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Kadokawa Daiei Studio virtual production studio “Sea Infinity” launched

Kadokawa Daiei Studio Co., Ltd.
Kadokawa Daiei Studio virtual production studio “Sea Infinity” launched ……
Kadokawa Daiei Studio Co., Ltd. (location: 6-1-1 Tamagawa, Chofu City, Tokyo, CEO: Daiji Horiuchi, hereinafter referred to as Kadokawa Daiei Studio) will be providing virtual production services within Kadokawa Daiei Studio from April 1, 2024. provide.
At Sea Infinity (formerly No.C Studio), we installed Sony’s Crystal LED VERONA of approximately 6K size, and created virtual production centered on in-camera VFX using a large LED display *Note (hereinafter referred to as VP) and production solutions. Offers.
[Image 1:×513.jpg] ~Sea Infinity~ Kadokawa Daiei Studio grew up in the land of Chofu and has created the history of film and video together with the land of Chofu.
In April 2024, No.C Studio will be reborn as “Sea Infinity”, a studio for creating infinite possibilities.
~Fusion of real art and virtual art~
We create art in virtual space using cutting-edge technology and historical art production technology, achieving a borderless relationship between real art and the virtual art world, which affects the quality of the work. This allows us to provide a unique, high-quality art space. We will also start providing technical services such as pre-visualization by the VAD (Virtual Art
Department), which is one of the important sections of shooting using VP.
[Image 2:×1033.jpg] ~Uses the latest LED panel and rare display lifting system~
A high-definition Sony Crystal LED VERONA measuring 15.0m wide x 5.0m high is controlled by an electric winch and can be raised and lowered within a range of approximately 2.2m. This eliminates restrictions on angles and set heights, allowing for more freedom in image creation.
[Image 3:×541.jpg]
[Image 4:×516.jpg] ~ Initiatives to combat climate change ~
By utilizing the virtual space created by large LED displays, we will be able to reduce the amount of waste of conventional art sets by 50%. As a member of the KADOKAWA Group, we recognize that countermeasures against climate change are an urgent issue for society, and are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy, promoting sustainable business activities that reduce environmental impact. *Note: A shooting method that combines a large LED display, camera tracking, and a game engine. A background created primarily using 3DCG (virtual background) is displayed on a large display, and by placing an actual object or person in front of it and re-shooting it with a camera, it is possible to confirm that the image was actually shot at the location shown in the background. Technology to produce videos like this.
studio specs
Address: 6-1-1 Tamagawa, Chofu City, Tokyo Kadokawa Daiei Studio Sea Infinity (formerly No.C Studio) Specifications: Studio area 550 square meters (167 tsubo), height 8.0 m, electrical capacity 180 kw (100 V/200 V combined) LED: Sony Crystal LED VERONA
Size: Width 15.0m x height 5.0m, number of cabinets 300 (pitch size 2.31mm)        Resolution 6,480×2,160pixel, ROUND2.5°
Installation: Hanging lifting type (range of motion 2,200mm) Output system: In-camera VFX: Compatible with Unreal Engine 4.27/5.1/5.2/5.3 Camera: VENICE2 8K
Video: Sony PCL ZOET4
Processor: Brompton Tessera SX40 Tracking System: Mo-Sys StarTracker Max Company Profile
Kadokawa Daiei Studio Co., Ltd. [Established] April 1, 2013 [Head office] 2-13-3 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo [Representative] President and CEO Daiji Horiuchi [Business description] Studio including art production, lighting equipment and Post-production equipment rental business [URL]
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Inquiries regarding studio management, operating status, etc. Kadokawa Daiei Studio Co., Ltd. Sales Department Studio Sales Division Email:
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