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Home » Hanshin Umeda Main Store From the 18 types of department store underground side dishes that won the preliminary rounds, the number one was determined by customer voting!

Hanshin Umeda Main Store From the 18 types of department store underground side dishes that won the preliminary rounds, the number one was determined by customer voting!

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.
[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] From the 18 types of department store underground side dishes that won the preliminary rounds, the number one was determined by customer voting!
The “New Deli Award” will be held from April 1st (Monday) to April 30th (Tuesday).
■“New Deli Award” B1F delicatessen section
■Voting and sales period: April 1st (Monday) → April 30th (Tuesday) ■Results: Scheduled to be announced in stores and on the Hanshin Umeda Main Store Deli Official Instagram around mid-May
About the official side dish Instagram Every month, Hanshin Umeda Main Store introduces a new side dish, “New Deli,” based on one theme.
This time, we will resell 18 particularly popular types from the “New Deli” sold from March 2023 to February 2024, and the grand prize will be decided by customer voting.
Please take a look at the initiatives unique to “Food Hanshin”! Click here for a total of 18 entry products!
No.1 / November 2023 Cheese
[Image 1: &3=14431-17872CCA0953A162C5555555555FC7C7C7C7C7C7C7C7C7C7c
Cheese and salmon salad fat roll (1 piece) 756 yen
-Recommended points from Furuichian staff-
“The combination of cheese, salmon, and salad was a popular product among customers, mainly in their 30s and 40s.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“Cheese and salmon are the perfect match! The gorgeous red, yellow, and green appearance makes it perfect for parties.”
No.2 / November 2023 Cheese
[Image 2:×2217.jpg] “Tagosaku”
Cheese mille-feuille cutlet bento (1 serving) 1,100 yen
-Recommended points from Tagosaku staff-
“The cutlet, which has cheese sandwiched in a mille-feuille pattern, was well-received as it was hearty, yet surprisingly light and easy to eat.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The richness of the cutlet is enhanced by the mellow cheese that goes well with the flavor of the loin, and it also goes well with alcohol.”
No.3 / April 2023 Spring flavor
[Image 3:×2246.jpg] “Fish bento Tomiso”
Grilled green onion with miso (1 slice) 897 yen
-Fish bento Tomiso staff’s recommended points-
“The response was far better than we expected! The flavor of the green onion miso further enhances the deliciousness of the seasonal mackerel, which is of great interest to our customers.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The combination of the thick, filling texture and the rich green onion miso is a flavor that goes well with rice.”
No.4 / June 2023 Lemon
[Image 4:×2327.jpg] “Mametanuki”
Lemon Inari (1 piece) 195 yen
-Recommended points from Mametanuki staff-
“Mametanuki’s challenge product representing 2023.Many customers were surprised and asked, “Lemon inari!?”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The refreshing scent of lemon and the elegant sweetness of the fried rice are a perfect balance.”
No.5 / September 2023 Mushrooms
[Image 5:×3066.jpg] “Mibiu”
Fried tofu with mushroom sauce (1 pack) 540 yen
-Recommended points from Mibiu staff-
“We used plenty of Mibiu’s proud dashi stock.It has a deep, nutritious taste with the added flavor of mushrooms.I recommend it with confidence.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“Bite-sized, easy-to-eat fried tofu and mushroom sauce with a refined dashi aroma make this a highly satisfying dish.”
No.6 / March 2023 Taste of early spring
[Image 6:×2666.jpg ]
Stewed octopus and radish with cherry blossoms (100g) 648 yen -Recommended points from Matsuoka staff-
“This is our best-selling new deli item in 2023. It’s a spring-like product, and many customers have returned to it.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“This is the perfect matsuoka, with the sweet and salty flavor of daikon radish and the soft flavor of octopus.”
No.7 / August 2023 Spicy and delicious!
[Image 7:×3043.jpg] “Kushiage mustard”
Spicy tulip (1 piece) 216 yen
-Kushiage Karashina staff’s recommended points-
“Among the various products we sold over the past year, this is the one that had the most repeat customers.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The chicken has a crunchy, fragrant batter and a springy texture. It has a strong, spicy flavor and is perfect as a side dish or as an accompaniment.”
No.8 / November 2023 Cheese
[Image 8:×2445.jpg] “Daitora”
Edamame cheese chikuwa (1 piece) 249 yen
-Recommended points from Daitora staff-
“Cheese and edamame are a combination that you wouldn’t expect to find on an iron plate.The chunky, large ingredients also whet your appetite.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The plump chikuwa, the richness of the cheese, and the texture of the edamame accentuate it, and you won’t be able to stop eating it with your chopsticks!”
No.9 / September 2023 Mushrooms
[Image 9:×1904.jpg] “Egg Deli Tamagomaru”
Dashi roll – Shiitake – (1 piece) 951 yen
-Recommended points from Egg Deli Tamagomaru staff-
“Of all the new dashimaki we introduced last year, this one was the one that received the most support from our customers!”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The secret to its popularity is the soft and fluffy egg that slowly soaks up the soup stock, and the delicious and deep flavor of the shiitake mushrooms.”
