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Home » Kashima City, Saga Prefecture Kashima City, Saga Prefecture Aiming for a city that will still shine 100 year s from now. #April Dream

Kashima City, Saga Prefecture Kashima City, Saga Prefecture Aiming for a city that will still shine 100 year s from now. #April Dream

Kashima City, Saga Prefecture
[Kashima City, Saga Prefecture] Aiming for a city that will continue to shine 100 years from now. #April Dream
April 1st marks the 70th anniversary of the city’s incorporation. We aim to increase awareness and increase the number of Kashima fans by creating creative promotional videos that are not bound by
conventional frameworks.
Kashima City, Saga Prefecture supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams. This press release is a dream of Kashima City, Saga Prefecture.
Today, April 1st, Kashima City, Saga Prefecture celebrates its 70th anniversary as a city.
There are famous events such as the “Gatalympics” and “Kashima Sake Brewery Tourism” that utilize local resources, but in order to let more people know about Kashima City than ever before, we decided to take advantage of the timing of the 70th anniversary of the city’s incorporation. A commemorative project will be held.
We create innovative and original promotional videos that are not bound by the framework of municipal promotional videos and create a buzz.
Rather from now on! Please support Kashima City so that it can continue to shine!
[Image 1:×1050.jpg] Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, is celebrating its 70th anniversary as a city today, April 1st.
Located in the southwestern part of Saga Prefecture, it is surrounded by the Ariake Sea to the east and the Taradake mountain range to the west, making it blessed with a beautiful natural environment. It is home to Yutoku Inari Shrine, one of Japan’s three major Inari shrines, and Sakagura Street, which is lined with historic houses that have been designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.
[Image 2:×1200.jpg] Events that make the most of Kashima City’s proud local resources include the “Gatalympics,” a sports event on the tidal flats that utilizes the tidal flats of the Ariake Sea, and “Kashima Sake Brewery Tourism,” a joint spring opening of five breweries in the city. It is also famous.
These events are based on the common goal of revitalizing Kashima, a small town that is not accessed by Shinkansen or expressways. The event was started to take advantage of the moment when a local sake brewery received the highest award at a world-renowned sake fair and attracted attention, and has now become a major event that involves the entire town and attracts many people from Japan and abroad. It has evolved into
What is the charm of Kashima City?

[Image 3:×2700.jpg] In addition to agricultural, forestry and fishery products such as Sagabiyori (rice), which has received a Special A rating for 14 consecutive years, mandarin oranges (which have been to space), Saga beef, and seaweed from the Ariake Sea, we also have Japanese sake. Hometown Donation, which provides these special products, has collected over 1 billion yen in donations.
It’s not just the special products, but the efforts of individual citizens who are working to liven up Kashima that make it even more attractive. They provide hospitality with the desire for people visiting Kashima to enjoy themselves.
I think more people need to know about this charm.
70th anniversary project
[Image 4:×722.jpg] In order to enliven the city as a whole, in addition to events that bring people together, such as fireworks launches, chartered train operations, and illuminated trees using decarbonized botanical lights, we will also create events that go beyond the traditional framework of local government promotional videos. , we are planning to create a new and original promotional video.
In order to carry out these events, we are soliciting donations through crowdfunding and corporate hometown tax payments. We are also looking for event ideas.
“Rather, from now on.”
The situation surrounding Kashima City has become more difficult than before, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, and the decline in convenience of the JR Nagasaki Main Line due to the opening of the Nishi-Kyushu Shinkansen, but in order to aim for a sustainable town development unique to Kashima, we are working to improve the neighborhood. We will promote collaboration with municipalities and initiatives for decarbonization, SDGs, and DX.
We would like many people, not just citizens, to learn about Kashima’s charms and initiatives, and to support them. To this end, we will rediscover and dig deeper into the city’s charms, incorporating outside perspectives such as collaboration with major publishers, and create a foundation for public-private collaboration to promote not only tourist spots and specialty products. We will continue to disseminate information that also focuses on the people who make the town attractive.
We will strengthen information dissemination and aim to improve Kashima City’s name recognition and gain Kashima fans.
Please support Kashima City
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“April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast dreams they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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