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Link-U Group Co., Ltd. Held “1st Group Employee General Meeting ~LINKING DAY 2024~” to commemorate becomin g a holding company

Link-U Group Co., Ltd.
“1st Group Employee General Meeting ~LINKING DAY 2024~” will be held to commemorate becoming a holding company
Towards the realization of “Release every value and provide the world with heart-pounding experiences.”
Link-U Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director and Group CEO: Hiroki Matsubara), which opens up the world with IT technology and creativity, announced on Friday, March 22nd, along with eight group companies, We held the 2024 Group General Meeting of Employees ~LINKING DAY 2024~ (hereinafter referred to as the General Meeting of Employees).
The general meeting of employees was the first event that brought together employees from all companies within the Link-U Group, and served as an opportunity for more than 150 employees to share their understanding of the direction of the group as a whole and deepen communication.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] (1) Purpose of the event
On March 1, 2024, Link-U Group Co., Ltd. (former company name: Link-U Co., Ltd.) changed its organizational structure with the aim of “group management that creates efficient and synergistic effects” and established Link-U, a holding company. From U Group Co., Ltd. and eight group companies (Link-U Technologies Co., Ltd., Liberal Marketing Co., Ltd., Brightech Co., Ltd., Compass Co., Ltd., Comikey Media Inc., Studio Moon6 Co., Ltd., Viewn Co., Ltd., Amlink Co., Ltd.) We now have a holdings structure. Taking this opportunity, each group company will focus on its own business area, dig deeper into it, and set a group purpose for the group as a whole to move in the same direction, as well as a torch (behavior guidelines) for holding common values ​​that should be cherished. ) has been formulated. This general meeting of employees was held with the aim of sharing this group purpose and torch with all group employees, and deepening horizontal connections between companies and job types within the group. (2) Event details
▼Announcing a new purpose to unify the expanding group!
The general meeting of employees began with group CEO Hiroki Matsubara announcing the group’s purpose: “Release all value and provide heart-pounding experiences to the world.” The meaning of Purpose is, “Doubt the status quo, don’t be afraid of the unprecedented, and continue to challenge yourself to create mechanisms that shake your heart while exploring new possibilities.” In order to realize this purpose, the four behavioral guidelines that each employee should aim for are “Challenge,” “Honest,” “Teamwork,” and “Speed.” Ta.
[Image 2:×2194.jpg]
[Image 3:×2194.jpg] ▼Expect synergy effects! Each CEO introduces various businesses Our group’s businesses span a wide range of areas, including server platform business, development and operation of manga services for domestic and international markets, manga and webtoon content production, DX promotion and support business for government offices, etc., and tidying matching platform business. At the general meeting of employees, the CEOs of each company will explain their business content and present future policies on how they will create synergies by collaborating with the platforms, technologies, and connections of other group companies from their own perspective. Did.
▼Panel discussion by manga pioneers
On stage were group CEO Hiroki Matsubara, CEOs of group companies involved in the manga and webtoon service business, and Hiroshi Murayama, who previously served as the editor-in-chief of Weekly Big Comic Spirits and the second editor-in-chief of Manga One at Shogakukan. We invited Mr. Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Third Comic Bureau Chief Producer) as a guest for a panel discussion on the “future of manga.” “The popularity of reincarnation in another world and villainess genres will continue,” “Mega-hit works emerge from areas that have not been marketed,” and “In Korea, there is a resurgence in the movement to promote not only webtoons but also manga on various platforms.” We had a heated discussion about the manga industry, which has even more potential, with some saying,
▼Deepen mutual understanding through workshops that have attracted attention in recent years
Link-U Group employees from different companies and from different occupations formed a team of 5 to 8 people and held a workshop. The theme is a “cartography game,” which has recently been increasingly used in employee training.Each member has a card with unique information written on it, and the game is played only by discussion without showing it to each other. This is a game where you complete a map. The workshop not only stimulated communication, but also allowed participants to get a glimpse of how other employees think and work, deepening mutual understanding.
(3) Voices of participants
・I am in charge of the UI design for another group company’s Webtoon service, but up until now I have only interacted with the other company’s planning staff. This was a valuable opportunity for me to have a conversation with someone who is creating content for the first time, and build a relationship that allowed me to have rough design consultations. (Designer/Link-U Group Co., Ltd.)
・I am usually in charge of developing manga apps. I still have a lot to learn in my first year as a new graduate, but when I learned at an employee general meeting that another group company was looking for our technical skills, I felt like I wanted to work hard so that I could be of help at work someday. (Server Engineer/Link-U Technologies Co., Ltd.)
・Until now, I had only been aware of myself as an employee of an affiliated company, but the general meeting of employees gave me an opportunity to view the entire group as my own. I also felt that Purpose and Torch have universality that applies to the work of any group company, and are clear and concise. I would like to reflect this in my work and actions. (Back Office/Compass Co., Ltd.)
About Link-U Group Co., Ltd.
With the purpose of “Releasing all kinds of value and delivering heart-pounding experiences to the world,” our group uses an endless combination of unique technologies, content, and platforms to develop systems, operate app/web platforms, produce manga/Webtoon content, We are a group that continues to create a new future in a wide range of fields such as marketing.
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