No.10 / November 2023 Cheese
[Image 10:×2021.jpg] “Fermented DELICATESSEN”
Rice bran Basque cheesecake (1 piece) 454 yen
-Recommended points from fermented DELICATESSEN staff-
“We have many repeat customers who love the unusual combination of rice bran and Basque cheesecake.It is a new sensation of sweet and salty sweets.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The sweet sake of rice koji and koji mitsu give it a natural sweetness, and the rice bran gives it an exquisite accent, giving it an addictive flavor.”
No.11 / January 2024 Miso
[Image 11: &s3=14431-1785-9E3E6B34AB08E348AA0F92BF5 E25-3900X3213.jpg]
“Roth Recipe”
Spring vegetable malt miso bagna cauda (1 pack) 760 yen
-Recommended points from Roth Recipe staff-
“The flavorful sauce, which combines koji and miso, brings out the deliciousness of the vegetables and was well received!”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The rich sauce paired with vegetables such as roasted onions and juicy bell peppers is irresistible!”
No.12 / November 2023 Cheese
[Image 12:×2592.jpg] “I’s Deli”
Cheese in special demi-glace sauce! Extra thick hamburger steak (1 piece) 621 yen
-I’s Deli staff’s recommended points-
“Even after the sale ended, we received many inquiries.A hamburger steak that allows you to enjoy the flavor of the meat, with plenty of cheese made from a blend of four types!”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“It’s not just the cheese topping, it also has cheese inside, making it an irresistible dish for cheese lovers.”
No.13 / January 2024 Miso
[Image 13: AEF94419ABDB105CD262-0.jpg &s3=14431-1785-41635221A2C5749384BB364646 4F9-3900X2611.jpg]
“Chicken Farm Deli +”
Saikyoyaki chicken thigh (1 piece) 562 yen
-Chicken Farm Deli + Staff Recommended Points-
“Saikyo miso and chicken go very well together! This is a popular product with many customers asking us to resell it.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The richness of the sweet miso brings out the richness and flavor of the chicken thighs, creating a delicious taste that leaves you lingering.”
No.14 / February 2024 Increased meat
[Image 14:×2650.jpg] “Hornmayr Fine Cost”
Potato salad with extra meat and ham (100g) 303 yen
-Recommended points of Hornmeyer Fine Cost Staff-
“The restaurant’s signature potato salad with plenty of ham and sausage is a must-try for meat-loving customers!”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“This potato salad, which has the strong flavor of ham, is a dish that can be called “ham with potatoes”! Also great as a snack with wine.”
No.15 / November 2023 Cheese
[Image 15:×2700.jpg] “Diamond Bread”
Two kinds of cheese egg sandwich (1 pack) 497 yen
-Recommended points of Diamond Bakery Staff-
“This is a sandwich that has surpassed other standard items and ranked third in our store’s monthly popularity rankings.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The richness and saltiness of the cheese goes perfectly with the mellow egg! It blends well with the smooth bread dough, and you can keep eating it.”
No.16 / July 2023 Cow
[Image 16:×2355.jpg] “Prego Pizza”
Fried pizza with charcoal-grilled beef belly yakiniku and onions from Awaji Island (1 piece) 432 yen
-Recommended points from Prego Pizza staff-
“No. 1 in monthly sales! This is a stamina fried pizza that combines sweet and salty charcoal-grilled beef belly yakiniku with the sweetness of onions from Awaji Island.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“The flavor of the meat and onions go well with the pizza dough. The aroma of charcoal makes it even more delicious!”
No.17 / November 2023 Cheese
[Image 17:×2228.jpg] “Iroha of Croquettes”
Mentaiko cheese croquette (1 piece) 108 yen
-Croquette no Iroha staff’s recommended points-
“Although it was only sold at the Hanshin Umeda main store, it is a very popular product that we have received inquiries from other stores as well! The ingredients are a classic combination, and the taste is addictive.”
-Recommended points from department store staff-
“This is a dish that made me say, “This is delicious!” when I first tried it. The mentaiko and cheese, along with the soft potatoes, is sure to be a flavor that will be loved by people of all generations. No.18 / June 2023 Lemon
[Image 18:×3030.jpg] “Chedi Luang”
Tom yum noodles finished with lemon (1 piece) 951 yen
-Recommended points of Chedi Luang Staff-
“We have received many requests from our customers to resell our products! Now you can easily enjoy the taste of our store at home.” -Recommended points from department store staff-
“The mellow aroma of spices and herbs, the flavorful soup, and the smooth noodles all give it an authentic taste.”
About voting method
During the period from April 1st (Monday) to April 30th (Tuesday), you can vote once with a purchase of 500 yen or more (tax included) at the food floor “Hanshin Shokuhinkan” on the 1st basement floor. From those who vote, 20 people will be randomly selected to receive a frozen squid, a Hanshin specialty.
The results of the New Deli Award will be announced in stores and on the Hanshin Deli Official Instagram around mid-May.
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