learn.
Through the process of founding a company from scratch and working on decision-making related to people, goods, and money while discussing with a team, it is possible to strengthen the skills necessary for new managers and leadership candidates.
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BMG Management Training – Introduction example
1. Seed (Developing next generation leaders):
[Image 4:×590.png ]
2. Shoko Chukin Bank (acquiring a managerial perspective, integrating strategy and finance):
[Image 5:×586.png ]
3. Shimizu Corporation (strengthening new business development capabilities through management experience):
[Image 6:×585.png ]
4. Lion (improving accuracy of new business plans, team building, etc.):
[Image 7:×591.png ]
About Business Management Game (BMG)
This cutting-edge product was released in 2022 under the supervision of Waseda University Business School (MBA), and can be used for up to 5 years and 20 quarters of decision-making on capital investment, human resources recruitment, market research, advertising, research and development, etc. While working on the project, you will experience a simulated management experience.
Through the experience of assuming the position of a management layer, gathering information on customers, markets, and competitors, building a strategy, and repeating implementation and improvement, you will acquire 1) the ability to think across departments and from a company-wide perspective, and 2) competition and marketing. You can learn strategic planning skills, 3) understanding the financial impact of business decisions, etc. in a way that is close to real management. The product features an easy-to-use operation screen that can be completed on a web browser, and a product that incorporates the essence of the game while pursuing a realistic competitive
environment, dramatically increasing students’ immersion and learning efficiency.
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Business Management Game (BMG) Overview: company overview
We at Skore Co., Ltd. aim to unleash the potential of people and organizations, which are the root of corporate value creation, in order to provide solutions that utilize theory and technology, precisely because of the rapid changes in the business environment and technology. I’ll work on it.
Company name: Scole Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-22-3 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Sho Sudo
Established: August 2, 2021
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