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First Accounting Co., Ltd. First Accounting has announced the “First Accounting Partner Awards 2024”

[First Accounting Co., Ltd.] First Accounting received the “First Accounting Partner Awards”
2024” has been announced.

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Press release: April 1, 2024
First Accounting has announced “First Accounting Partner Awards 2024” *Recognizes four partner companies that together promoted accounting reform at enterprise companies and made significant contributions to improving customer satisfaction*
* First Accounting Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Mori
Keitaro (hereinafter referred to as “First Accounting”) is a “First Accounting Partner”.
For the second time of the “Awards,” we announced the winning companies in four categories. *

* ■About First Accounting Partner Awards*
“First Accounting Partner
Awards are given to partner companies that have made particularly notable contributions to the accounting DX of many enterprise companies through the accounting-specific AI solutions provided by First Accounting.
* ■Award-winning partner companies and reasons for award*
*Best Partner Award: IBM Japan Co., Ltd.*
He has worked hard to expand sales to many customers through the development and commercialization of an “Expense Settlement Fraud Detection Solution” that utilizes the accounting AI module “Robota.” In addition to matching services, IBM’s unique and highly
technological services, such as coordination with other systems and fraud detection services, have gained strong support from customers. Regarding Remota, we have made a great contribution to improving customer satisfaction with our stable implementation capabilities. (Left of photo) Director/Partner, Director/Partner, Automation Division Manager, Industry Specific BPO Division, IBM Japan, Ltd. IBM Consulting Business Division Tomohiro Nishigaki
(Photo on the right) IBM Japan, Ltd. IBM Consulting Business Division Business Transformation Services Business Partner SAP Responsible Mr. Naoya Matsumoto
*Contribution Partner Award: NTT Data Smart Sourcing Corporation* Thanks to their diverse services and extensive knowledge, they have been instrumental in promoting the sales and introduction of “Robota” and “Remota” throughout the year. In addition, by distributing joint press releases and conducting interviews regarding implementation projects, we have made a significant contribution to making proposals for accounting business reforms to even more customers.
(Photo right) Mayumi Hayashi, Executive Officer and Head of Digital Strategy Business Headquarters, NTT Data Smart Sourcing Corporation Strategic Partner Award: ABeam Consulting Co., Ltd.
By having human resources who are skilled in AI stationed on-site, we can build trust with customers, and in planning strategies and measures for the introduction and operation of remote work and the use of AI, we have a wide range of activities, including the introduction and established operation of “Remota” and “Robota.” Thank you for your support. By working closely with customers, we have greatly
contributed to communication and problem solving, leading to high customer satisfaction through improved productivity and operational efficiency.
(Photo right) Mr. Hiromi Kanemura, Executive Officer, Principal, Head of Enterprise Transformation Business Unit, ABeam Consulting Co., Ltd. Business Solution Partner Award: JSOL Co., Ltd.
In addition to the various solutions that incorporate “Robota” that have been well received by customers, we have also received
significant cooperation in marketing activities aimed at promoting DX in the accounting field through joint hosting of webinars, etc., and we are working as a business solution partner. He has left an excellent track record.
(Left of photo) Yuichi Masuda, Senior Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of Enterprise & Social Business Headquarters, JSOL Co., Ltd.
* ■First Accounting Comments*
Throughout 2023, we continued to receive strong support from our partner companies, and were able to deliver First Accounting solutions to even more enterprise accountants. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
As AI technology continues to evolve, First Accounting will continue to work together with our partner companies to eliminate the burden of accounting work for many companies and provide services that will help everyone. .
(Representative Director and President Keitaro Mori)

■About First Accounting
First Accounting is a company that provides services for corporations to utilize the power of AI to streamline and automate accounting operations.
In character recognition technology, he researches not only the computer vision field, but also generative AI such as LLM and the latest technologies, and presents papers at various academic conferences. We develop services based on these research results and provide them to many large corporate customers and accounting vendors. Our purpose is to “instill confidence and courage by removing constraints.” We will use AI technology to remove various constraints on our customers’ operations and do our best to help them focus on more valuable operations.

Company name: First Accounting Co., Ltd. (TSE Growth: 5588)
Address: 3rd floor, VORT Hamamatsucho I, 1-6-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: June 2016
Representative: Keitaro Mori, Representative Director and President URL:

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