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Home » Cryptoya LLC Cryptoya LLC scales “physical blockchain” to Layer 2.

Cryptoya LLC Cryptoya LLC scales “physical blockchain” to Layer 2.

Crypto shop LLC
Cryptoya LLC scales “physical blockchain” to Layer 2.
Bringing physical blockchain closer to you. Put it on your ear. Play a song. ……
“Crypto-ya LLC” (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Employee: Yuki Shichiku, hereinafter referred to as “Crypto-ya”) announced the scaling of “physical blockchain”. We will deliver a new experience with Layer2 Solution, which consists of accessories and original music.
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■About physical blockchain Layer 2
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The history of crypto stores and physical blockchain
Cryptostore announced and actually released a “physical blockchain” in 2022. Additionally, last year we implemented a “physical blockchain hard fork” and achieved even higher robustness. This year is “Physical Blockchain Layer 2”. The Layer 2 Solution, which consists of two layers: “playing music on your ears = physical” and “playing music = digital”, realizes a size that is easier to carry and a price that is easier to obtain than traditional physical blockchains, as well as reducing the burden on your ears. We succeeded in reducing this problem by listening to music.
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Wear it on your ear (sales of accessories)
We will be selling the physical blockchain Layer 2 as an accessory. You can choose from two types of blocks: “CONCRETE” and “ANGO-YA,” and two types of chain accessories: “pierced earrings” and “earrings.”
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Playing a song (announcement of a song)
To commemorate the release of physical blockchain Layer 2, we will release the music video for the song “Blockchain Party Feat.79” by Cryptoya DJ Service. Additionally, we will be distributing MUSIC NFTs linked to the mp3 of this song using our in-house developed digital media protocol VWBL. We also plan to distribute it from various subscription services!
Check the special website for details!
You can purchase the physical blockchain Layer 2 and listen to Cryptoya’s original music on the special website.
[Special site URL]
■About Cryptoya LLC
[Image 5:×701.jpg] Crypto-ya is a technology organization based in Fukuoka and Tokyo that was created to create new economic activities and implement them in society, pioneered by blockchain technology. Our company is
enthusiastic about the arrival of a “new internet age” due to the spread of blockchain technology, and is focusing on solving various problems. In order to create products that take full advantage of the benefits of blockchain, it is essential to understand its philosophy and to have a wide range of knowledge on technology selection. Our company formulates hypotheses and conducts experiments to create new value.
【Company Profile】
Name: Cryptoya LLC
Location: Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Representative: Yuki Shichiku
Established: February 2019
Official site:
Official Twitter:
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