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Home » Ballooms | Balloon Flower Shop in Shibuya Balloon flower bouquet specialty store “Ballooms” is opening “balloon flower shops” one after another all over Japan!

Ballooms | Balloon Flower Shop in Shibuya Balloon flower bouquet specialty store “Ballooms” is opening “balloon flower shops” one after another all over Japan!

[Ballooms | Balloon flower shop in Shibuya] Balloon flower bouquet specialty store “Ballooms”
(BALLOOMS)” will open “Balloon Flower Shops” one after another all over Japan!
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Press release: April 1, 2024
April Dream Project
Balloon flower bouquet specialty store “Ballooms” is opening “balloon flower shops” all over Japan one after another!
*A hot topic overseas and on SNS?! I have never seen a bouquet like this before! April of “Ballooms | Shibuya Balloon Flower Shop”, the pioneer of balloon flower bouquet specialty stores in Japan
This press release is a dream sent out by a business operator who sympathizes with the April Dream project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true.
“Ballooms | Shibuya Balloon Flower Shop” (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), a pioneer of balloon flower bouquet specialty stores in Japan, will begin supporting the opening of “balloon flower shops” across Japan from 2024.

(Heart)︎We are trying to make April 1st the day to send out our dreams.April I agree with Dream. This press release is a dream of “Ballooms | Shibuya’s balloon flower shop” (hereinafter referred to as
○What is a balloon flower bouquet?
A balloon flower bouquet is a huge bouquet made of balloons.

This item is made from colorful twisted balloons used in balloon art to create flowers that look like a bouquet. Total length approximately 80-90cm! (Depends on the type) It’s gorgeous and has an impact, and is also recommended for surprises on birthdays and anniversaries. Pop, cute and cool! *
A memorable bouquet* that will make everyone smile.
○History of balloon flower bouquets
This bouquet is still unfamiliar in Japan. It has a short history, and is said to have started in Thailand, which is famous for hosting international balloon art contests (from around 2000).

Thailand has a culture that is proactive about celebrations, and balloon art has come to be used not only for performances but also as decorations and gifts for celebrations. Balloon flower bouquets also developed as a standard gift.

After that, it spread to Taiwan, South Korea, and other countries, and stores specializing in balloon flower bouquets are opening one after another. In recent years, posts from Korean specialty shops have become popular on Instagram, and bouquets have become a hot topic as a new form of bouquet instead of fresh flowers. It is a popular item that can often be seen on the SNS of K-POP artists, actors, and talents.

“Balrooms” was one of the first companies to open a specialty store in Japan, focusing on balloon flower bouquets. I have never seen a bouquet like this! Balloon flower bouquets fill important days with surprise and smiles, and are popular as memorable gifts along with photos for birthdays, weddings, and important anniversaries. ○Balrooms customers
“Balrooms”, which can be said to be the pioneer of balloon flower bouquets in Japan, opened a balloon flower bouquet specialty store in June 2023 and started selling bouquets to the general public. (Non-store sales)

Recently, we have been receiving more and more requests from companies as photo props, such as art collaboration for photo albums of actors who play the leading role in dramas, photography collaboration for magazine talent feature pages, and even store decorations and sales promotions for brand receptions and campaigns. There is also a track record of it being used as a strategy to attract customers.
Example of in-store decoration for the Omotesando showroom’s 4th anniversary event.
A balloon flower giveaway project was implemented as a promotional measure. Store decoration for gateau chocolate brand “H.hito” launch party. A balloon flower giveaway project was implemented as a measure to attract customers.
○ Ballumes’ Dream
In the future, we will continue to explore the possibilities of balloon flower bouquets and promote them at events, campaigns, and promotions*
We aim to build a network with companies that use balloon flower bouquets*.

At the same time, we will be offering an online balloon florist training course, and will devise a system that will allow independent owners to open their own balloon flower shops across the country.* It’s a schedule.

In addition to simply learning techniques, we provide full support so that students can acquire specialized knowledge and skills as balloon florists and eventually become independent and open their own “balloon flower shop.”

Each student will realize their dreams and learn about the culture of gift giving using balloon flower bouquets.
We will provide highly specialized support and business guidance so that you can take a strong step toward expanding your business to the local community.

(Heart)︎ “April Dream” is a PR event that will be held on April 1st to send out the dreams that companies want to achieve in the future. This is a project by TIMES. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
Ballooms|Balloon flower shop in Shibuya

Balloon flower bouquets are happy items that will fill your special day with surprises and smiles.
Bouquets made from balloons can deflate or break within a day. It has a pop look but is surprisingly delicate. But that role came at the perfect moment! With maximum impact! Opening flowers. There are smiling faces and cheers of congratulations.

I have never seen a bouquet like this! We want everyone who witnesses our balloon flower bouquets to treasure the joy and smiles they feel at that moment.
Meet smile and joy: our balloon flower bouquet!
Balloons is a pioneering balloon flower bouquet specialty store in Japan. We offer quality that only a specialty store can provide. We hope that you will be interested in this and that you will be able to use this unforgettable huge bouquet as a gift for your loved ones. * ◆Motive for founding*
* A little surprise and excitement! I want to bring heart-pounding moments into everyday life. *

We started this business with the thought that if such a small opportunity could be delivered in a new form of gift called a “balloon flower bouquet”…

An innovative product that can be considered a work of art, a balloon flower bouquet is more than just a gift, it tells a wonderful story and creates a memorable experience each time it is given. *

* Surprise and excitement, stories are born at the moment of giving and receiving, and life events are colored. *

Balloon flower bouquets are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces due to their impressive appearance! Created with the aim of being a unique gift.

It’s a new way to express not only birthdays and anniversaries, but also everyday expressions of “thank you” and “you’re doing your best.”

We offer one-of-a-kind gifts that expand the range of expression with unique shapes and coloring.

* ◆Vision*
Balloon flower bouquets are more than just gifts, and are more than just a passing fad.
We aim to take root as a culture that spreads heart-warming smiles and happiness.

* We envision a future where the gift itself becomes an event, providing an unforgettable moment of entertainment between the giver and the recipient. *

Over the next five years, we hope to spread this unique gift across Japan and create a positive impact on society by breathing fresh life into days of gratitude and commemoration.

Our balloon flower bouquets have become key pieces that spread smiles and joy among people, and have been loved for a long time* Symbols of gift culture*
I hope that it will become established as such.

* ◆Original design*
Every day, we develop unique bouquet designs based on feedback from our customers.
Mini bouquet large / 17 daisies [Design registration pending] Mini bouquet (simple stem)/7 daisies [Design registration pending] Instagram
Ballooms|Balloon flower shop in Shibuya
Balloon flower bouquet specialty store (no store)
Contact information
Mami Tadera
*Pending application for trademark registration for “Balloon Flower Bouquet (TM)️”.
*Reservations can be made via Instagram DM. (No stores)
*BALLOOMS uses environmentally friendly 100% natural rubber (latex) balloons that are decomposed by sunlight and water and regenerated naturally.
(C)️2024 Ballooms Balloon Flower Bouquet (TM)︎

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