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Home » Released LINE app “Jukkatsu Craft” for new graduate job hunters

Released LINE app “Jukkatsu Craft” for new graduate job hunters

Hajimari Co., Ltd.
Released LINE app “Jukkatsu Craft” for new graduate job hunters ~ Create your own story with AI. With “Job Hunting Craft”, take the first step towards job hunting that suits you. ~
The job-hunting support service “intee” operated by Hajimari Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Naoto Kimura) will launch the LINE app “Shukatsu Craft” on Monday, April 1, 2024. We are pleased to announce the release of “Craft”. intee provides content that supports job hunting, such as self-analysis through interviews with adult mentors and events where you can meet companies.
Job Hunting Craft Official Homepage:
[Image 1:×670.jpg] What is Job Hunting Craft?
Job Hunting Craft is an app for creating/correcting Gakuchika (things you put effort into when you were a student) for job hunting students. You can use it only by registering as a LINE friend.
With the gakuchika creation/correction function, gakuchika sentences are automatically generated just by having a conversation on LINE, allowing you to learn about your own characteristics and aptitude. By arranging it in your own way rather than using the AI’s sentences as is, you will deepen your self-understanding.
In addition to Gakuchika, there is also a motivation correction function that corrects motivations for job hunters according to their desired companies, and supports job hunting that is tailored to each individual.
In addition, it is equipped with a matching function that allows you to meet working mentors who are a good fit for you, and you can also consult with them about self-analysis and job hunting in general. If requested, we will also introduce companies that are suitable for students.
Job Hunting Craft Official Homepage: Features of Job Hunting Craft
(1) Gakchika generation function
AI automatically generates detailed information such as self-promotion and motivation for applying, depending on the company and type of job you are applying for. Job hunters can create their own profile by simply answering 6 questions on LINE.
[Image 2:×670.jpg] You can generate gakuchika with a simple conversation on LINE. (2) Jaggedness correction function
AI will correct the gakuchika created by job hunters and provide improvements and advice. Corrections will be provided based on points that are likely to be pointed out by the company’s human resources, making it possible to create a review that incorporates a third-party perspective.
(3) Motivation correction function
AI will correct the job seeker’s motivation for applying to the company they wish to apply to, and provide points for improvement. Our unique strength is that we are able to provide thorough job hunting preparations for each company by taking into account that motivations for applying to the company differ depending on the company you wish to apply for.
(4) Mentor matching function
This function allows you to meet working mentors who can help you find employment, taking into consideration the information you have created, the job hunting student’s level of aspiration, and the company’s track record of job offers. Based on the Gakuchika you have created, we will introduce you to mentors who are particularly compatible with you from among intee’s adult mentors who have supported the employment of over 10,000 students.
The big difference from other AI services is that you can meet a mentor who suits you and provide useful feedback such as interview preparation and industry information, rather than relying on AI alone. Development background
Job-hunting often has the image of being a tedious task, as it involves gathering a lot of information, writing articles that present yourself well, and suddenly looking back on the past 20 years. Many people feel depressed before they even begin, but at Hajimari, we believe that it can be enjoyed as the first step in choosing your future.
We developed “Shukatsu Craft” in the hopes of changing the negative image many people have about job hunting and increasing the number of young people who can actively build their careers.
In addition, in a survey conducted among 385 students using intee, in response to the question, “What activity do you spend the most time doing during job hunting?” about one-third, or 34.5%, of the students answered “ES (Entry Sheet)”. ) Preparation/Creation” was the answer. When asked whether they would like to use a service that supports “ES preparation/creation,” which many job hunters spend their time on, 88.1% answered “yes.” .
Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of creating an ES, which students especially spend time on during job hunting, we launched Job Hunting Craft, a service that supports creation by focusing on the most important “gakuchika” in an ES.
What the service aims for
Job Hunting Craft supports job hunting in a more enjoyable and essential way. I hope that more and more job hunters will utilize cutting-edge technology to make their time more efficient and carefully craft their own careers.
Hajimari, which has interviewed many students through “intee,” has the strength of being able to make AI learn the most suitable data from a huge amount of data.
We plan to gradually add more functions so that we can provide support tailored to each person’s desired job hunting style.
Company Profile
[Image 3:×261.png ]
Hajimari Co., Ltd.
Location: 〒150-0043
6th, 7th and 9th floors, Shibuya DT Building, 1-16-10 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Naoto Kimura
Established: February 26, 2015
Business details:
・IT Propartners | Matching support service between excellent IT entrepreneurs/freelancers and growing companies
・HR Pro Partners | Outsourcing matching service for “ready-to-work HR” and “growth companies”
・Marketing Pro Partners | Professional human resource matching service specializing in the marketing field
・Finance Pro Partners | Matching service between high-skilled accounting and finance personnel and growing companies
・Mentor Pro Partners | “External mentor” introduction service by current managers and executives
・intee|First Career Support Service ・TUKURUS|Development support and regional support projects that create a better tomorrow for companies and regions
・HR University|“Accompanying” e-learning video training service where you can learn about human resources and management in 5 minutes a day
More details about this release: