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Home » au PAY Market holds “Spring Home Appliance Festival” with great deals at “Point Super Festival”

au PAY Market holds “Spring Home Appliance Festival” with great deals at “Point Super Festival”

au Commerce & Life Co., Ltd.
au PAY Market holds “Spring Home Appliance Festival” with great deals at “Point Super Festival”
~ Lots of great benefits, including up to 35% points rebate at the point super festival and up to 50% off sales and point rebates on popular home appliances ~
au Commerce & Life Co., Ltd. will hold a “Point Super Festival” on the comprehensive shopping site “au PAY Market” that it operates from April 5th to April 11th, 2024.
In addition, at the “XPRICE au PAY Market Store” operated by XPRICE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Koto-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Toshimitsu Shimizu), 12 people will be selected by lottery to receive a 50% discount. Get maximum discounts with coupon gifts and purchases of eligible products. We will be holding a “Spring Home Appliance Festival” where we will give back 20% Ponta points (au PAY market only). “Point Super Festival” “Spring Home Appliance Festival”
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■Points about Chocho Festival and Spring Home Appliance Festival 1. au PAY Market Benefits (1) Points If you enter from the Chochosai campaign page and shop at au PAY Market, you will receive up to 7% of Ponta points (au PAY Market only) depending on the purchase amount and conditions. . By combining Bargain Members benefits and point returns from stores, you can get up to 35% point returns.
[Table 4: ]
(2) Spring Home Appliance Festival
( At the XPRICE au PAY market store, we will be holding a lottery to give away 50% discount coupons. We will be holding a “Spring Home Appliance Festival” with up to 20% point rebates and discount coupons that can be used when shopping at XPRICE au PAY Market stores.
[Table 5: ]
Super featured product
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2. au PAY Hometown Tax Benefits (1) Up to 2% return with au PAY Hometown Tax ( Entry from the campaign page and donate 10,000 yen or more with au PAY Hometown Tax Up to 2% of Ponta points (au PAY market only) will be returned to au Smart Pass Premium members (paid). When combined with ongoing campaigns and benefits, you can earn up to 18% points back.
[Table 6:] 3. Date and time: April 5, 2024, 10:00 a.m. to April 11, 2024, 9:59 a.m. au Commerce & Life and Express will continue to provide a shopping experience that customers will look forward to visiting every day. Masu. (Reference) ■Features of “au PAY Market” “au PAY Market” is a comprehensive shopping site that can be used by all customers, not just au customers. “Value Point Exchange” where you can convert Ponta Points into shopping-only points at “au PAY Market” by up to 1.5 times, “Live TV” where viewers and performers can communicate interactively through live product introductions, and restaurants.・You can enjoy shopping at a great deal with
“experience-based services” that include lodging, entertainment, and more. *Value points exchange: Up to 1.5x points for au Smart Pass Premium members who made purchases of 1,000 yen or more in the previous month, 1.2x points for those with no purchase history, and 1.1x points for non-au Smart Pass Premium members. For more
information, please check here
( from your
smartphone. ■About XPRICE
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[E-commerce business] We operate mail order sites “XPRICE” and “PREMOA” and handle a wide range of products, mainly home appliances, but also outdoor, sports, baby products, and interior goods. In addition to our own website, we also have stores on Rakuten, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. Since 2016, we have received awards from multiple malls in a row, and in 2021, we won 2nd place in the overall award out of approximately 50,000 stores on Rakuten Market, and we have been highly evaluated in the e-commerce industry. [Private brand business] As a private brand of generic home appliances created to create products truly needed by customers by leveraging the experience cultivated in home appliance sales, we offer features and prices for LCD TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and various home appliances. We plan, develop, manufacture, and sell “MAXZEN,” which thoroughly pursues the balance of. [Corporate Sales Business] Our dedicated staff uses their extensive product knowledge to propose optimal products to suit the business needs and issues of corporate customers such as general companies, government offices, and schools.
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