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Co., Ltd. Link Sales for the 12th period reach record high! Achieved 4.25 billion yen for the entire group

Link Co., Ltd.
-Agricultural Equipment King-12th sales reached record high! Achieved 4.25 billion yen for the entire group
Link Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture, Representative Director: Yoshiro Hamada), which operates 33 stores nationwide called “Agricultural Machinery King”, which specializes in the purchase and sale of used agricultural equipment, has announced the financial results of the entire group for the 12th term. Masu. Sales increased 16% from the same period last year to 4.25 billion yen.
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■Link Group 12th fiscal year 2023 financial results
In terms of business results for the 12th fiscal year 2023, the group as a whole had sales of 4.25 billion yen (116% compared to the same period last year). We achieved our sales target for the 12th fiscal year and set a new record high for sales.
[Image 2:×575.jpg] ○Analysis of factors behind sales increase in the 12th term
■Opened Agricultural Machinery King Hyogo store, the 23rd store in the country In March 2023, we opened Nokki-Oh Hyogo store (Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture), our 23rd store nationwide. In 2020, the number of agricultural management entities was 38,302, ranking fifth in the nation, and the number of community farming was 907, ranking first. (*Note) The strengthening of purchasing support in Hyogo Prefecture led to an increase in sales. Additionally, opening a store in a new area, Hyogo Prefecture, has strengthened ties with the local agricultural community and contributed to optimizing the balance between supply and demand for used agricultural equipment.
(*Note) “2020 Agriculture and Forestry Census (as of February 1, 2020),” “2015 National Census” (Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), “Survey on Community Farming Situation (February 1, 2020)” (as of today)
■Three purchasing offices evolved into stores
We have transformed the Fukushima Purchase Office, Akita City Purchase Office, and Tochigi Purchase Office, which previously specialized only in purchasing, into stores that also have sales functions.
Specifically, we expanded our operations to Fukushima Sukagawa store, Akita Yokote store, and Tochigi store.
This has enabled us to respond even more deeply to the market needs of each region. By not only buying but also selling, customers can now not only sell their used agricultural equipment, but also purchase high-quality used equipment if necessary. This has enabled us to build lasting relationships rather than one-time customers, which has also led to increased customer satisfaction.
The addition of sales functions also contributed to the development of a new customer base. Customers who were considering purchasing used agricultural equipment but were unable to find a reliable source are now using our store as a new option. In this way, by engaging in both purchasing and sales, we have been able to further strengthen our position in the used agricultural equipment market.
■Received the category award for 8 consecutive years at “Yahoo! Auctions! Best Store Award 2023”
“Link WEB SHOP” operated within Yahoo! Auctions won the category award “2nd Place in DIY, Agricultural Machinery Category” at the “Yahoo! Auctions! Best Store Awards 2023” sponsored by Yahoo! Corporation. This award has increased our sense of security and trust in the Link WEB SHOP. Additionally, by holding an award sale to commemorate this award, we were able to attract more customers than ever before, and sales on the Internet were also strong.
▼Yahoo Auctions: ■Holding events for local residents
We are also committed to strengthening our relationships with local communities. As part of this effort, we held a free all-you-can-pack onion event at the Agricultural Machinery King Fukuoka store and Gunma store. This event was very well received by local residents and was covered by the media. These community-based events created a positive impression of our company in the local community and generated word-of-mouth publicity.
This event not only contributed to the local community, but also greatly contributed to improving our company’s name recognition and brand image. This also leads to the acquisition of new customers. ■Strengthening SNS of each Agricultural Equipment King store We have strengthened each store’s SNS strategy. Specifically, we have increased online customer engagement by introducing new products, announcing events, and communicating directly with customers on Instagram. This digital marketing effort was particularly effective with younger customers and created a synergy between online and offline.
In the 13th term, we will strive to further enhance our business with the goal of further increasing sales.
[About Link Co., Ltd.]
Head Office: 2F Rokuposha Building, 652 Demachi, Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture, 523-0892
Representative: Representative Director Yoshiro Hamada
Established: December 2011 (Founded: May 2009)
Phone number: 0748-36-3697
Business content: Buying and selling agricultural equipment
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