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Home » ■Skyfall Co., Ltd. Skyfall Co., Ltd. releases “SKYFLAG Research”, a marketing research service that pursue s representativeness!

■Skyfall Co., Ltd. Skyfall Co., Ltd. releases “SKYFLAG Research”, a marketing research service that pursue s representativeness!

Skyfall Co., Ltd.
Skyfall Co., Ltd. releases “SKYFLAG Research”, a marketing research service that pursues representativeness!
Skyfall, a media monetization company, has started a marketing research business.
Skyfall Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tomokazu Hasegawa, hereinafter referred to as “Skyfall”) aims to further improve profitability and solve customer issues through the advertising monetization platform “SKYFLAG” operated by the company. From Monday, April 1, 2024, we have started offering the new service “SKYFLAG Research.”
To start our business, we merged with DataLab Co., Ltd., a marketing research company. Based on DataLab’s past track record and business know-how, we will enhance the quality of “SKYFLAG Research” by combining the strengths of both companies.
[Image 1:×1000.jpg] About “SKYFLAG Research”
[Image 2:×1280.jpg] “SKYFLAG Research” achieves highly representative research by conducting questionnaire surveys through over 100 media apps and services that implement the advertising monetization platform “SKYFLAG”, and provides high-quality research that can meet the needs of various customers. Provide results.
Furthermore, by conducting the survey through a wide variety of sites, we are able to obtain responses from young people, who are said to be difficult to collect using traditional sites, and from users who have never responded to a survey before. Masu.
About “SKYFLAG Research” service logo
[Image 7:×190.png ]
[About the name]
We have recently launched a marketing research business as a new element of “SKYFLAG”, an advertising monetization platform that focuses on user experience. Among the “SKYFLAG” platforms, which have been introduced in a wide variety of genres of services, we provide users with a new experience and, just as “SKYFLAG” has been able to infiltrate new advertising formats in the Internet advertising industry, we also conduct research. We named it “SKYFLAG Research” with the aim of instilling a new format in the industry.
[Thoughts put into the logo]
We created the katakana word “Research” in an original font based on the familiar “SKYFLAG” typeface, with a thick design that gives a sense of trust and stability. We use the color of the service logo of DataLab, which was merged with the start of the marketing research business, to express that the service is provided by DataLab and SKYFLAG.
Regarding the impact on “SKYFLAG” due to the launch of “SKYFLAG Research” Through Skyfall’s core business, the advertising monetization platform “SKYFLAG,” we have decided to launch a marketing research business with the aim of further increasing profitability through media monetization.
Since its release, “SKYFLAG” has achieved high profitability by utilizing long CPE reward advertising offers (advertisements) with deep performance points. In order to encourage users to utilize SKYFLAG more than ever, we aim to increase the number of SKYFLAG users and improve profitability for companies that have introduced it by utilizing surveys with shallow results. I am.
Regarding the absorption-type merger of DataLab
[Reason why Skyfall absorbed DataLab]
DataLab, which conducts essential research in search of solutions to market issues such as representativeness and authority, is proposing an absorption-type merger through M&A as it is consistent with the vision and business policy of “SKYFLAG Research”.
We believe that by leveraging the strengths of both companies, such as DataLab’s research capabilities and SKYFLAG’s strong user base, we will be able to provide our customers with high-quality research results and contribute to the development of the research industry. I am.
[Why DataLab decided to participate in Skyfall]
We believe that by combining the user base of “SKYFLAG” and the research knowledge, human resources, and track record that DataLab has accumulated over the years, we will create a high synergy effect and lead to updates of the entire market, so we conducted an
absorption-type merger and participated in Skyfall. I made the decision to do so.
[Table 2:] About the future of “SKYFLAG Research”
[Ryosuke Tsuyuki, Business Manager, R&C Division, Skyfall Co., Ltd.]
[Image 4:×1024.jpg] Just as “SKYFLAG” has expanded its market share in the reward advertising industry by pursuing essential advertising distribution even though it was a latecomer, “SKYFLAG Research” is also pursuing essential research while adding new value to the marketing research industry. We would like to grow into a service that is chosen by customers.
We have decided to collaborate with DataLab to develop a marketing research business, and we are confident that this is a major step toward providing new value. By combining the superiority of SKYFLAG as a product with DataLab’s research capabilities, we will grow SKYFLAG Research.
[Skyfall Co., Ltd., R&C Division, Research Consulting Division, General Manager, Executive Officer Treatment: Yongjun He]
[Image 5:×1024.jpg] Inheriting DataLab’s intention, “SKYFLAG Research” will continue to focus on “quality of research” so that it can grow into a service that can have a business impact in the market.
Research exists as a role for gathering information to support decision-making regarding marketing activities in companies. If there is a discrepancy between the original market voice and the collected responses, companies will not be able to make correct decisions, and as a result, the research may not be meaningful or deemed unnecessary. There’s a case. Aiming for the development and growth of the research industry as a whole, we are committed to the quality of our research and support our customers in making the right decisions by providing accurate answers that reflect the true voice of the market.
[Skyfall Co., Ltd. R&C Division, Research Design Division, General Manager, Executive Officer Treatment: Munenori Noguchi]
[Image 6:×1024.jpg] We hope that “SKYFLAG Research” can lead the industry by aiming to solve new market issues. We aim to be in a position where other research companies will feel inspired to imitate the good points of “SKYFLAG Research” in the future. For this reason, even now that we have released “SKYFLAG Research”, we are constantly making
improvements. We are also planning to expand our services, so we would like to announce services that can meet the needs of various industries.
To date, we have received many requests for research, so we are also focusing on training researchers so that we can respond smoothly to more requests. We aim to expand our business by strengthening “SKYFLAG Research” with one of our strengths being researchers who have the skills and experience to respond flexibly.
About “SKYFLAG” research
[Image 7:×190.png ]
“SKYFLAG Research” is a marketing research service that pursues representativeness. By expanding the opportunity to respond to Internet research surveys by utilizing a variety of media through “SKYFLAG”, in addition to the point sites that have been used in the past, we support business decision-making based on essential survey results. .
・Service site:
About Skyfall Co., Ltd.
[Image 8:×171.png ]
Skyfall’s mission is to “create a world where good things spread”, and we operate “SKYFLAG”, an advertising monetization platform that focuses on user experience, and “SKYFLAG Research”, a marketing research service that pursues representativeness.
Furthermore, we operate “Poker Chase”, one of the largest authentic online poker games in Japan, and “Manga DX+”, the official manga app of publisher “Shonen Gahosha”.
Company name: Skyfall Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomokazu Hasegawa, President and Representative Director Address: 19th floor, Midtown Tower, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business details: Advertising monetization platform business, marketing research business, app media business
Established: October 2017
Number of employees: 147 (as of April 2024)
Capital: 79,393,750 yen
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