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Home » Pinkoi Very popular in Korea! New brands that are sure to be the next trend will also appear in Japan. Asia’s largest EC site “Pinkoi” is coming back to Harajuku for a limited time!

Pinkoi Very popular in Korea! New brands that are sure to be the next trend will also appear in Japan. Asia’s largest EC site “Pinkoi” is coming back to Harajuku for a limited time!

Very popular in Korea! New brands that are sure to be the next trend will also appear in Japan. Asia’s largest EC site “Pinkoi” is coming back to Harajuku for a limited time!
Pinkoy Co., Ltd., which supports designers in Asia including Japan through cross-border e-commerce, will open a pop-up at Love and Madness Market (in Laforet Harajuku) from April 1st (Monday) to April 30th (Tuesday). Masu. This is the second time that the event will be held, the first being in 2023. In response to the response from the previous event, we will once again be working on this project as part of our efforts to support designers from various Asian regions in expanding their business to Japan. We provide a place where you can experience and purchase Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese design products that are usually only sold online. We carry a wide range of products, from brands that have first arrived in Japan to overseas trend items that may become future trends.
[Image 1:×810.jpg] ■ Highlights this time
・Part 1: Also used by Korean idols and celebrities! ? “Stuffed animal” to attach to bag
Two brands will be appearing at this pop-up!
[Image 2:×650.jpg] “PAPIMYONG”, which was very popular when it first opened last year, is now selling out on the official website! This is a brand worth checking out (photo left).
Surinuggets, which is making its debut in Japan, has a wide selection of stuffed animals that are not only cute, but also full of humor (photo on the right).
・Part 2: Many artists in Japan and overseas use it! Chinese fashion brand reopens tntntutu (China)
[Image 3:×650.jpg] The Chinese fashion brand “tntntutu”, which is said to have been greatly influenced by Harajuku’s fashion culture, will be appearing again this year as it was last year! The Spring/Summer 2024 collection is also available. This is the only place in Japan where you can actually try it on! Also be sure to check out the limited
collaboration items with Japanese illustrator Shimizu.
・Part 3: Popularity is rapidly increasing in Korea! A popular interior brand lands in Japan for the first time
[Image 4:×650.jpg] An interior design brand that is very popular in its home country, South Korea, has arrived in Japan for the first time. All items are designed by the designer himself and are handmade. As the brand name suggests, the store features playful lifestyle items that will make your heart flutter. Two colors, silver and black, will be sold at the venue. It will bring you closer to the Korean-style room you’ve always dreamed of.
■ Popular vase brands to check out this spring
・plumbook (Japan)
[Image 5:×650.jpg] “plumbook” sells pottery with origami and geometric motifs. I am fascinated by the colors and designs that accentuate my daily life. The spring colors will make your heart feel lighter. Vases and single flower holders with origami motifs are must-have items.
・plying (Japan)
[Image 6:×650.jpg] A Kyoto brand based on the concept of “discovering new textures and beauty by layering materials.” We offer a new type of vase with two expressions: the simplicity of wood and the transparency of acrylic. The single flower vase, whose parts can be freely rearranged, has a unique silhouette and color that you won’t find anywhere else. You can also enjoy playing with colors with the flowers you decorate. ■ Pinkoi Spring Festival / April 20th (Sat) and April 21st (Sun) Events will also be held within the pop-up during the exhibition period. Pinkoi Spring Festival
Event date and time: April 20th (Sat), April 21st (Sun) / 13:00-18:00 Event details: tntntutu new product unveiling, portrait event by illustrator Shimizu (reservation form will be released at a later date) *Event details will be updated from time to time
■ Store overview
Location: Laforet Harajuku B0.5F Market of Love and Madness @aitokyouki Event period: April 1st (Monday) to April 30th (Tuesday)
Business hours: 11:00-20:00
*April 1st 16:00-20:00 / April 30th 11:00-18:00
*A 2nd anniversary party will be held on April 28th from 17:00 to 19:00 that anyone can join. The dress code is “PINK” (for details, see the official Instagram @aitokyoki).
[Participating brands]
tntntutu (China), DOKIDOKI (Korea), Cloudy Yujie (Taiwan), surinuggets (Korea), plumbook (Japan), plying (Japan), Bonus Star (Japan), Hi-Calorie Iotome (Japan), Jill Puunk (Taiwan), PAPIMYONG (Korea) *Photos of store brands included in this press release are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that the listed products may not be available for sale.
■ What is Pinkoi?
[Image 7:×165.jpg] “Pinkoi” is a global mail order site originating from Taiwan and one of the largest in Asia (over 2.3 million products, over 32,000 shops *Verification required). As a “cross-border e-commerce site” with the concept of connecting customers and designers around the world and eliminating borders in design, you can purchase design products from all over the world directly from designers. You can find the latest miscellaneous goods and fashion from Asia such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Korea, and Japan.We have over 5 million members worldwide and have shipped to 93 regions. In addition to our e-commerce site business based on AI and data analysis, we also offer services such as workshops and investments in cultural creation industries globally.
-Company Profile-
Japan branch
Company name: Pincoi Co., Ltd.
Representative: Peter Yen
Address: 4th floor, Anwa Tsukasa-cho Building, 2-10 Kanda Tsukasa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 2015 (Japanese version site opened: September 2014) Taiwan head office
Company name: Hong Kong Commercial Wing Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch Representative: Peter Yen
Address: D.Lab 103, 285-2, Section 3, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan
*Other locations in Hong Kong, China, and Thailand
Established: August 2011
Number of employees: 186 (as of March 2022, group total)
Pinkoy Group: Hong Kong Commercial Wing Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch (Taiwan Head Office), Pinkoy Co., Ltd. (Japan Branch), Iichi Co., Ltd.
[Image 8:×380.png ]
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