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Saikinso Co., Ltd. Based on Japan’s largest database with a cumulative total of 100,000 samples, we have further upgraded the judgment value of intestinal flora tests!

Saikinso Co., Ltd.
Based on Japan’s largest database with a cumulative total of 100,000 samples, we have further upgraded the judgment values ​​of intestinal flora tests!
Saikinso Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yu Sawai, hereinafter referred to as Saikinso) uses the intestinal flora test “Mykinso” to collect 10 out of 10,000 samples to determine the judgment value of the test result. We would like to inform you that in addition to expanding the number of samples to 10,000, we have also adopted stricter standards for “healthy subjects” and applied new judgment values ​​calculated from more carefully selected data. The new judgment values ​​will be reflected in test results from April 1, 2024.
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The number of bacterial flora samples collected through Mykinso, the intestinal flora testing service provided by Saikinso, exceeded 100,000 samples in October 2023, and has reached 120,000 samples as of March 2024. Based on our corporate philosophy of “Making people healthy through bacterial flora,” we hope to provide test results that are even more reliable than ever before, and we have determined this value based on data on the intestinal flora of 100,000 people. This has been revised.
Regarding the definition of reference individuals for determining new judgment values
The new judgment value is based on a huge amount of intestinal flora data from 100,000 people, and defines a “healthy person” (as considered by Saikinso to be a “person with a healthy intestinal environment”) as someone who meets the following six conditions. I did it.
■Definition of healthy people used to calculate new judgment values
[Table 2: ]
In line with this revision of the judgment values, we have newly added items regarding antibiotic usage and smoking habits to the definition of “healthy person”.
When we compared the intestinal flora of people who used antibiotics or smoked and those who did not, we found that the state of the flora was significantly different. For example, people who smoke have a lower occupancy rate of Bifidobacterium and Fierybacterium
(butyrate-producing bacteria), which are considered useful bacteria, and a lower occupancy rate of Fusobacterium, which is considered a cautionary bacteria. There was a tendency that there were many. With the total number of samples exceeding 100,000 people, we were able to secure a sufficient number of samples even if we set an even stricter definition of healthy people, which led to the addition of this condition.
Points of judgment value in Mykinso
The judgment values ​​used for Mykinso’s test results are created based on the data of “people with healthy intestinal environments” who meet the conditions of healthy people defined by Saikinso, rather than from everyone who underwent the test.
By calculating the judgment value only for healthy people, we can provide test results that show how your own intestinal flora compares to a healthy intestinal flora. I am. By selecting the conditions for healthy individuals even more carefully than before, we believe that we have been able to set a more accurate indicator of healthy intestinal flora for this new determination value. Based on our corporate philosophy of “Making people healthy with bacterial flora,” we will continue to build, research and analyze the bacterial flora database and strive to improve the quality of Mykinso.
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Comments from the person in charge
Saikinso Co., Ltd. Product Development Div Product Manager Yohei Kiriyama Thank you for always using Mykinso. Thanks to everyone, the cumulative number of intestinal flora tests exceeded 120,000 in March 2024. By combining the accumulated data and research results on intestinal flora, we were able to revise the judgment value. I am very happy to be able to announce this as a step forward in the world of intestinal flora.
We believe that “intestinal flora can be improved” and provide intestinal flora testing to serve as a guideline for improvement. The “healthy person” (as considered by Saikinso, “a person with a healthy intestinal environment”), which is the basis for this revision of the judgment value, is a measure of the health image of this era. With this revision, we hope that everyone will be able to take advantage of the more accurate measurement and use it to improve their daily health.
In the future, we will conduct stratified analyzes based on various categories such as age, gender, and lifestyle habits, and proceed with research and development to be able to provide test results and advice that are more tailored to each person. Please look forward to future updates.
About Mykinso
An intestinal flora testing service that anyone can easily perform at home. In addition to being equipped with the “Intestinal Flora Comprehensive Judgment” that evaluates the quality of intestinal flora in five stages, it also measures useful bacteria such as
bifidobacteria, lactic acid-producing bacteria, butyric acid-producing bacteria, and equol-producing bacteria, as well as risks of obesity and colon cancer. You can check 10 items including bacteria to be careful about. In addition, we will also give you advice on how to improve your intestinal environment according to the bacteria category. We also offer Mykinso Pro, which is available at over 1,200 medical institutions nationwide, and Mykinso Kids, a testing service specializing in infants and young children.
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Company Profile
With the corporate philosophy of “Making people healthy through microbiota,” we aim to elucidate the relationship between resident microbiota, including intestinal flora, and mental and physical health and disease risks, and provide optimal solutions for the daily lives of all people. By providing the following, we aim to create a society where everyone can become naturally healthy. As part of this effort, we developed Mykinso, an intestinal flora test that can be easily performed at home, based on the idea that understanding the state of the intestinal environment will lead to maintaining and improving health. Utilizing Japan’s large-scale bacterial flora database and advanced data science technology, we will diversify businesses based on bacterial flora data, such as expanding testing services, OEM development, system construction support, and promoting research and utilization of anonymously processed information. It is being expanded to.
・Company name: Saikinso Co., Ltd.
・Established: November 19, 2014
・Location: 2nd floor, Odaka Building, 1-36-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ・Representative: Representative Director Yu Sawai
・Main joint research destination: Osaka University Research Institute for Microbial Diseases
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