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Home » Golden week! Enjoy the experiential art “Chibamland Light Cutting Night Walk” in Minakami

Golden week! Enjoy the experiential art “Chibamland Light Cutting Night Walk” in Minakami

Golden week! Enjoy the experiential art “Chibamland Light Cutting Night Walk” in Minakami

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Golden week! Enjoy the experiential art “Chibamland Light Cutting Night Walk” in Minakami
*Let’s take a walk through the forest and buildings at the campsite in Minakami Town, which is rich in nature and where magic lanterns are projected with sound and images*
Continuing from last year, the campground “Chibamura Auto Campers Resort (formerly Takahara Chiba Village)” in Minakami-cho, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture will continue to present original video works, including a magic lantern space, created by light-cutting artist Atsumi Sakai. A magic lantern space that harmonizes with nature, created by composer and musical saw player Hajime Sakita, with music that incorporates the voices of local animals, the sound of water, the sound of wind, etc., and an experience of light cutting and music. We will be holding a type art “Night Walk” event. In addition, the small shop “Lincoln Marche”, which sells wonderful miscellaneous goods by local artists, and a photo spot, which were popular last year, will continue to be installed.
Inori Star Tree
Chibaumland is a coined word consisting of Chiba (Chiba village) + Baum (meaning tree in German).
A group of original video works including a magic lantern space created by the light-cutting artist Atsumi Sakai.
The music was composed by composer and musical saw player Hajime Sakita, and the music is based on animals that live in the area. We will specially create music that incorporates voices, water sounds, wind sounds, etc.
This project will bring new life to this facility, which has been loved by many people since the Showa era.
The works created based on the concept of “urban development” aim to coexist with nature for a long time.
Two artists create this with their passion.
Chibaam Forest

~~~~~ 2024 Event Overview ~~~~~
Event period
~Spring season~
April 26th (Friday) – May 6th (Monday) 19:30 – 21:30 (Last admission 20:30) ~Summer season~
July 12th (Friday) – September 1st (Sunday) 19:30 – 21:30 (Last entry 20:30) September 6th (Friday) – September 29th (Sunday) 19:00 – 21:30 (Last entry 20:30)
~Autumn season~
October 4th (Friday) – October 28th (Monday) 6:30pm – 9:30pm (last entry 8:30pm) November 1st (Friday) – November 30th (Saturday) 18:00 – 21:30 (Last entry 8:30pm)
*Start time varies depending on sunset time.
Price: Same-day ticket Adults 1,500 yen, Elementary and junior high school students 800 yen *Free for preschoolers
Participation conditions: No age, height, or weight restrictions Event held in case of rain; held in case of light rain; canceled in case of stormy weather (when a warning is issued, etc.)
Planning/Production CREA Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Yuri Fukuda (Akari Take)
Sponsored by Gunma Snow Alliance Co., Ltd. (Light Cutting Night Walk Executive Committee)
Sponsored by Minakami Town, Minakami Town Tourism Association, Minakami Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry
■Overall production composition/video production
Light-cutting artist Atsumi Sakai
Born in Aichi Prefecture. After graduating from university, I worked on creating shadow pictures (cut pictures) as stage art for 10 years. During that time, I immersed myself in the expression that combines “light” and “cutting pictures” and discovered various kinds of papercutting pictures of light.
It goes away. One of the paintings, named “Ichiganikyo” (two surprises in one stroke), was created by the impact of light. Create paper cutouts that change into two different expressions depending on how you hold them. Also, “Moving Picture Book” movement and story.
In addition, the picture book-like video work and “Magic Lantern Space” depict cut-outs of light on sandy beaches, snowy fields, castles, etc.
Projecting cutouts of light onto various spaces in the world, it creates a richly varied and colorful world.
Main activities to date
2018 – 2019 Mt. Amano Kongoji Heisei Rakukei Festival (Osaka) 2020 ~ Shikoku Aquarium “⿓ Shrine View” (Kagawa)
2021 ~ Theatrical aquarium atoa etc.
■Music production
Composer/Musical Saw Player Hajime Sakita
Composer and musical saw player. NHK TV drama series “Ochoyan” (2021) is in charge of the music. NHK E-Tele “Shakin!”, NHK Thursday historical drama “Ginjikan”,
He has been in charge of music for numerous dramas, commercials, movies, and stage plays, including Nippon Television’s “Yokai Ningen Bem.” Domestic
He is actively engaged in concert activities outdoors. Twice in the American Musical Saw Contest
Victory. Existing music such as the light and sound project
“Okukawachi Oto Emaki” and “Yama wo Narusu”
He is currently creating works of scale and ideas that go beyond the boundaries of the world, and transmitting them to the world. Agency for Cultural Affairs 2011 Art Selection
Received the Newcomer Award from the University of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
Main activities to date
DISCO “Letter to the Future”
Alfresa “Essay” edition
NTT Group “Blue Bird” etc.
[TV program]
In charge of music for NHK TV drama series “Ochoyan”
Performance of NHK Taiga Drama “Sanada Maru”
Nippon Television drama “Dogutsu Gaeru” etc.
Light paper cutting “Chibamland” website

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